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Andhra Pradesh Road Tax Rates for Bike, Car & Commercial Vehicles

Team AckoJan 23, 2023

Andhra Pradesh is a South-eastern State in India near the coastal region. Bordered by Telangana, Chhattisgarh, Odisha, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka, it is the seventh-largest state by area. Due to its strategic location and size, Andhra Pradesh is a very important economic hub of the country.

The Motor Vehicle Act of 1988 states all the citizens of the state owning a vehicle must pay the Andhra Pradesh road tax to legally drive the vehicles on the road.

Currently, there are approximately 80 lakh road tax-paying vehicles in the state, and they are a major source of income for the government.




Andhra Pradesh Road Tax

The road tax collected by the government is utilised to do several activities within the state, like the construction of new roads, maintenance of old roads, installing lights and reflectors on state highways, etc.

The road tax in AP has to be paid by the registered owner of the vehicle. The amount of the tax varies for two-wheelers, three-wheelers, four-wheelers, and commercial vehicles.

Andhra Pradesh Road Tax Calculation

The road tax in Andhra Pradesh is calculated keeping in mind the below-mentioned factors:

  • Manufacturing types of the vehicle

  • Manufacturing place of the vehicle

  • Type of fuel (diesel or petrol)

  • Engine size

  • Age of the vehicle

  • Use of the vehicle (personal use or commercial use)

  • Any cess (if applicable)

Road Tax in Andhra Pradesh for Two-Wheelers

The following are the charges imposed by the RTO department in Andhra Pradesh for two-wheelers.

Vehicle Age 

Tax Applicable (on the total cost of the vehicle)

New Vehicle


Up to 2 years


2 - 3 years


3 - 4 years


4 - 5 yrs


5 - 6 years


6 - 7 years


7 - 8 years


8 - 9 years


9 - 10 years


10 - 11 years


Greater than 11 years


Road Tax in Andhra Pradesh for Four-Wheelers

The AP RTO department imposes the following road tax for four-wheelers.

Vehicle Age 

Lifetime road tax for vehicles whose value is under Rs 10 lakhs (% of vehicle cost)

Lifetime road tax for vehicles whose value is over Rs 10 lakhs (% of vehicle cost)

New Vehicle



Up to 2 years



2 - 3 years



3 - 4 years



4 - 5 years



5 - 6 years



6 - 7 years



7 - 8 years



8 - 9 years



9 - 10 years



10 - 11 years



11 - 12 years



Greater than 12 years



Road Tax for Other State Vehicles in Andhra Pradesh

When it comes to road tax for other state vehicles in Andhra Pradesh, they can be driven without paying road tax for 11 months. After 11 months, the registration number of the vehicle must be changed to Andhra Pradesh and start paying tax.

The tax will differ in accordance with two-wheeler and four-wheeler vehicle rules.

How to Complete Road Tax Online Payment in AP?

Listed below are the step-by-step instructions for  road tax online payment in Andhra Pradesh from the comfort of your home.

  1. Visit the official website of the Government of Andhra Pradesh, Transport Department.

  2. Click on the ‘Tax/Fee Payment’.

  3. Select ‘pay tax’ from the drop-down menu.

  4. Enter the information required - permanent registration number and chassis number - and click on ‘Get Taxation Search’.

  5. All the details of your application will be visible here.

  6. Click on ‘Pay Tax’.

  7. You can select from the various payment plans like quarterly, half-yearly, and yearly.

  8. Click on ‘Proceed to Payment’.

  9. Read the terms and conditions thoroughly and click on the ‘I Agree’ box.

  10. Select the desired payment method and complete the payment.

  11. Check if the payment has been deducted from your bank account.

  12. Make sure you download and save the road tax receipt generated at the end for future reference.

Penalty for Non-Payment of Road Tax in Andhra Pradesh

If the road tax is not paid on time, the following penalty rules apply.


