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Honda XBlade Bike Insurance

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Honda XBlade Bike Insurance

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While buying a bike or thinking of it, people do not want to think of inauspicious things such as an accident or theft. However, such things do happen and bike insurance plays a huge role in helping you out if such things do happen to your bike. The right insurance policy bought from a reliable insurance company will help you avail timely services related to claim settlement. Read ahead to know about Honda XBlade bike insurance in India.

Benefits of Buying ACKO Two Wheeler Insurance Policy for your Honda XBlade Bike
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Here are some top benefits of purchasing Honda XBlade two-wheeler insurance from ACKO:

1) Online Insurance Process
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Nowadays, you do not have to wait endlessly to get your bike insured. ACKO offers an online insurance process that insures your Honda XBlade bike instantly. You just need to submit the bike details, pick an insurance plan, make the online payment, and your bike will be insured!

2) Low Cost
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With no intermediaries/agents in the picture, you can purchase a two wheeler insurance policy from ACKO at an incredibly low cost.

3) Expert Guidance
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Get guidance from insurance experts at ACKO for queries related to buying, renewing, and claiming insurance along with other insurance-related services.

4) Faster Claim Settlement
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In an unfortunate incident where your Honda XBlade bike gets damaged, you can simply file a claim by visiting Then, the claims team will take over and work towards a smooth and faster claim settlement experience.

Bike Insurance plans for Honda XBlade Bike
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If you want to cover your bike with extensive coverage, Comprehensive Bike Insurance policy is the plan for you. However, if you want to lower your insurance expenditure, you can go for the basic Third-party Two-wheeler Insurance. The Motor Vehicles Act makes Third-party Insurance mandatory for Indian bikers.

Buying Comprehensive Insurance for your Honda XBlade bike enables better insurance protection by covering damage to accident, vandalism, theft, rioting, or natural calamities. It also includes third-party liability coverage. If you want more protection for your bike, you can also opt for several add-ons along with the Comprehensive Insurance Plan.

What’s Covered in Honda XBlade Insurance (Inclusions)?
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Comprehensive Bike insurance is best suited for all bikes, even more for expensive bikes like the XBlade. Here are the top inclusions of such a policy. 

What’s Not Covered in Honda XBlade Bike Insurance (Exclusions)
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Along with the coverage of a bike insurance policy, you must also be aware of the policy's exclusions, things that shall not be covered. Here is a list of common exclusions of the Comprehensive Insurance Policy:

Add-ons for Honda XBlade Two Wheeler Insurance
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The add-ons can be perceived as extra insurance covers for your Honda XBlade bike. You can opt from various add-ons to make your Comprehensive Plan even more beneficial. They are not that expensive. By paying a little bit extra premium, you can get specific advantages. Here is a list of prominent add-ons and their key features:

Claim Procedure
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Informing your insurer about the incident (damage/accident) at the earliest is of utmost importance. Once you raise a claim request, they will assist you throughout the rest of the process. Usually, here are the steps involved in the claim settlement process. Note that they vary from one insurer to another.

Step 1:
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Inform the insurance company via their website, call or email. For example, log in to your account on and start the claim process.

Step 2:
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In cases of theft or involvement of third-party liability, you need to file a First Information Report (FIR) at the nearest police station. If other documents are needed, the insurer will let you know.

Step 3:
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After a successful claim registration, the insurance company may assign a surveyor to check the extent of the damage. Be honest and transparent with the surveyor. In some cases, On-account Claim Settlement (instant claim settlement) can also be done.

Step 4:
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Mostly, you have the liberty to choose either a Cashless Claim or a Reimbursement Claim Procedure to receive the claim amount. In the former case, the repair bill is settled by the insurance company. In the latter case, you will have to pay the bill and get it reimbursed from the insurer.

Frequently Asked Questions
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Listed below are some of the common question and answers related to buying and renewing Honda XBlade two-wheeler insurance policy:


Is it mandatory to renew my bike insurance policy?

Yes, having Third-party Insurance is mandatory for your bike as per The Motor Vehicles Act. If your policy has expired, you have to renew it to activate your bike insurance policy again. It helps you fulfil legal requirements.

Can I purchase add-ons for my Honda XBlade along with Third-party insurance?

No, you cannot buy add-ons with only a third-party insurance policy. If you want to buy add-ons, opt for Comprehensive Bike Insurance.

Is there any chance to reduce my premium by installing an Anti-theft Device in my bike?

Yes, you can reduce your premium by installing an Anti-theft Device in your bike.

Can I switch from a Third-party Policy to a Comprehensive Insurance Policy while renewing my Honda X Blade bike’s insurance?

Yes, you can switch policies and insurers while renewing your bike insurance. 

What is the mileage of a Honda XBlade bike?

Honda X Blade mileage is said to be in the range of 40-50 kmpl. It is best to confirm this from the bike dealer.

How to get an insurance quote for a Honda X Blade bike?

You can get an insurance quote for Honda XBlade bike free of cost by visiting

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