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Aprilia Caponord Bike Insurance

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Aprilia Caponord Bike Insurance

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Bike insurance is an integral part of the entire Aprilia Caponord bike-ownership experience. If you are wondering whether you should consider purchasing bike insurance or going for Aprilia Caponord bike insurance renewal, then this article is for you. Read ahead to know why bike insurance is crucial and how to go about buying or renewing two-wheeler insurance online.

Why Choose Online Two wheeler Insurance for Aprilia Caponord?
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The following three points highlight the advantages of opting for online bike insurance.

Insure Any Time
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With online two-wheeler insurance, you do not have to seek appointments or look for a window during working hours to insure your bike. For example, you can purchase or renew bike insurance online at any time from ACKO’s website/app.

Insure with Transparency
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Online insurance is transparent. At ACKO, all the information about your policy such as its features, terms and conditions, policy period, etc. is available for you to go through. This way, no agent or middleman can influence you as you can go through the details and make an informed decision.

Insure Without Effort
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Insuring your Aprilia Caponord online means zooming ahead of tiring paperwork. For example, you do not have to fill lengthy offline forms or attach bike-related documents to buy/renew insurance. Simply share basic information, pick a plan and pay online, and your bike is insured.

Types of Bike Insurance Plans for Aprilia Caponord
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Here are the two primary types of two-wheeler insurance plans in India. The Aprilia Caponord bike insurance price will depend upon your chosen policy.

Third-party Liability Insurance
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The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 states that all bikes plying on Indian public roads must be insured with this cover. Such a policy insures you against liabilities that may arise if a third party gets injured (or dies) or their property gets damaged because of an accident involving your Aprilia Caponord. This policy does not cover damages to your two-wheeler.

Comprehensive Bike Insurance
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It is suggested to insure your Aprilia Caponord with this policy as it scores over the basic Third-party plan in terms of coverage. With this policy, you are not only insured against third-party liabilities but also receive insurance coverage against damages to your two-wheeler caused by fire, accidents, and calamities. Bike theft is also covered and you get an opportunity to opt for additional coverages for enhanced two-wheeler insurance.

What’s Covered in Aprilia Caponord Bike Insurance? (Inclusions)
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If you pick a Comprehensive Plan, it will offer you the following list of inclusions. The policy will cover you for the situations mentioned below as per the terms and conditions. Note that the Personal Accident Cover has been unbundled and needs to be purchased separately.

What’s Not Included in Aprilia Caponord Bike Insurance? (Exclusions)
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The bike insurance policy will not cover you for the following situations.

Add-ons for Aprilia Caponord Bike Insurance
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Here are the popular add-ons for your bike. They can be bought along with a Comprehensive Bike Insurance Policy.

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Here’s why you should insure your Aprilia Caponord from ACKO’s website/app.

Incredibly Low Premium
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Unlike traditional companies, ACKO’s reliance is not on multiple branches but on tech-based processes. Our direct-to-consumer model helps us offer insurance at an incredibly low premium.

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Insuring your bike is super-quick on ACKO’s platforms. You can insure your bike in less than the time taken to cook instant noodles. Bike insurance renewal is even quicker.

Hassle-free Claims
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ACKO offers a smooth claim process via its website/app. With on-account settlement, you can settle minor claims instantly. And for major ones, register your claim online and the team will do the rest.

Frequently Asked Questions
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Common bike insurance queries for Aprilia Caponord.


Do I need to insure my Aprilia Caponord again after the policy’s expiry period?

Yes, bike insurance is not a one-time process. You need to keep renewing the policy to keep it active.

Is there a way to buy Aprilia Caponord insurance policy for more than a year?

You can opt for a long-term policy for additional savings.

Is buying add-ons compulsory if I want to purchase a Comprehensive Plan for my bike?

No, purchasing add-ons is optional and not mandatory.

Do I need to insure my two-wheeler even when I do not use it regularly?

Insuring your bike is a legal requirement and you must insure it even if it is not used regularly. 

Can I switch to ACKO if I had purchased the policy from my bike dealer?

Yes, you can easily switch to ACKO while renewing your bike insurance policy.

Other Two-wheeler Insurance for Aprilia Bike Models/Variants
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