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Honda CB Hornet 160R Bike Insurance

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Honda CB Hornet 160R Bike Insurance

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Purchasing a two-wheeler insurance policy is important as it covers the repair expenses if your two-wheeler is damaged in an accident. Moreover, it is compulsory to have at least a third-party liability coverage for your two-wheeler. For premium commuter bikes such as the Honda CB Hornet 160R, insurance coverage is crucial as the repair expenses can be very high. Read on as this article will cover all the aspects of Honda CB Hornet 160R Bike Insurance.

Importance of buying Two-Wheeler insurance for Honda Hornet Model:
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Two-wheeler insurance is a must for Honda CB Hornet or any other two-wheeler. It is an offence to ride a two-wheeler without a valid insurance policy on Indian roads, and it can attract hefty penalties. Buying at least a third-party liability coverage is mandatory to comply with the Motor Vehicles Act. Below are the benefits of buying 2-wheeler insurance for Honda CB Hornet model:

What’s Covered in Honda CB Hornet 160R Insurance (Inclusions):
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Honda CB Hornet Two-wheeler Insurance (Comprehensive) provides coverage against the following:

Exclusions of Honda CB Hornet Bike Insurance:
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The Honda CB Hornet Bike Insurance will not provide coverage for the following circumstances:

Bike Insurance plans for Honda CB Hornet Bike:
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You can opt for two types of bike insurance plans for Honda CB Hornet: 3rd Party Bike Insurance and Comprehensive Bike Insurance. Below are the coverage details of both the insurance plans:

Third-Party Bike Insurance:
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A Third-Party Bike Insurance Policy provides third-party liability coverage as it covers damage to third-party property or life. Buying at least a third-party cover for your two-wheeler is mandatory to comply with the rules and regulations. But a Third-Party Bike Insurance Plan does not offer an Own Damage Cover.

Comprehensive Bike Insurance Plan
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A Comprehensive Bike Insurance Policy offers both third-party liability and Own Damage cover. The insurance plan covers damages to your two-wheeler and also injury and accidental death of the owner/rider. Apart from that, the Comprehensive Insurance Plan covers theft or total loss of the insured two-wheeler. The insurance plan also allows you to enhance the scope of coverage via add-ons. Individual add-on covers can be purchased along with Comprehensive Two-wheeler Insurance Policy.

Advantages of Purchasing ACKO Two-Wheeler Insurance Policy for your Honda CB Hornet 160R Bike:
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Below are the benefits of purchasing ACKO 2-Wheeler Insurance for your Honda CB Hornet bike

Zero Paperwork
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You can buy two-wheeler insurance online from ACKO, and there is no paperwork involved. Whether you are buying or renewing bike insurance, the entire process can be completed online, and the digital payment modes make the process even simple.

Hassle-Free Claim Settlement
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At ACKO, you also apply for a bike insurance claim online, and the claims for minor damages will be settled instantly. Claims for major damages will be settled in a few hours/days, depending on the severity of the damage.

Expert Guidance and Assistance
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ACKO’s website provides you with necessary information about 2-wheeler insurance to help you to buy/renew the insurance policy. Moreover, two-wheeler insurance experts will guide you in purchasing the right insurance policy and add-ons for your Honda Hornet bike.

Best Two-wheeler Insurance Plans
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You can compare different insurance plans and add-ons before making the purchase decision. ACKO suggests Honda CBR 160R bike insurance plans depending on the optimum value of the insured vehicle.

Add-ons for Honda CB Hornet 160R Two-Wheeler Insurance
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A Comprehensive 2-wheeler Insurance Policy allows you to purchase add-ons. Below are the available add-ons for Honda CB Hornet 160R bike insurance:

Claim Procedure:
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Follow the below steps to register a bike insurance claim at ACKO:

Frequently Asked Questions:
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Below are the most commonly asked questions about Honda CB Hornet bike insurance:

Commonly Asked Questions About Honda CB Hornet 160R Bike Insurance


1. Why do I need a bike insurance policy for my Honda CB Hornet 160R?

It is mandatory to have a Third-Party Liability Coverage for your vehicle to comply with the Motor Vehicles Act. Moreover, Bike Insurance Policy provides coverage against legal and financial arising in case of any mishap.

2. Is online bike insurance valid for Honda CB Hornet?

Yes, online two-wheeler insurance is valid for most vehicles. Buying bike insurance online is convenient when compared to offline purchase as it saves you a lot of time. Also, you can compare different 2-wheeler insurance plans when purchasing online.

3. Will Third-Party Bike Insurance Plan cover damages to my Honda Hornet 160R?

No, a Third-Party Insurance Policy will only cover damages to third-party property or life. The insurance plan will not provide coverage against damage to your two-wheeler.

4. Is it mandatory to purchase a Comprehensive Insurance Plan for my bike?

No, purchasing a Comprehensive Bike Insurance Policy is optional. But you can consider buying the Comprehensive Insurance Plan as it provides better coverage when compared to a Third-Party Insurance Plan.

5. What is an add-on in Honda CB Hornet 160R bike insurance?

Add-on is an additional coverage plan offered along with the Comprehensive Bike Insurance Policy. You can buy individual add-ons for Comprehensive Policy to enhance the coverage benefits.

6. Can I buy add-ons for Third-Party Two-wheeler Insurance Policy?

No, you cannot purchase add-ons for a third party two wheeler Insurance Policy as it does not offer an Own Damage cover. Only the Comprehensive Insurance Plan allows you to buy individual add-on covers.

7. Will the insurance policy cover after market accessories fitted on my Honda Hornet?

No, the Comprehensive Insurance Plan does not cover any accessories which are not fitted by the manufacturer. However, you can intimate the insurer about the modification and request to cover the accessories in the insurance policy. But note that such modifications will increase the insurance premium.

8. Can I raise a claim if my Honda Hornet 160R is stolen?

Yes. If you have purchased a Comprehensive Insurance Policy for your motorcycle you can file a claim if the insured vehicle is stolen. You need to submit the required documents and proofs for the claim to be settled. Once the claim process is complete, the insurer will pay-out the Insured Declared Value of the vehicle.

9. What happens if the bike insurance policy expires?

If the bike insurance policy has lapsed, your two-wheeler will no longer be covered by the insurer. Also, you might lose out on benefits such as No Claim Bonus discount if you do not renew the policy in time.

10. Will I get any discount while renewing my bike insurance policy?

Yes, you can avail the No Claim Bonus (NCB) discount while renewing the bike insurance policy. NCB is the discount offered by the insurer for making no claims during the tenure of the previous insurance policy. You can get up to 50% discount depending on the number of claim-free years.

Other Two-wheeler Insurance for Honda Bike Models/Variants
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