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Switzerland Visa Appointment

TeamAckoJan 30, 2024

Planning for an international trip to Switzerland? Awesome! Switzerland Embassies receive hundreds of visa applications every year. So, if you wish to make your application stand out among those and become eligible for a Swiss visa, you need to clear the interview round efficiently.

Hence, you are at the right place since, in this blog, we are going to discuss everything you need to know about a Switzerland visa appointment. So read further to get an idea of the application process, the documents required and other essential details about it.

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What is the Purpose of a Switzerland Visa Appointment?

A Switzerland visa appointment is one of the crucial parts of the visa application process, which is aimed at checking if you meet the eligibility parameters. Some of the purposes of the interview include the following:

  • To verify the required documents to ensure you meet the eligibility parameters to visit Switzerland.

  • To check the travel itinerary, which includes every single detail of your stay in the country and the authenticity of your visa application for Switzerland.

  • To communicate with the applicant about his travel plans and motives for travelling to Switzerland (if you are planning to return to your home country or not).

  • To take the biometric information of an applicant.

What are the Documents Required for a Switzerland Visa Appointment?

You must ensure you have all the required documents well in advance for a smooth and successful visa appointment. However, such requirements can vary based on the purpose of the visit and the type of visa you are applying for.

Given below is a general list of the required documents for a Switzerland visa appointment:

Documents Required for All Types of Switzerland Visa

There are a few documents that you need to provide to the visa officials during the interview on your appointment date. The documents are as follows.

  • A valid Indian passport, which should be valid up to a minimum of 6 months after you visit Switzerland, with a minimum of three blank pages for visa stamps.

  • A duly filled Switzerland visa application form.

  • Return flight tickets.

  • Last three months' salary slips.

  • Bank statements for the last six months.

  • Income Tax Returns (ITR).

  • A cover letter mentioning all your travel details for the entire duration of your stay in Switzerland.

  • Supporting documents to prove your stay in Switzerland.

  • Travel insurance documents, if any.

Documents Required for Tourist Visa

Given below are the documents required for a tourist visa to Switzerland:

  • Bank statements for the last six months.

  • Proof of accommodation.

  • Last three months' salary slips for employed applicants. For self-employed applicants, you must provide every detail related to your business, including a copy of your business licence.

  • Income Tax Returns (ITR).

  • Leave permission from employer in case of employed applicants.

  • Details of the source of your financial means to travel to Switzerland.

  • Birth certificates, along with their parent's valid passports and identity proofs, for minor candidates.

Documents Required for Business Visa

Given below are the documents required for a business visa for Switzerland:

  • Invitation letter from the company in Switzerland with whom you would engage in business, stating the dates of your entry and exit from the country.

  • The bank statements of your company for the last six months.

  • If your journey is sponsored by your company, you need to provide a letter from your employer confirming the same.

  • A letter mentioning the profile of your company.

Documents Required for Employment or Work Visa

Given below are the documents required for a work visa for Switzerland:

  • Supporting documents to prove your stay in Switzerland. If you are planning to live in Switzerland on rent, you need to provide an agreement approving the same.

  • Your appointment letter or a letter confirming your employment in Switzerland duly signed by the employer residing in the country.

  • Proof of the number of languages you know that would be helpful for you to communicate in Switzerland.

  • All documents showing your academic qualifications from school, college, university, etc.

  • Details of the source of your financial means to travel to Switzerland, like travel insurance papers, etc.

Documents Required for Student Visa

Given below are the documents required for a student visa to Switzerland:

  • Acceptance letter from the school/ college/ university mentioning your enrollment in their educational institution.

  • A letter mentioning the length of your study, the number of your study hours per week and the European study programme applicable, duly signed by the existing authority of the educational institution located in Switzerland.

  • Details of the source of your financial means to travel to Switzerland, like your scholarship details.

Documents Required for Transit Visa

Given below are the documents required for a transit visa for Switzerland:

  • Return flight tickets from Switzerland or any other country in the Switzerland Area where you will visit through Switzerland.

