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How to change the nominee name in your bike insurance plan

Team AckoFeb 22, 2024

Assigning a nominee to your bike insurance plan is important. But sometimes people forget to add a nominee when buying or renewing their insurance policy. Moreover, you may come across a few situations in future that demand you to change the nominee in your policy. In this article, we will talk about how to add or change the nominee name in your bike insurance plan.

How to change the nominee name in your bike insurance plan

But before we talk about changing the policy nomination, let’s understand what a nominee is.



Who is a nominee or beneficiary?

If you buy a new or /second-hand bike, it is mandatory to buy third-party insurance and a Personal Accident (PA) cover as per Indian law. A nominee, also called a beneficiary, is a person who receives compensation in the event of the insured person’s demise due to an accident. As a policyholder, you need to mention a beneficiary when buying a bike insurance plan.

There are two scenarios when the nominee receives the compensation amount:

  • The death of the policyholder in a bike accident.

  • The policyholder raises a claim but dies before receiving the compensation amount.

People usually choose their kid, spouse, sibling or parent as the nominee. The amount received as compensation in the unfortunate death of the policyholder offers financial aid to the family. 

Now, you may decide to change the nominee from your bike insurance policy for some reason. For instance, you may want to make your spouse the beneficiary of the policy after getting married. Hence, you should know how to change the nominee in a two-wheeler insurance policy. 

The process of changing the nominee traditionally requires you to fill applications to the insurance provider. However, ACKO’s digital infrastructure allows you to change the nominee name in your policy without any lengthy procedure.

How to add or change a nominee in bike insurance policy

ACKO has a 100% digital infrastructure; hence, there are no lengthy forms involved when it comes to changing the nominee in your bike insurance policy. You won’t have to submit any documents, send letters or emails. 

You can change the nominee in your bike insurance plan via the ACKO website or mobile app. There is a dedicated team also available to address your request over a phone call (1800 266 2265) or email ([email protected]).

Here is how you can change the nominee in your two-wheeler insurance policy.

  • Step 1: Access or ACKO’s mobile app with your login credentials.

  • Step 2: Select ‘View Details’ on your policy card.

  • Step 3: A new page will appear where you can select the ‘Edit Policy’ option.

  • Step 4: On the new pop-up, select ‘Edit/Add Nominee’ to change the beneficiary as per the instructions. 

Once you submit the new nominee name, the policy document will be updated.

Common mistakes made in policy nomination

Mistakes and errors in bike policy nomination can create issues while claiming compensation after the death of the policyholder. Here are some of the common errors of bike policy nomination you should address at the earliest. 

  • Not updating nominee details

Whenever adding or changing the bike policy nomination, you must ensure that nominee details are updated accordingly. Similarly, you need to update the nomination in case of the nominee’s death during the policy period. There are no restrictions on changing the beneficiary on ACKO, so the policyholder can choose to update nominee information at any time. 

  • Not informing the nominee

As the policyholder, you should inform the nominee regarding the bike insurance policy. You should also share a copy of the policy document with that person. An unaware nominee might fail to request a claim when required. Though the insurance companies try to identify and find the nominee as per the details given in the policy, it is best that the policyholder informs the beneficiary in advance.

  • Incorrect/wrong nominee information

Another critical mistake would be making errors while adding nominee information for your policy. Spelling mistakes in the name or incorrect relationship information can cause problems at the time of claim settlement. Hence, it would be wise to check the nominee details from time to time and get the changes done whenever necessary.

Frequently asked questions

What is an endorsement in bike insurance?


The endorsement is a type of change you wish to make in your insurance policy. An endorsement document maintains all the policy amendment records based on the changes you request. 

For instance, you can request an endorsement for changing your address, phone number, nominee and other details in a two-wheeler insurance policy.

Do I need to send an application to change the policy nomination with ACKO?


Generally, an endorsement requires the policyholder to submit an application via post or email to the insurance company. However, with ACKO, you can simply add or edit the policy nomination online using the official website or mobile app. The policy document is updated right after you submit the required changes.

When can I change the nomination in my two-wheeler insurance?


There are no limitations on when and how many times you can change your policy nomination. You can change the nomination at the start of the insurance year, middle of the year, at the time of renewal, or whenever necessary.

What happens if there is no nominee mentioned in the policy?


If a bike insurance policy does not have a nominee mentioned, then the compensation is given to the legal heir of the policyholder after his/her death. In these scenarios, the policyholder’s spouse, children, father or mother obtain the legal right to receive the insurance compensation.

What if the nominee is not alive at the time of dispatching the claim amount?


If the nominee is not alive at the time of dispatching the claim amount, a legal heir receives the compensation.

What all details can I change in my bike insurance policy?


Apart from the nominee, you can also add or change your contact number, NCB value, previous insurer, postal address, engine number, policy start date, purchase year, chassis number, email address and Insured Declared Value (IDV). For changes related to the registration number and owner’s name, you need to inform ACKO with an email at [email protected].

Disclaimer: The content on this page is generic and shared only for informational and explanatory purposes. It is based on industry experience and several secondary sources on the internet; and is subject to changes. Please go through the applicable policy wordings for updated ACKO-centric content and before making any insurance-related decisions. Explore More:


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