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Aprilia RSV4 Bike Insurance

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Aprilia RSV4 Bike Insurance

One of the most powerful superbikes in today's market, the Aprilia RSV4 is a solid head-turner. Its aesthetics and power-packed performance make it highly desirable. This amazing bike needs equally strong insurance coverage as it can get damaged. If you own the RSV4 or are looking to buy it in the near future, then this article has details about Aprilia RSV4 Bike Insurance coverage.

Importance of buying Two wheeler insurance for Aprilia RSV4 Model: 
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Aprilia RSV4's major appeal is its speed, but it is also one of the most dangerous things in terms of safety. Thus, using safety gear while riding the bike is of utmost importance. The rider needs to make sure that he/she avoids accidents by following traffic rules. Safety gear and following traffic rules will take care of the physical aspect of safety. But the financial aspect of an accident or damaged bike is also equally important. This is where bike insurance will help you. 

As accidents can cause damage and injuries to the rider and other people on the road, bike insurance will ensure that fair compensation is paid to the third-party in case they get hurt due to your bike. This is true for property damage as well. Secondly, the bike insurance policy will help you with repairing the damages in case of accidents. Buying insurance will also take care of the legal requirement of buying vehicle insurance as well as provide financial help in case of an unfortunate event.

What’s Covered in Aprilia RSV4 Insurance (Inclusions):
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Inclusions are situations that you can claim against. In case of damage or a financial loss, your bike insurance company will bear the expenses as per the terms and conditions of the insurance company. Here is a list of general inclusions of the Aprilia RSV4 Comprehensive Bike Insurance policy:

  1. Third-party liabilities like injuries or damage to property. The death of a third-party is also covered.

  2. Accidental damages to Aprilia RSV4.

  3. The cost of repairing the Aprilia RSV4 due to natural calamities like floods, earthquakes, etc. 

  4. The cost of damage to Aprilia RSV4 in case of fire or explosion.

  5. Compensation in case the bike gets stolen.

  6. Damage to Aprilia RSV4 due to man-made disasters like riots, vandalism, etc.

Buying a multi-year bike insurance policy will help avoid frequent renewals. This will also help you save additional money as such plans are cheaper.

Exclusions of Aprilia RSV4 Bike Insurance:
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These are situations in which your claim cannot be honoured. Please go through the policy wordings to know more about exclusions. Here are the general exclusions of Aprilia RSV4 Bike Insurance:

  1. Damage when driving without any valid documents.

  2. Regular wear and tear suffered by the bike. 

  3. Mechanical or electrical damage.

  4. Intentional damage.

  5. Consequential loss. 

  6. Damage when taking part in illegal activity.

  7. Damage caused to the bike when riding it under the influence of an intoxicating substance.

  8. Damage to the bike when the insurance policy is expired.

Benefits of Buying Acko Two-Wheeler Insurance Policy for your Aprilia RSV4 Bike:
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Here is a list of benefits you will receive when you buy bike insurance from ACKO:

1. Low Premium:
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You can buy ACKO insurance directly from the website or the mobile app. This means you are buying bike insurance directly from ACKO without an insurance agent or middlemen. This reduces the cost of the insurance policy. Thus, you have to pay a lower premium to buy ACKO two-wheeler insurance.

2. Online Processes:
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ACKO is a digital-first insurance company. This means most of the processes are carried out online without the use of physical paperwork. It also reduces the time taken to complete a request. For example, buying or renewing two-wheeler insurance online, or raising a claim takes less time due to the online process.

3. Expert Assistance
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ACKO has a team of insurance experts that can guide you about your Aprilia RSV4 bike insurance policy. This way you get the best insurance policy even if you have minimum knowledge of how bike insurance works.

4. Quick Claims
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The dedicated claims team at ACKO will help you reach the conclusion of your Aprilia RSV4 bike insurance claim faster. This paired with online claims can reduce the time taken for claim settlement. The claim for minor bike damages can also be settled instantly at ACKO. Most minor claims are settled within 2 hours at ACKO.

Bike Insurance Plans for Aprilia RSV4 Bike:
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Insurance plans for Aprilia RSV4 bike can be of the following types:

1. Third-party Liability Policy:
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As the name suggests, a Third-party Liability bike insurance policy covers any expenses related to the third-party. Such an expense can arise because a third party got injured from the Aprilia RSV4 Bike or if their property was damaged. This policy also covers the death of a third party. 

Buying at least a Third-party policy is mandatory by law and you won't have to pay any fine for not buying bike insurance. This is the most basic form of bike insurance. Note that, a third-party policy does not cover any damages caused to the Aprilia RSV4 Bike. Neither can this coverage be enhanced with the help of add-ons.

2. Comprehensive Policy:
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A comprehensive policy is exhaustive in nature. It not only offers all the inclusions of a Third-party policy but also covers the Aprilia RSV4 Bike against various events. Damage can occur due to fire, accidents, natural calamities, etc. All these are covered under a Comprehensive policy. 

