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A Complete Guide to the Top 8 Places to Visit in Laos

TeamAckoFeb 21, 2024

Laos, a small Southeast Asian country, is a hidden gem known for its enchanting landscapes and rich cultural heritage. If you are planning a trip to Laos, you must know that the country is known as the Land of a Million Elephants and is famous for its temples, caves, forests, waterfalls, villages, mountains and more. You can also enjoy adventure sports, and relinquishing the local cuisine is a must. 

Here, we have curated a list of some of the best places to visit in Laos so that you can make the most of your journey and enjoy your international vacation to the fullest.

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List of 8 Best Places to Visit in Laos

Here is a list of the 8 top places to visit in Laos for an unforgettable travel experience.

1. Buddha Park, Vientiane

Looking like a temple from the outside, Buddha Park, aka Xieng Khuan, is a famous sculpture park in Laos. Luang Pu Bunleua Sulilat built this park to integrate  Hinduism and Buddhism. This park comprises 200 religious statues, including a 40-metre-high statue of a sleeping Buddha, which you must not miss watching. 

Another impressive site here is a giant pumpkin, which is divided into three levels: hell, earth and heaven. Furthermore, you will also encounter a statue of Indra, the king of Hindu gods, riding a three-headed elephant known as Erawan or Airavata, which is a must-see. Buddha Park is undoubtedly one of the best places to see in Laos.

  • Location: Deua, Thanon Tha, Vientiane, Laos

  • Timings: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

  • Best Time to Visit: All year except from May to October

  • Price per person: Rs. 161.13 (40,000 LAK)

  • Major attractions: Here are some major nearby attractions of Buddha Park -

  • Mekong Riverside Park

  • Patuxay Monument

  • Pha That Luang

  • Nam Ngum Reservoir 

  • Nearby Hotels: 

  • VANA Wellness Resort

  • Grand Paradise Hotel

  • Suan Luang Garden View

  • Ploy Inn Hotel Nong Khai

  • Asawann Hotel

  • Tip: Though Buddha Park is not technically a temple, it is considered a holy site by many Buddhists and Hindus. Therefore, you must dress with modesty. You must ensure your knees and shoulders are covered. It is advisable to wear pants and a long-sleeve shirt to protect yourself from the scorching heat of the sun when you visit this place.

2. Kuang Sii Waterfalls, Luang Prabang

Want to encounter a beautiful waterfall in China? Kuang Si Falls, also known as Kuang Xi or Tat Kuang Si Waterfalls, is your answer. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site situated 29 km south of Luang Prabang. This three-tier waterfall is known for its well-preserved architecture, Buddhist temples, and vibrant night markets. 

You can visit this largest waterfall, which starts in small pools on a steep hillside, for a day trip. It stands out for its turquoise water and stunning surroundings. Go for a swim there, and let the locals tell you about the fishes that turn the pools into a natural foot spa. 

  • Location: South of Luang Prabang, Laos

  • Timings: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

  • Best Time to Visit: December to May

  • Price per person: Rs. 80.81 (20,000 LAK)

  • Major attractions: Here are some popular Laos tourist attractions near Kuang Sii Waterfalls -

  • Tat Kuang Si Bear Rescue Centre

  • Kuang Si Falls Butterfly Park

  • Laos Buffalo Dairy

  • Nearby Hotels:

  • The Luang Say Residence

  • Vang Thong Hotel

  • Le Sen Boutique Hotel

  • Rosewood Luang Prabang

  • The Grand Luang Prabang Hotel & Resort

  • Tip: You must plan your visit to the Kuang Si Falls a few months after the rainy season has ended. Furthermore, to avoid crowds, you should visit this place on weekdays.

3. Tham Chang Cave, Vang Vieng

Situated by the Nam Song River, Tham Chang Cave stands out as one of the most captivating Laos places to visit. In the 19th century, it played a crucial role as a military base, utilised by the Vietnamese army as a bunker during conflicts with Chinese invaders. 

Today, it has transformed into a tourist attraction, offering numerous adventure opportunities. You can go trekking and hiking to discover the interiors of the cave. Furthermore, Tham Chang also has two 'secret’ turquoise lagoons, providing breathtaking natural views. 

