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How would you feel if you were going to meet your loved ones and your flight got cancelled? It's really frustrating, isn't it? When it comes to travelling, unforeseen circumstances like natural disasters, bad weather, or technical glitches can sometimes halt our plans, causing flight cancellations. Not only does this affect our schedules, but it can also cause problems with any pre-bookings you may have made for the day. That’s why you can protect yourself from these losses if you have travel insurance for flight cancellations.

Let's understand flight cancellation insurance better and learn more about its inclusions, exclusions and when to claim it. 

Flight Cancellation Insurance; Reasons For Flight Cancellation
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Flight cancellations can happen for many reasons. When it comes to real problems, the aircraft usually has to deal with: 

While you cannot control airline cancellations, there are some personal things that you cannot control either. 

Does Travel Insurance Cover Flight Cancellation?
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To answer your question, if your insurance company says so, a comprehensive plan will cover the costs of a flight cancellation, interruption, or rescheduling. However, the insurance policy spells out a list of conditions that must be met in order for compensation to be given. This will only happen if the reason for the claim meets those conditions.

When Can I Claim Flight Cancellation Insurance?
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To claim the insurance, it's essential that you take it from your country of residence to an international destination before the trip starts.

There are several circumstances under which you can claim flight insurance for cancellation.


Loss of passport
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Losing a passport in a foreign country can put you in serious trouble. Our online travel insurance policy will cover the application fees and documentation expenses for you to get a duplicate one.


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If you meet with an accident or if your immediate family member gets into an accidental hospitalisation/death.


Mother Nature
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If the journey is impacted by natural disasters like storms, floods, or hurricanes.


Airline Cancellation
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 If the airline cancels the flight due to any reason.

When My Flight Ticket Cancellation Insurance not be Valid?
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If you need to cancel your flight for the following reasons, you will not be eligible for flight ticket insurance cancellation: 

How To Claim Insurance For Flight Cancellation Under Travel Insurance?
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If you have to claim flight ticket insurance cancellation for any of the reasons mentioned above, the first thing you need to do is inform your travel insurance provider about the reason. Here are the two scenarios for which you can claim insurance.

Scenario 1: Medical Emergency
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In case of a natural disaster, you'll need to follow these steps:

Step 1: Get a copy of the discharge papers from the hospital.

Step 2: Collect signatures from the authorities, like doctors, surgeons, or people treating you.

Step 3: Submit the discharge papers and all the signed documents to the claim team.

Scenario 2: Natural Disaster
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In case of a natural disaster, you'll need to follow these steps:

Step 1: Collect the cancelled statement and the airline's no-refund stamp.

Step 2: Attach the denial letter from the government advisory.

Step 3: Submit the documents, and your claim will be processed.

Can I Claim Flight Ticket Cancellation Insurance For Any Reason?
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Unfortunately, it’s not possible. Travel companies have specific standards they must follow, and they cannot approve everything. If the reasons mentioned in the specified insurance provider's policy are unjustified, you won't receive any reimbursement or standard fee. It's also important to note that each insurance provider's claim settlement conditions may differ. So, it's essential to carefully review the exclusions and inclusions before deciding.

How To Protect Your Journey With The Best Travel Insurance For Flight Cancellation?
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Nobody will ever stop travelling, no matter what the reason is. However, sometimes unforeseen circumstances can disrupt even the best-laid plans. That's why considering getting a flight ticket insurance plan is always a good idea. This way, you can rest assured that you're covered if your plans change unexpectedly. With flight cancellation insurance, you're eligible for compensation for any losses incurred due to cancelled flights. Just be sure to read through the inclusions and exclusions carefully, along with the terms and conditions and claims settlement process, to choose the best insurance plan for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions
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If you have any questions related to the flight cancellation insurance, here’s what you need to look at:


Is there insurance for flight cancellations?

Yes, your travel insurance plan covers trip cancellations, interruptions and rescheduling and reimburses you for the cost of flights.

Can I use my insurance if my flight is cancelled?

Yes, whether for airline or personal reasons, you can claim insurance and get compensation for your losses. However, before doing so, read the policy terms carefully.

What’s the time period to claim flight cancellation travel insurance?

You can file a claim as soon as the flight is cancelled, rescheduled or interrupted. However, it should be no less than 2 weeks from the date of the event.

Can we cancel travel insurance within 24 hours?

Yes, travel insurance can be cancelled anytime and for any reason; however, it should fall under the policy’s money-back guarantee period if a refund is expected.

What are some good reasons to cancel a flight and get your money back?

Some reasons covered:

  • Health reasons (unforeseen accidents, death in the family)
  • Bad weather or natural calamities 
  • Terrorist attack 
  • Layoff or termination by the airline.


If a close family member gets COVID-19 and I need to cancel my trip, will I be eligible for insurance?

If you have to cancel your trip because someone in your immediate family has COVID-19, you can get compensation to cover the costs. 

If there is a government ban/COVID-19 or any other reason, will I be eligible for flight cancellation insurance?

Unfortunately, you won’t be eligible under such circumstances. However, if you want, you can cancel the insurance policy and get a refund after deduction.