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Student Travel Insurance

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Having insurance for any vital thing in your life is, well, important. No questions asked. It could be your life, a vehicle you love so much, your house that you bought with a lot of struggle, or your studies, especially if you are travelling abroad to pursue higher education. 

Imagine jetting off somewhere far away with a life full of hopes and dreams to make it big, to live your life to the fullest and make the most of your youth, getting your phone swiped off, losing your important documents, missing a flight or even falling sick. Not something you’d want to face, especially without insurance.

That’s where student travel insurance enters. Read our guide to learn more about its inclusions and exclusions and why it’s vital.

Why Is Student Travel Insurance Important? Travel Insurance For Student Visa: More Than Mandatory
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As the title says, it’s mandatory. Several countries across the globe have it as a mandatory requirement to even apply for a visa. Just in the case of European countries, the minimum required coverage is €30,000 for medical expenses.

Not just embassies, but some universities might also require you to have student travel insurance to study on their campuses.

Here Are A Few Reasons Why Overseas Student Travel Insurance Is Important:
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Medical: Due to the nature of their economies, medical costs are generally unbearable without insurance. If you were to get sick, more often than not, travel insurance is what saves your day.

Emergency Evacuation: In case of a serious medical complication or a civil situation that demands evacuating the country, students with insurance covering evacuation can get back home safely.

Trip Cancellation or Interruption: In a student's life, everything follows a schedule. But events that disrupt can pop up at any moment, such as flight cancellations or delays, which are what travel insurance covers.

Lost or Stolen Belongings: The risk of losing one's luggage is something that every student carries. So, having student travel insurance for stolen or lost baggage is important. 

Personal Liability Coverage: Nobody wants to cause damage to others willfully. But accidents do happen, and sometimes you could be the one who causes them. In such cases, to save you from severe financial burdens and legal costs, student travel insurance is the only way out.

Academic Interruption: You will spend a hefty amount on tuition fees to make your dreams come true. But there could be some reasons why you may have to cut your trip short and go home. If you happen to have insurance that covers your reasons, you’ll save yourself from losing those academic expenses.

Natural Disasters: In life, nothing is certain. So, unforeseen natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, or hurricanes can disrupt travel plans anytime. But dealing with the unexpected is what international student travel insurance excels at. 

Travel Assistance Services: If you are someone who’s travelling for the first time and feels like you may need additional assistance once you reach your destination, do not forget to get yourself a student travel insurance that offers assistance services. These policies offer 24/7 emergency assistance services, providing support for issues like language barriers, finding local healthcare providers, or assistance in case of lost travel documents.

Legal Assistance: When studying abroad, considering legal hardships is a must. We’ll never know what turn life takes, and if it’s a legal one, travel insurance can provide coverage for legal expenses, ensuring students have the necessary support in unfamiliar legal systems.

Adventure Activities Coverage: What’s life if there’s no adventure in it? Especially a student's life! After all, it’s part and parcel of your overseas odyssey. And for those who are planning to take the risky route, it is compulsory to have coverage that enables you to take part in an adventure. 

Peace of Mind for Parents: After everything is said and done, a parent's most important worry is their child’s safety. So, travel insurance student provides parents with peace of mind, knowing that their children are financially protected in case of emergencies while studying in a foreign country.

Eligibility Criteria To Buy A Student Travel Insurance Policy
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When students buy travel plans, they usually have to meet certain requirements before they can get the benefits. In most cases, it's open to students between the ages of 12 and 40 who are registered at a recognised school.

To get the insurance, students might have to:

There may also be specific eligibility requirements set by some insurance companies based on the length of your trip, the country of your location, and any medical conditions that you already have. To make sure you meet the requirements and can use the benefits of the student travel plan, carefully read over the policy terms and enrollment requirements.

How To Get Your International Student Travel Insurance?
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To answer your question, it's simple! Google is your best friend here. With lakhs of students immigrating every year, there are several players in the market catering to international students, making this a relatively simple process.

Before you proceed with any one service, here are a few things you need to do.


Compare plans
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Make sure to do your research online, narrow down your options, and reach out to friends, family or even people who have given their opinions in Facebook groups about those policies. 

Generally, with the intent to sell, some companies hide a few details, which can bite you in the back later. So, along with their offerings, make sure to find customer feedback and complaints about those policies to make an informed decision.


Check with your university
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Some universities may have partnerships with insurance firms and offer you insurance as a deal. So, be sure to check with your institution and get one if they have one. Since you are their student, if you need to claim your insurance, your institute may take a proactive role in expediting the claim process.