This type of bike insurance can be expanded with add-ons, i.e. additional coverages that are generally not covered in a normal Comprehensive plan. You can buy add-ons like Zero Depreciation, Invoice cover, Key Protect, Roadside Assistance, and more.

A compulsory add-on that needs to be bought with any type of bike insurance plan is the Personal Accident Cover. This offers a sum insured of Rs. 15 lakhs to the owner of the bike in case he/she suffers disability or death during an accident.

Add-ons for Aprilia RSV4 Two-Wheeler Insurance: 
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The owner of Aprilia RSV4 superbike can consider buying the following add-ons with a comprehensive insurance policy along with the compulsory Personal Accident cover:

1. Zero Depreciation:
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Depreciation reduces the monetary value of the bike with time. This is why a new bike costs more than an old one. Depreciation is also considered at the time of claim settlement and it can reduce the claim amount. This is where the Zero Depreciation Add-on comes in handy. It helps you get more claim amount by not factoring in depreciation during a claim.

2. Personal Belongings - Damage/Theft
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It is a common practice to leave personal belongings like a helmet on the bike while it is being parked. Someone can easily steal the helmet if it is just lying on the bike. The Personal Belongings Add-on will help you claim for the cost if your personal belonging gets stolen or damaged in an accident.

3. Roadside Assistance Cover
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The Roadside Assistance Add-on will allow you to get help from the insurance company if you get stranded with a damaged bike in the middle of your road trip. A number of situations are covered under this add-on. For example, minor damages, flat tire, fuel refill, towing, etc.

4. Key Protect
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The keys of Aprilia RSV4 are tiny and can easily get lost. If you buy the Key Protect Add-on, you can claim the cost of repair or replacement of the bike keys. This add-on also covers the cost of keys and the key set in case there is an attempt to steal your Aprilia RSV4 bike.

5. Outstation Emergency Cover
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Most people use the Aprilia RSV4 for long-distance bike rides. If your bike gets damaged at least 100 kms away from your house, you can claim for the damage under the Outstation Emergency Cover.

6. Bike Engine Protect
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Aprilia RSV4's 65-degree V4 engine needs to be protected financially against damages from accidents or natural calamities. The Bike Engine Protect Add-on is a highly recommended add-on for this bike as the engine is not covered under insurance otherwise. You can claim for the repair or replacement of the engine in case of the hydrostatic lock, coolant leakage, etc.

7. Consumables Cover
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Consumables of a bike are items like engine oil,  lubricants, grease, nuts and bolts, filters, etc. These are things that need replacement or refill on a regular basis. When a bike is getting repaired for damages, the policyholder needs to bear the costs related to consumables. But the Consumables Cover can help you claim these expenses as well.

Claim Procedure:
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One can make a claim against their ACKO bike insurance policy by following these 3 simple steps:

If the claim is for minor damage, it will most likely get settled instantly, meaning you will get the claim amount in your bank account within a few hours. This amount can be used to get the bike repaired.

Frequently Asked Questions:
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Commonly Asked Questions About Aprilia RSV4 Bike Insurance


1. How much premium do I need to pay for buying the Aprilia RSV4 Insurance policy?

The premium you need to pay for buying Aprilia RSV4 Insurance policy depends upon factors like the exact variant, the Insured Declared Value, any modifications on the bike, the year of manufacture, the insurance company, number of add-ons you choose, the type of bike insurance policy, etc. These will determine the actual cost of bike insurance. 

2. Which details should I keep handy while buying bike insurance from ACKO?

ACKO offers online bike insurance, this means you don't have to submit any physical document while buying the policy. It is a good idea to be ready with the following details while buying a new bike insurance policy:

  • Bike's registration number from the Registration Certificate.

  • Year of manufacture of the bike.

  • The Insured Declared Value of the bike in case of a Comprehensive Policy.

  • The add-ons you want to buy.

3. When can I switch from Third-party to a Comprehensive Bike insurance policy?

You can switch from a Third party bike insurance policy to a Comprehensive policy by getting in touch with us via sending an email at [email protected]. An insurance expert will initiate a process of endorsement where you can opt for comprehensive coverage for the remaining policy period. You may have to pay the difference amount for buying additional coverage.

4. How does my claim history affect the premium during renewals?

While renewing a Comprehensive bike insurance policy, your claim history can increase or decrease the insurance premium. This is because of the No Claim Bonus (NCB) discount. If no claims are raised during the previous policy period, then you will get a discount. However, if any claims were raised, then the premium might increase. 

5. Which bike insurance add-ons are mandatory by law?

Buying a Personal Accident Cover is mandatory by law. It covers the owner/rider of the Aprilia RSV4 against disability or death. The add-on offers a sum insured of Rs. 15 lakh to the affected policyholder or their family.

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