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Honda Navi Bike Insurance

Get your Honda Navi bike insured in a simple and hassle-free way!

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Honda Navi Bike Insurance

Just as a helmet protects you from physical injuries, a bike insurance policy safeguards you from financial losses in case of bike damage. Just as you have the option to choose from a wide variety of helmets, you also have the choice to pick from different types of policies. You can customise your insurance policy as well. If you want to buy a Honda Navi Bike Insurance policy or are looking for two-wheeler insurance policy renewal, then read ahead for an overview of the required processes.

Why Choose Online Two-wheeler Insurance for Honda Navi?
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Buying or renewing online two-wheeler insurance is not only easy but also less expensive. Here’s why you should consider the online route for Honda Navi Two-wheeler Insurance.

Insure Anytime
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The online world is active 24x7. This means you can insure your Honda Navi bike as per your preferred time. For example, you can pick up your smartphone on a lazy Sunday afternoon, open the ACKO app, and insure your bike within minutes.

Paperless Process
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One of the grievances people had against insurance was that it was document-heavy. The process involved lots of form-filling and documentation. The online bike insurance infrastructure has changed the game. At ACKO, you do not need such paper-based processes to insure your bike.

Informed Decision
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Whether it is a product or a service, knowing about it before buying it is extremely necessary to avoid disappointment. The same goes for insurance. You can know about different types of policies by going through the details on the ACKO website/app and then make an informed choice.

Types of Insurance Plans for Honda Navi
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You have the below-mentioned options when it comes to insuring your Honda Navi in India.

Third-party Liability Policy
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It is compulsory to buy this type of cover. A Liability-only policy is a focussed plan that insures you against third-party liabilities. Such liabilities can arise if you injure (death included) or damage a third-party’s property with your Honda Navi bike. Third-party bike insurance is a basic plan and does not cover damages to your Honda Navi.

Comprehensive Plan
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It is not compulsory to buy this type of cover, but it is suggested to do so because of its coverage. A Comprehensive Plan includes TP + OD coverage, which means Third-party and Own Damage coverage, respectively. Thus, with this cover, you meet legal requirements and ensure an insurance cover for your Honda Navi.

What’s Covered in Honda Navi Bike Insurance? (Inclusions)
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A Comprehensive Plan will cover the following scenarios. For detailed information, refer to the Policy Wordings.

Note: Personal Accident Cover is not an inclusion in a Comprehensive Plan and needs to be bought separately.

What’s Not Covered in Honda CBR Navi Insurance? (Exclusions)
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Listed below are some of the scenarios that are termed as policy exclusions.  

Add-on Coverage for Honda Navi
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You can enhance your Honda Navi’s insurance coverage with the help of these add-ons.

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Go for Honda Navi Bike Insurance with ACKO for the following advantages.

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When you insure or renew Honda Navi insurance from ACKO’s website/app, you do not pay any agent commission. ACKO offers low-premium policies without compromising on the policy features.

Effortless Bike Policy
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Buying two-wheeler insurance online from ACKO is an effortless process. All you have to do is share bike details, select a suitable plan, and make an online payment. And your bike is insured!

Smooth Claim Settlement
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ACKO’s tech-based infrastructure ensures a quick, seamless, and transparent claim settlement process. You can also opt for Instant Claim Settlement for minor damages.

ACKO’s Claim Process
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If you want to raise a claim against your Honda Navi policy, then follow these simple steps.

Step 1: Log in to your ACKO account via OTP verification and select Claim Now

Step 2: Mention the reason for raising a claim and upload relevant supporting documents (if any)

Step 3: Follow the next steps for a smooth claim settlement process. For example, On-account Instant Settlement for minor damages.

Frequently Asked Questions
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Common bike insurance questions and answers.


Can I stop renewing Honda Navi insurance after three years?

Bike insurance needs to be renewed on a continuous basis. Failing to keep the policy active can lead to penalties, as riding with an invalid policy is a punishable offence.

Is it okay to buy only add-ons instead of a Third-party or a Comprehensive Plan?

No, add-ons aren’t stand-alone policies. They can only be bought with a Comprehensive Plan.

Will I get any sort of cashback if I surrender my No Claim Bonus?

No, a No Claim Bonus doesn’t function that way; it is a renewal discount and not a cashback feature.

My bike dealer does not offer ACKO insurance; how can I buy it for my bike?

You can insure your bike directly via ACKO’s website or app without paying any commission.

Do I need to upload my Aadhaar card to buy two-wheeler insurance from ACKO?

No, there’s no need to upload your Aadhaar Card or any other document while insuring your bike from ACKO.

Other Two-wheeler Insurance for Honda Bike Models/Variants
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