Photograph Requirements for All Types of Switzerland Visa

Here are the photograph requirements you need to consider when applying for a Switzerland visa:

  • Two identical passport-size photographs taken within the last 6 months of your visa application.

  • 80% of your face should be visible, showing your eyes and ears clearly without wearing any glasses or any religious headgear.

  • Coloured passport-size photo with a white background.

  • Your clothing in the photograph should not match the background.

  • Dimensions of the photo should be 35mm in width x 45 mm in height.

  • The minimum resolution of the image should be 400 dpi.

How to Schedule a Switzerland Visa Appointment?

After identifying the type of visa you need to apply for, you can download the Switzerland visa application form online. You need to fill it out and take a printout of it since handwritten forms are not allowed.

You must submit the printed hard copy of the visa application form in person at the Swiss application centre in India. Application centres do not receive forms via post, so you need to visit the centre in person, or you can send the form through an authorised travel agent.

At this stage, you need to proceed with your Switzerland visa appointment in person by following the given steps:

Step 1: Once your visa application form is submitted, you must book an appointment at your nearest application centre for biometrics information and visa interviews. You can book it from the official website of the application centre or by contacting them.

Step 2: Log in with your credentials and click on “Schedule Appointment” or “Biometric Appointment.”

Step 3: Fill in the required details as asked.

Step 4: Select the date and appointment slot after carefully ensuring your availability and click on "Submit.”

You can pay the required application fees at the centre on your appointment day. So visit the application centre with the required documents at least 15 minutes earlier. After your appointment at the centre, you will receive a reference number to track the status of your visa application.

Can I Reschedule a Switzerland Visa Appointment?

Yes, you can reschedule a Switzerland visa appointment. However, you can reschedule your interview only two times if you cannot be present at the application centre on its scheduled date. After those two rescheduled dates, it will be considered cancelled, and you need to apply for a fresh visa appointment.

Besides, it is important to note that the fee for a Switzerland visa appointment is a non-refundable one. So you will have to pay the appointment fee each time you reschedule it.

What is the Processing Time of a Switzerland Visa Appointment?

It can take a minimum of 30 days to process a Swiss visa online appointment in India. Even though the processing time can vary for each type of visa that differs for purposes of visits, you must regularly check the official website to ensure the same.

Please note that it may take even longer in certain cases and go up to 1 year for some applicants. So it is better to visit the official website of the Switzerland Embassy in India to know the processing time for your visa appointment. However, any estimation regarding the processing time does not promise you appointment availability.

Hence, it is always advisable to apply for a Switzerland visa appointment well in advance to avoid any unnecessary delay or the risk of cancellations.

What are the Tips for a Successful Switzerland Visa Appointment?

You can refer to the following tips  to ensure a smooth and successful Switzerland visa appointment:

Tip 1: Be Honest

You must ensure that you answer every question to the best of your knowledge. Confess the purpose of your visit to Switzerland honestly while maintaining a relaxed yet confident personality. It helps in convincing them and creates a clean image of the applicant for the visa officials.

Tip 2: Be Cautious

You should also make sure to fill out the visa application form carefully. It is because the visa officials ask questions on the application form you might have filled out by then. You must double-check the information you provide before submitting it without leaving any blank spaces or any room for invalid information.

Tip 3: Practice

You must ensure to have some considerable time devoted to practicing answering visa interview questions. You can research the frequently asked interview questions to have a better approach to your Switzerland visa appointment. If you can apply well in advance for the interview, you will have enough time to practice. 

Tip 4: Be Ready

It is highly imperative to have all the documents in hand before the appointment day. You must ensure that you collect every necessary document that proves your eligibility for a Swiss visa. You can also consider researching the Swiss Immigration policies and regulations to make yourself aware of them before the appointment. This way, you can also create a good impression on the visa officials.

What are the Locations Available in India for a Switzerland Visa Appointment?

If you wish to book your Switzerland visa appointment in India, you can choose one of the following offices, provided in the table below, available in India.