Consult a doctor and student counsellor
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Your doctor knows your past, and your counsellor knows what’s in your future. So talk to them and make a list of all your needs, including medical coverage, extracurricular activities and so on, and then try to get a policy that matches it most closely.


Get your documentation
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Due to the nature of it, you may need to submit your health records, enrollment proofs, and so on to qualify for online travel insurance. 

Documents Required For Student Travel Insurance
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Here’s a list of all the documents you’ll need to get your student travel insurance:

How To Save On International Student Travel Insurance?
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As a student, it’s imperative that you’d want to get the best student travel insurance for your study. And as such, you can do a few things that’ll bring down your insurance cost. Here are a few things you can do to lower your premiums.

University-offered plans
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First and foremost, make sure your university is offering you a policy or not. And if they do, compare it with the one in your mind, get enough feedback, and choose that one. It’ll most probably be competitively priced since colleges generally get a group discount.

Purchase early
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Early purchases often come with good discounts and early bird offers. So start scouring a little early.

Tailor your needs
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Make sure you get only what you need. Go through all the inclusions and choose a plan that matches your risk appetite. This means you pay a lot less but you also cannot claim insurance on a few activities that could be coming in the future.

Activity exclusions
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If risky adventures are not your cup of tea, take them off your policy. This will reduce your premium cost.

Group discounts
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Find more people like you who are travelling and get a group policy if possible. Some insurers offer group premium discounts since you’re giving them good business.

Get travel credit cards
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Many travel credit cards offer great deals for travellers and potentially basic travel insurance, which will eliminate the need for separate coverage. Speak with your bank’s relationship manager for more details.

Go through aggregators
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Many aggregators offer student travel insurance from various companies with the ability to cover many at once. You can take their help in choosing the best fit and avoid unnecessary expenses.

Premium Waiver
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Even if you have already taken third-party insurance, make sure to check if your university has one. Chances are, your university has already included that insurance premium in your tuition fee and you can get it deducted since you no longer need it.

What Are A Few Inclusions And Exclusions Of Student Travel Insurance?
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While most policies come with a pretty solid list of coverages, few are generally not covered. Below is a table that’ll give you a rough idea.



Medical Charges

Pre-existing medical conditions

Dental treatment

Death by Suicide, HIV/AIDS, Alcohol/Drug abuse

Permanent disability

Terminal Illness

Accidental death benefits

Partial damage or loss of check-in baggage

Medical Evacuation

Venereal disease

Missed flights

High-risk activities

Trip Delay

Unapproved academic interruptions

Loss of personal belongings

Non-medical evacuations

Sponsor protection

Loss due to government actions

Emergency accommodation

Negligence or recklessness

Study interruption

Pregnancy or childbirth

How To Claim For Student Travel Insurance?
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Due to digitisation, it’s pretty easy to file a claim if you need to. Here are the steps you need to take:

To Conclude:
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Getting student travel insurance is the most important thing you can do to make sure your school trip abroad is safe and stress-free. Insurance like this gives students and their families peace of mind because it covers things like medical situations, lost belongings, and travel problems. By knowing what you need for your study abroad and picking the right insurance, you can focus on your studies, knowing they are covered in case something unexpected comes up during your exciting academic adventures.

Frequently Asked Questions
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If you have any questions related to student travel insurance, here’s what you need to look at:


Do students need travel insurance?

Absolutely. As a student, if you are studying overseas and fall ill, you won’t be able to bear the high medical expenses. Apart from that, anything can happen, like missing your passport, having your belongings stolen or having an accident. A student travel insurance will save you from all these unforeseen events. 

Can student travel insurance be done online?

Absolutely. In fact, online is the way to go. You’ll get more transparency, better feedback, feasibility to compare between many plans and faster support if done through online.

Can international students get student discounts?

Absolutely. As an effort to acquire future consumers and build loyalty, almost all big brands and institutions offer great discounts to students. If you are travelling using a traveller's credit card, be sure to reach out to your bank to know all the deals.

What’s the difference between study insurance and student travel insurance?

Study insurance covers a wide range of academic risks, not just travel. These include tuition fees, delays in schoolwork, and liabilities. It covers more than just travel-related problems, like studying breaks and paying for school. 

Student Travel Insurance covers medical situations, trip delays, and lost belongings during school trips. It is designed to cover risks that are specific to travel. It is necessary for students learning abroad to make sure they are covered for things that might happen while they are away from home.

Are there any tax benefits that I can avail while purchasing travel insurance?

No, getting travel insurance does not qualify for tax breaks under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act 1961.

Can I file my claim after returning back to India?

Yes. Many policies let you raise a claim after returning back to India.