Penalty Imposed

Within a month after the due date

Not exceeding one-half of the quarterly tax

Within two months after the due date

Not exceeding the amount of quarterly tax

For over two months from the beginning of the quarter, half year or year, as the case may

Not exceedingly twice, the quarterly tax

For each calendar month or part thereof in respect of motor vehicles for which lifetime or lumpsum is prescribed.

Not exceeding 2% of the lifetime or lump sum tax for the calendar month or part thereof subject to a maximum of twice the lifetime or lump sum tax due

List of Different Motor Insurance Plans

The 1988 Motor Vehicles Act makes it mandatory for each vehicle owner to get his/her vehicle insured. Vehicle insurances are an efficient and reliable way to save oneself from extreme financial consequences during unwanted accidents, theft, irreparable damage, etc.

Car Insurance Bike Insurance
Comprehensive Car Insurance Comprehensive Bike Insurance
Third-Party Car Insurance Third-Party Bike Insurance
Commercial Car Insurance

Wrapping Up

As a vehicle-owning and driving citizen in Andhra Pradesh, it is your duty and right to maintain good quality roads for the convenience of all. You can enable the government to do this by abiding by your duty to pay road tax promptly.

Hence, it is advisable to take into consideration road taxes when you are buying a new vehicle.

Additionally, you must also think about having vehicle insurance. A good insurance policy will save you and your family from financial burden during unfortunate incidents like motor accidents, irreparable damage, theft, etc.

If you are in search of a reliable and efficient vehicle insurance plan, you can visit ACKO. You can browse through our various insurance plans and choose the one which fulfils all your requirements the best.

Frequently asked questions

Here are some answers to the most asked questions of the road tax of Andhra Pradesh.


Where can I pay my two-wheeler vehicle tax in Andhra Pradesh? 

You can pay your two-wheeler vehicle road tax online in Andhra Pradesh. Visit the official website of the Government of Andhra Pradesh, Transport Department. Find the ‘pay tax’ option from the drop-down menu of ‘Tax/Fee Payment’.

Select the desired payment plan and method and complete the payment. Remember to save the auto-generated receipt at the end for future reference.

Are there any vehicles which do not have to pay road tax in Andhra Pradesh? 

Yes, some vehicles are exempted from road tax payments in Andhra Pradesh. The list is as follows:

  1. A motor vehicle which is used for governmental inspection

  2. Road rollers belonging to the government or local authorities

  3. Foreign vehicles which enter Andhra Pradesh under the ‘triptyques’ cover

  4. Tractor graders belonging to local authorities

  5. All motor vehicles belonging to US AID

  6. Government vehicles were given to contractors for work under R&B and PWD

  7. Vehicles belonging to educational institutions of other states only if their home tax has been paid fully on time

  8. Ambulances from another state

How often do vehicle owners have to pay road tax in Andhra Pradesh? 

Theroad tax in Andhra Pradesh is a one-time payment. Vehicle owners can choose to pay the payment in one go or break it down into a quarterly or half-yearly plan. The price of the road tax depends on the following factors:

1. Type of vehicle

2. Engine capacity

3. Place of manufacturing

4. Vehicle age

5. Purpose of the vehicle

How can one check the validity of the vehicle registration number in Andhra Pradesh?

The validity registration period for vehicles is 15 years. The vehicle owner must be physically present with the vehicle at the RTO office to check the validity of the registration number or renew it.

Is it possible to drive an Andhra Pradesh vehicle in Hyderabad? 

You can easily drive a vehicle bought in Andhra Pradesh in Hyderabad for 30 days. After 30 days, you will have to change the address on the registration card to the new address in Hyderabad to continue driving.

Additionally, if your stay exceeds 12 months, you will be required to get your vehicle re-registered in Hyderabad, Telangana.

Are vehicle owners expected to pay any road tax while entering Andhra Pradesh?

Personal vehicle owners are not expected to pay any road tax while entering Andhra Pradesh. However, commercial vehicles entering with goods have to pay a road tax. The amount of the road tax depends on the duration of the stay.

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