Application Centre


Contact Number

The Embassy of Switzerland, Delhi

The embassy of Switzerland    Nyaya Marg, Chanakya Puri, New Delhi-110021, India

011 4995 9500/ 9510/ 4995 9520


The Consulate General of Switzerland, Kolkata

The Consulate General of Switzerland        Titagarh Wagons Ltd., Premlata Building, 4th Floor, 39, Shakespeare Sarani, Kolkata - 700 017

033 2283 4467

The Consulate General of Switzerland, Mumbai

The Consulate General of Switzerland        102 Maker Chambers IV, 10th Floor, 222, Jamnalal Bajaj Marg, Nariman Point, Mumbai-400021 India

022 2288 4563/ 64/ 65, 2283 1738, 6632 4161


The Consulate General of Switzerland, Bangalore

The Consulate General of Switzerland        Crescent Park, No 26/7 Rest House Crescent, Bangalore - 560 051

080- 4113 0905

The Consulate General of Switzerland, Chennai

The Consulate General of Switzerland        I-6 Dr. V.S.I. Estate, Rajiv Gandhi Salai, Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai - 600 041           

044 4207 4838

Final Words

Overall, when you are planning to visit Switzerland, you must know that the secret to a stress-free trip is a successful visa interview round or the visa application procedure in general. So, now that you have an idea of everything you need to know about a Switzerland visa appointment, you can follow the guidelines mentioned in the article to prepare yourself for your appointment day.

If you are looking for a friendly piece of advice, buy travel insurance when preparing to visit Switzerland. This is because travel insurance can act as financial cover for unforeseen circumstances such as loss of baggage, passport, etc. Moreover, such financial securities are responsible for increasing your chances of visa approval.

So, go for travel insurance today and have a hassle-free international trip to Switzerland.

Frequently Asked Questions

Given below are some of the frequently asked questions about a Switzerland visa appointment:


Is it mandatory to visit the centre personally?

Yes, it is mandatory to visit the application centre personally for a Swiss appointment. This is because a visa appointment for Switzerland is intended for in-depth communication between the applicant and the visa officials. Also, the applicant is required to provide the biometric information at the centre.

How early should I apply for a Switzerland visa appointment?

Switzerland application centres receive numerous visa applications every year, and all the applications are processed on a first-come-first-serve basis. So, even if you get a shorter waiting period, it is better to apply at least 6 months before your due date of travel to Switzerland. This way, you get enough time to collect all the necessary documents and practice thoroughly to get through the interview smoothly.

When should I pay the fee for my appointment?

You can pay the appointment fee at the time of applying for it. You can select any one of the given payment methods. Please note that in some cases, if the online payment option is not available, you need to visit the application centre in person, and you can pay the appointment fee on the day of your interview at the centre.

Is it compulsory to provide the biometric information of the applicants?

Yes, every Swiss visa applicant must provide their biometric information. It is generally taken on the day of your visa interview, for which you need to be physically present at the centre. Once you book a Switzerland visa appointment, you can contact the centre to resolve all your queries regarding biometrics.

Is travel insurance mandatory to visit Switzerland?

Yes, travel insurance is mandatory to visit Switzerland. This is because Switzerland comes under the jurisdiction of the Schengen Area, and you must have travel insurance to visit any of the countries that belong to the Schengen Area. Hence, buying travel insurance is one of the eligibility parameters to get a Swiss visa.

How long should I have to wait for my visa approval?

Considering the large number of visa applications Switzerland Embassies and consulates receive, it can take up to one month to process an application. You must also remember that the waiting time may vary among applications and can go even longer in certain cases. So, it is better to keep track of your application and contact the application to inquire about the waiting period.

Is there any dress code for the Swiss visa appointment?

Though there are no dress codes for an appointment for a Switzerland visa, it is advisable to wear decent clothes that make you comfortable and confident while speaking to the visa officials during the interview. However, you can avoid wearing flip-flops, sweatpants, etc.


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