  • Location: WC6R+2VP, Vang Vieng, Laos

  • Timings: 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

  • Best Time to Visit: December

  • Price per person: Rs. 60.61 (15,000 LAK)

  • Major attractions: Here are some attractions near Tham Chang Cave -

  • Nam Xay Viewpoint

  • Tham Nam (Water Cave)

  • Tham Phu Kham Cave and Blue Lagoon

  • Pha Ngern View Point

  • Tham Loup and Tham Hoi Caves

  • Kaeng Nyui Waterfall

  • Num Bor Keo Cave

  • River Tubing

  • Nearby Hotels:

  • Tmark Resort Vang Vieng

  • Diamond Resort Vang Vieng

  • Vang Vieng Garden Resort

  • Riverside Boutique Resort Vang Vieng

  • Savannah Sunset View Resort

  • Tip: You can head to Kapphet Vegan, Green Restaurant, and LaungXaiKham to enjoy the best vegan and vegetarian foods there.

4. Tham Kong Lo, Khammouane

Looking for some adventure in Laos? Then embark on an unforgettable journey to Tham Kong Lo, also known as Konglor Cave. Tucked away in the heart of Phou Hin Bun National Park in central Laos, this large limestone cave is a hidden marvel waiting to be explored. 

The only way to unveil its secrets is by boat as you navigate through one of the world's longest river cave systems. As the boat stops at various points, step into a realm of mystery on foot, discovering secret caverns, mesmerising stalactites, and unique limestone formations. It is not just a cave; it is an invitation to uncover the secrets that nature has hidden within.

  • Location: Tham Kong Lo, Laos

  • Timings: 8:00 a.m. to  4:30 p.m.

  • Best Time to Visit: November to April

  • Price per person: Rs. 40.28 (10,000 LAK)

  • Major attractions: Here are some major nearby attractions of Tham Kong Lo -

  • That Sikhottabong

  • The Great Wall

  • Tad Kham Waterfall

  • That Thumphavang Stupa

  • Wat Pha Sokkhamsene Temple

  • Tad Nam Khengkam Waterfall

  • Nearby Hotels:

  • Mind House Bungalow

  • Spring River Resort

  • Konglor Cave Resort

  • Konglor Eco Lodge

  • Phosy Thalang Laos

  • Tip: Pack essentials such as sunscreen, an umbrella or hat for sun protection, and a raincoat. Additionally, wear comfortable hiking shoes for the uneven and slippery path to the cave.

5. Si Phan Don, Champasak 

Do you know what Si Phan Don means? It translates to ‘Four Thousand Islands’ and is one of the best places to visit in Laos. You can picture yourself in this mesmerising archipelago, scattered like nature’s jewels along the Mekong River in the Khong District of Southern Laos. Among these islands, Don Khong steals the spotlight as the largest and most enchanting island. 

Just imagine, as you stroll through the rice fields in Si Phan Don, you will stumble upon a hidden waterfall and fertile farmland, creating a breathtaking backdrop for your adventure. Moreover, here is the real magic – as you explore the coast of Don Khong, be ready to witness the grace of freshwater Irrawaddy dolphins, adding an extra layer of wonder to this island paradise.

  • Location: 2RWM+R37, Thaphao, Laos

  • Timings: Open 24 hours

  • Best Time to Visit: November to March

  • Price per person: Rs. 141.47 (35,000 LAK)

  • Major attractions: Here are some nearby places to visit in Champasak which are among the best places to go in Laos -   

  • Historic Bridge Don Det - Don Khon

  • Khon Phapheng Falls

  • Tham Phu Khiaw

  • Tat Somphamit

  • Wat Phu Khao Kaew

  • Nearby Hotels:

  • The River Resort

  • La Folie Lodge

  • Jenda The Views

  • Champasak Grand Hotel

  • Residence Bassac

  • Tip: Bring sufficient cash since there are no ATMs available in the area, and the exchange rates at guest houses may not be favourable. Avoid unnecessary internet usage, as it can be expensive on the islands.

6. Plain of Jars, Phonsavan

Step into the mysterious Plain of Jars in Laos, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that whispers tales of ancient secrets. Imagine a landscape scattered with colossal stone jars, each holding the weight of history, on the Xieng Khouang plain in the Lao Highlands. These massive, jar-type stones, some weighing up to six tonnes, stand as silent witnesses to a time long past. 

Back in 1930, French researcher Madeleine Colani unravelled the mystery, linking these massive jars to ancient burial practices. Recently, Lao and Japanese archaeologists have found human remains, burial grounds, and ceramics around these intriguing artefacts. Each jar becomes a silent storyteller, echoing the ancient rites and customs of those who came before us. Moreover, as the sun sets, beware – as this place gives a spooky vibe that will send shivers down your spine.

