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Honda CBR Bike Insurance

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Honda CBR Bike Insurance

Honda CBR is not your regular bike. It is stylish, offers high performance, and is expensive. Usually, the more expensive the asset, the greater the need for wide-ranging insurance. Therefore, it would be wise to go for Comprehensive Honda CBR Bike Insurance to ensure financial protection in case of damages to your bike. If you are wondering about the availability of the types of two-wheeler insurance policies and how to select the right one, then read ahead for answers.

Why Choose Online Two-wheeler Insurance for Honda CBR?
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Buying or renewing two-wheeler insurance online is an effortless way to ensure that you follow the law as well as have a financial safety net if things go wrong. Here are three reasons why you should not think twice before buying CBR Two-wheeler Insurance online.

Total Safety
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Online bike insurance is safe, and a valid way to buy or renew your plan provided it is issued by a certified insurer. For example, it is totally safe to transact online to buy/renew insurance via ACKO’s website/app.

Convenient Way
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Imagine insuring your bike without the hassle of filling tiny boxes on a physical form and submitting various identity proofs. All that is in the past, as online insurance offers a convenient way to buy a policy and keep it active via a website/app.

Complete Transparency
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When it comes to Honda CBR Two-wheeler Insurance online, you have access to all the required information. With ACKO, you can take your time to go through different types of policies and pick the one that is ideal for you, without any middleman’s influence.

Types of Insurance Plans for Honda CBR
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Bike insurance is not rigid. You have the flexibility of picking a plan of your choice and customising it to an extent based on the chosen option. Here are the two basic options when it comes to Honda CBR Bike Insurance.

Third-party Liability Policy
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If you injure a pedestrian (third-party) or damage their property while riding your Honda CBR bike, you will be liable to compensate that person for the loss. A Third-party Liability Bike Insurance cover takes care of such issues. It also covers your liability in case a third party dies during an accident. This plan is compulsory as per Indian law, as stated in The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. This plan cannot be customised.

Comprehensive Plan
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The Third-party Plan does a great job at taking care of liabilities. But what about damage to your CBR bike? A Liability-only plan does not offer such coverage. Worry not, as this is covered by a Comprehensive Plan. This wide-ranging plan is an upgrade over the Third-party Plan as it offers liability coverage plus Own Damage cover against bike repairs arising due to fire, calamities, etc. Bike theft is also an integral component of the cover.

What’s Covered in Honda CBR Bike Insurance? (Inclusions)
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Your Comprehensive Plan will take care of financial expenses as per the terms and condition of the policy for the following scenarios.

Note: Personal Accident Cover is not a part of this plan and needs to be purchased separately.

What’s Not Covered in Honda CBR Bike Insurance? (Exclusions)
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Listed below are the exceptions to the policy.

Add-on Coverage for Honda CBR
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You can increase your Honda CBR’s insurance coverage with the help of the following additional covers.

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ACKO is a digital insurer with 4.5 crore users. Here’s why you should consider insuring your Honda CBR with an ACKO policy.

Low Premium
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Everybody loves savings! ACKO offers feature-rich insurance policies via the website/app at a wallet-friendly cost, thanks to our Zero-commission policy. This way, you get top-notch insurance coverage and services at a low premium.

Effortless Insurance
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Our tech-driven processes have made the entire insurance experience seamless. You can buy a policy within minutes; renewing it is even quicker. You can pay via multiple modes like debit card, net banking, mobile wallet, etc., and you can download your policy immediately after the payment.

Straightforward Claims
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We don’t go round and round regarding claims. For minor damages, you can simply upload the bike’s pictures and complete the claim process instantly. For major damages, you can track the claim via your ACKO account and rest-assured about a quick and transparent settlement process.

ACKO’s Claim Process
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Follow the below-mentioned process for a hassle-free claims experience.

Step 1: Log in to your ACKO account via the website/app.

Step 2: Initiate the claim process and share relevant information; for example, upload pictures of the damaged bike.

Step 3: Follow the process mentioned based on the type of claim. For example, Instant Claim settlement if the damage is minor.

Frequently Asked Questions
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Common questions and answers related to Honda CBR Bike Insurance.


Is it mandatory to insure my bike from the bike dealer?

No, it is not mandatory to opt for dealer-offered insurance. You can insure your bike from other avenues such as ACKO’s website/app as well.

Can I purchase a Zero Depreciation Third-party Policy?

No, a Zero Depreciation Third-party Policy does not exist. You can buy a Comprehensive Plan and enhance the coverage with a Zero Depreciation add-on.

Does the NCB mean I will get cash back?

No, No Claim Bonus is a renewal discount. It does not offer cash back but offers a discount on the premium if no claims are raised during the policy duration.

Is it okay to skip insurance renewal if I plan to sell my bike?

It is mandatory to insure your bike till you are the owner. Failing to do so can result in penalties.

Is a policy received via email a valid insurance policy?

Yes, an email-delivered policy is a valid one considering it is issued by a certified insurer.

Other Two-wheeler Insurance for Honda Bike Models/Variants
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