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Aprilia Storm 125 Bike Insurance

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Aprilia Storm 125 Bike Insurance

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Aprilia Storm 125 ticks all the boxes of a Gen Z scooter with its bold graphics and stylish design elements. Its smooth 124.5 cc, 3-valve 4-stroke engine offers a very pleasant ride.To ride this scooter on Indian roads, it is mandated by law to possess Third-party bike insurance. So before storming the streets with Aprilia Storm 125, one must purchase two-wheeler insurance. Read on to learn the ease of buying/renewing Aprilia Storm 125 bike insurance online.

About Two-wheeler Insurance for Aprilia Storm 125
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To protect your Aprilia Storm 125 scooter against expenses that arise from accidents, you must purchase a bike insurance plan that offers sufficient coverage. As per The Motor Vehicles Act 1988, Third-party Insurance is compulsory for all motor vehicle owners. Riding a two-wheeler without valid insurance is punishable by law.

We recommend a Comprehensive Insurance Policy because it offers Third-party cover as well as additional coverage. Since it offers more protection, it is the recommended insurance policy for two-wheelers. Also, you can opt for add-ons to enhance a Comprehensive Insurance Plan and increase its coverage.

Benefits of purchasing two-wheeler insurance for Aprilia Storm online
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Buying bike insurance online is cost-effective, faster and more practical than the offline alternative. Below are some of the key benefits of purchasing an Aprilia Storm 125 insurance online.

Convenient accessibility
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Unlike the conventional way, you don’t have to visit an agent or an insurance provider to purchase bike insurance. It can be bought online from the comfort of your home. The user-friendly website/app interface makes the buying process quick and effortless. Also, you can raise claims, renew your policy and operate other functions using your internet-enabled smartphone.

Compare benefits
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Purchasing bike insurance online gives you the benefit of comparing policies offered by multiple insurance providers. You can compare the coverage and prices offered for Aprilia Storm 125 by various insurance providers. This will enable you to pick the policy that offers the best coverage for your needs and that fits your budget.

24x7 support
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In order to make your online insurance experience simpler, most insurer websites offer live chat assistance. If you are finding difficulty purchasing a bike insurance plan, or if you have any other queries, you can use this chat to troubleshoot your problems. Additionally, there is also the option to call a toll-free number to seek clarification if you prefer the offline route.

Insurance plans for Aprilia Storm 125 scooter
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There are broadly two types of insurance plans offered for Aprilia Storm 125. Let us discuss both briefly.

Third-party Insurance Policy
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Third-party Bike Insurance Policy offers coverage for accidental injuries or death to a third party or damage to that person’s property. As per The Motor Vehicles Act 1988, it is mandatory for all motor vehicle owners to have Third-party Insurance. Driving without a valid insurance is punishable by law. As penalty one may have to pay a fine of Rs. 10,000 or serve three months of imprisonment or do both. This is why it is essential to get Third-party Insurance for your Aprilia Storm scooter.

Comprehensive Insurance Policy
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Comprehensive Two-wheeler Insurance Policy offers protection against Own Damage (OD) to the vehicle, as well as Third-party Insurance coverage. Own damage includes theft, fire, impact damage, earthquake, riots, vandalism, etc. Purchasing this policy will increase the range of coverage for your Storm 125 scooter. Comprehensive Insurance Policy usually comes with add-ons to further increase accident coverage. This will enable you to customise your plan according to your requirement.

What’s covered in Aprilia Storm 125 insurance?
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A Comprehensive Two-wheeler Insurance Plan for Aprilia Storm 125 includes coverage for various scenarios. However, it doesn’t offer the mandatory Personal Accident cover and that has to be bought separately. Nonetheless, it does offer coverage against the following.

Note: It is mandated by law for every bike owner to purchase a Personal Accident (PA) cover. This cover financially protects you from disability or death caused by an accident.

What’s not covered in Aprilia Storm 125 insurance?
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Under the following circumstances an Aprilia Storm 125 insurance will not offer coverage.

Add-ons for Aprilia Storm 125 insurance
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Depending on your needs you can upgrade your comprehensive Aprilia Storm 125 insurance using the following add-ons.

Disclaimer: The add-ons offered are subject to availability.

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Below are the advantages that make ACKO stand out as an insurance provider for Aprilia Storm 125 insurance.

Inexpensive premiums
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Insurance is essential for every vehicle owner and rider. Therefore, we at ACKO try to reduce costs as much as possible to provide affordable insurance. We achieve this result by using a 100% digital infrastructure that saves us costs on agent fees and reduces our operating costs. We pass on these savings to our customers in the form of lower premiums.

Paperless service
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To give our customers one less thing to worry about while purchasing or renewing insurance, we offer an effortless, paperless and digital experience. Hereafter, you can say goodbye to cumbersome paperwork. Access all of our services with just the click of your mouse!

Instant claims
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We ensure that our customers can make hassle-free insurance claims. So, just raise a claim online and you will get your claim settled in no time. In fact, we have a dedicated team just to deliver lightning quick claim settlements. That said, it may take three or more working days to settle claims of severe damages to a vehicle.

ACKO’s claim procedure
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Follow these simple steps to raise a claim for your insured Aprilia Storm 125 at ACKO.

After submitting your claim, the support team will settle the claim for minor damages within a few hours. However, in the case of severe damages, the claims team may take three or more working days to process your claim.

Frequently asked questions
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Below are the answers to frequently asked questions regarding Aprilia Storm 125 insurance


What is ACKO’s pricing for a Comprehensive Bike Insurance Policy?

The cost of a bike insurance plan will be determined based on its age, make/model, the Insured Declared Value (IDV) and other criteria. Since we are a direct to consumer service, there are no middle men involved. This helps us to reduce costs and offer the best prices on our bike insurance policies. 

Which is the best insurance policy offered by ACKO for an Aprilia Storm scooter?

ACKO offers both Third-party as well as Comprehensive Insurance plans for Aprilia Storm scooters. We recommend the Comprehensive Insurance Plan, as it offers broader coverage and covers Third-party liabilities as well. To further upgrade coverage, one can choose from the add-ons.

What add-ons are offered for an Aprilia Storm 125 Scooter?

Some of the popular add-ons offered include Engine Protection Cover, Roadside Assistance Cover, and Outstation Emergency Cover.

Other Two-wheeler Insurance for Aprilia Bike Models/Variants
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