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Basic Mistakes to Avoid When Renewing Two-wheeler Insurance Online

Team AckoSep 20, 2021

Typically, when you buy a new bike/scooter, the dealer might provide you with a standard two-wheeler insurance policy with a tenure of one year. After one year, you need to renew the plan, and renewing the policy through the traditional method (offline) can be a daunting task for someone who is doing it for the first time. Hence, the easiest way to do it is by renewing the policy online via digital-first insurers such as ACKO. In this article, let’s discuss the basic mistakes to avoid when renewing two-wheeler insurance online.

Basic Mistakes to Avoid When Renewing Two Wheeler Insurance Online

Common Mistakes to Avoid When You Renew Bike Insurance Online

Renewing two-wheeler insurance online is an easy process, and it hardly takes a few minutes to get your bike insurance policy renewed from ACKO. All you need is to provide the details of your two-wheeler and the previous policy. But without proper knowledge about the fundamentals of the bike insurance policy, you may commit some common mistakes while renewing the policy online. Below are some of the common mistakes you should avoid when renewing a two-wheeler insurance plan online.

  • Not Availing your NCB Discount: NCB or No Claim Bonus for bike is the discount rewarded by ACKO (insurer) during the renewal process, provided you have not raised any claims during the previous policy period. You can claim the NCB discount by renewing the policy within 90 days of the policy expiry. But one of the common mistakes you make is to renew the policy after it has expired for an extended period. After 90 days of policy expiry, you will lose the NCB discount accumulated over the years. So, it is better to renew the two-wheeler insurance plan within the expiry date to avail of the NCB discount and ensure seamless coverage for your two-wheeler.

  • Not Opting for a Multi-year Plan: One of the most common mistakes while renewing the bike insurance plan is not opting for a multi-year insurance policy. Yes, ACKO offers two and three-year insurance plans, and by buying these plans, you can save on the premium. It doesn’t matter if you are renewing a Third party or Comprehensive Policy; multi-year plans are beneficial as you can save money and need not worry about the yearly renewal of the policy.

  • Not Choosing the Maximum IDV: ACKO allows you to customise the bike's IDV (Insured Declared Value) as per your needs when renewing the Comprehensive Policy. IDV is the approximate market value of the vehicle.The premium may increase by opting for a higher IDV, but it is worth the money as it provides maximum coverage.

  • Not Assessing Your Add-on Requirements: A Comprehensive Policy comes with a host of add-ons to enhance the policy benefits. But while renewing the policy, you often ignore them, citing that add-ons will increase the premium. But in reality, add-ons may be helpful and save you from a financial crisis. For instance, if your bike’s engine is damaged, the Engine Protect add-on will cover the loss. So, assess your requirements before renewing the policy.

  • Not Buying Personal Accident Cover: A Personal Accident (PA) Cover is a must in India to comply with the rules and regulations. The PA Cover provides coverage worth Rs. 15 lakhs if the rider suffers disability (temporary/permanent) or accidental death. So, do not ignore the PA Cover while renewing the bike insurance policy. You need to have only one Personal Accident Cover if you own multiple vehicles.

  • Not Providing Details About Modifications: You need to intimate ACKO during the renewal process if you have done any modifications to your two-wheeler. You have to provide details about the modified parts so that there are no hassles during the claim. If you fail to inform about modifications, your claim may be rejected, or you may receive a reduced claim amount.

  • Filling Out Incorrect Information: One of the most common mistakes you can easily avoid is filling incorrect information during the renewal process. You need to be careful when providing details such as vehicle registration number, previous policy details and year of purchase. If these details are found to be incorrect, the policy may be invalid. So, ensure that you provide the correct information while renewing the two-wheeler insurance plan.

  • Not Renewing the Policy Before Expiry: Never let your bike insurance policy expire, as it will leave you with no coverage for your two-wheeler. In case of a mishap during that period, it will lead to a significant financial loss. Also, you may lose out on the NCB benefits if you do not renew the policy within 90 days of expiry. So, ensure that you renew the policy before it expires.


Renewing two-wheeler insurance online is a straightforward process. But without proper knowledge or performing thorough research, you may end up making some of the mistakes mentioned in this article. So, be informed while renewing the policy and avoid the mistakes discussed in this article.

At ACKO, you can renew the bike insurance plan online within a few minutes via the website (www.acko.com) or mobile app. There is no paperwork or documentation. And if you have any queries regarding the bike insurance renewal, you can get in touch with ACKO's two-wheeler insurance experts via email ([email protected]) or give us a call at 18002662256.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions related to online bike insurance renewal.

Can I renew my bike insurance plan at ACKO if the previous policy is from a different insurer?

Yes, you can renew the two-wheeler insurance plan online at ACKO even though the previous policy is from a different insurer.

Are there any documents that I need to upload during the online two-wheeler insurance renewal at ACKO?

No, there is no need to upload any documents. You need to enter a few basic details such as vehicle make/model, year of purchase and the previous policy details to renew the policy at ACKO.

How can I select the maximum IDV for my bike while renewing the two-wheeler policy at ACKO?

Once you enter all the details and click submit, you will get the price quotes for different types of two-wheeler insurance policies. Under the Comprehensive Plan, there is a component called Insured Value. Click the Edit button and move the slider to the extreme right to select the highest Insured Value.

Is the Personal Accident Cover included with the bike insurance policy?

No, the Personal Accident Cover is not bundled with the two-wheeler insurance. You need to purchase the PA Cover separately.

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