  • Location: Xiangkhoang Plateau, Laos

  • Timings: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

  • Best Time to Visit: December to April

  • Price per person: Rs. 40.43 (10,000 LAK)

  • Major attractions: Here are some nearby places which you  must visit when exploring Plain of Jars -

  • Mulberries Organic Silk Farm

  • Ban Phanom Artisan Village

  • Pak Ou Caves

  • Navang Craft Centre

  • Nearby Hotels:

  • Anoulack Khen Lao Hotel

  • Vansana Plain of Jars Hotel

  • Favanhmai Hotel

  • Vongphan Guesthouse

  • Tip: Follow the marked trails when exploring the sites. Going off these paths can be risky since there are still undiffused bombs from the Vietnam War in these areas.

7. Nong Kiau, Northern Laos

Nong Kiau, also known as Nong Kiew or Nong Khiaw, is one of the famous places to visit in Laos located on the bank of the Ou River. The simple and calm life in Nong Kiau provides a blend of peace and thrill. Here, you must try the herbal steam bath for a relaxing experience. 

Additionally,  you can engage in various outdoor activities like hiking, biking, cave exploration, rock climbing, and kayaking. Moreover, it is widely famous for its four main viewpoints that can be climbed from the town of Nong Khiaw, so do not miss this opportunity. 

  • Location: Nong Khiaw, Northern Laos

  • Timings: Open 24 hours

  • Best Time to Visit: October to March

  • Price per person: Rs. 80.84 (20,000 LAK)

  • Major attractions: Here are some top attractions of Nong Kiau - 

  • Muang Ngoi

  • Tad Mork Waterfall

  • Patuxay Monument

  • Pha Kuang Cave 

  • Nearby Hotels:

  • Sunrise Bungalows

  • Nam Ou River Lodge

  • Meexai Guesthouse

  • Bamboo Paradise

  • Nong Kiau Riverside

  • Tip: Bring mosquito repellent, hiking shoes, sunscreen, an umbrella, sunglasses, a hat, a reusable water bottle, and any essential medicines as required.

Mekong Riverside Park, Vientiane

Mekong Riverside Park, situated on the edge of the Mekong River, stands out as a must-visit destination in Laos. Along the riverbank, you can engage in various outdoor activities like jogging, cycling, and exploring arts and crafts. 

The mesmerising sunset over the Mekong River provides a picturesque view, ideal for photography enthusiasts. Additionally, you can stroll through the night market, which offers a diverse range of products, including local dishes, crafts, and clothing in red pavilions.

  • Location: Night Market Quai Fa Ngum Vientiane Laos

  • Timings: 6:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

  • Best Time to Visit: Throughout the year

  • Price per person: Free

  • Major attractions: Here are the major nearby attractions of Mekong Riverside Park - 

  • Vientiane Night Market

  • Pha That Luang Vientiane

  • Nam Ngum Reservoir

  • Patuxay Monument

  • Nearby Hotels:

  • V Hotel Vientiane

  • Manorom Boutique Hotel

  • Rainbow Hotel Vientiane

  • Mali Namphu Hotel

  • Nana Backpacker Hostel

  • Tip: You must visit this park early in the morning or in the evening when the weather is pleasant.

Though these are some of the best places to visit in Laos, there are many other hidden gems waiting to be explored. The country offers a diverse range of experiences, from historical sites to natural wonders, providing something for every traveller. Here, we have just highlighted the must-visit places while on a Laos trip to help you make the most of your journey. 

Moreover, you must apply for international travel insurance before planning your trip to Laos to help you cover any unexpected losses like medical emergencies, trip cancellations, or lost belongings. With travel insurance, you can ensure a worry-free journey as it adds an extra layer of protection to you while exploring the popular places of interest in Laos with peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some commonly asked questions and answers regarding places to visit in Laos


Is it safe to visit Laos?

Yes, it is safe to travel to Laos, but you must be cautious as there are still some areas that you should avoid due to the presence of unexploded ordnance from past wars.

Which is the most beautiful place in Laos?

Luang Prabang is one of the most beautiful places in Laos. It is a city of remarkable beauty and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

What are the important things to see in Laos?

Buddha Park, Kuang Si Falls, Plain of Jars, and Patuxay Monument are some important things to see in Laos.

Is it compulsory to apply for travel insurance when exploring the best places to visit in Laos?

Yes, it is essential to apply for travel insurance when exploring different places in Laos. Travel insurance ensures you are financially protected against unexpected events during your journey.

Are there any beaches to explore in Laos?

No, Laos does not have its own beaches. However, the country boasts numerous beautiful lakes and rivers that serve as appealing destinations for refreshing getaways.

Is it cheap to visit Laos?

Yes, Laos is a budget-friendly destination for travellers. The cost of living and travel expenses in Laos are generally lower compared to many other tourist destinations, making it an affordable and economical choice for visitors.

Do I need a visa to explore the best places in Laos?

Yes, you must carry your tourist visa to explore the best places in Laos.


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