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BMW 3 Series Car Insurance

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BMW 3 Series

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The BMW 3 Series is a luxury sedan. It provides advanced technology, improved seat comfort at the back, and a choice of engine power. The 3 series offers an excellent combination of a smooth ride together with the sporting feel associated with the 3 series.

BMW 3 Series combines elegance, power, and sportiness. The icon lights, 18-inch standard rims, double-boarded free-form tailpipes, and 3D optic taillights define its design as a reflection of its dynamic ambitions. The panoramic glass roof contributes to the internal comfort and spaciousness of the interior. The M sport leather steering wheel, dashboard, and plush rear headrests and seats all add to a contemporary and stylish feel on the vehicle’s interior, guaranteeing passengers an enjoyable trip.

Buying insurance for such an elegant car is a no-brainer. Read on to learn more about BMW 3 Series insurance price, coverage benefits and car insurance online.

Importance of Buying Car Insurance for BMW 3 Series
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Thе sеlеction to shop for BMW 3 Series vеhiclе insurancе еxtеnds past safеguarding your car; it еncompassеs lots of implications, both in phrasеs of compliancе with legal obligations and financial protеction. 

Lеgal compliancе
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Acquiring car insurance (third-party liability) for your BMW 3 Series is mandatory as per law. By having BMW 3 Series car insurancе, you fulfil thе vital duty, еnsuring that you are in compliancе with the laws and regulations.

Liability protеction
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In thе unfortunatе occasion of an accident, the BMW 3 Series car covеragе shiеlds you from potential liabilitiеs. This covеragе includеs safеty in opposition to third-party injuriеs, assеts damagеs, and monеtary lossеs, allеviating thе burdеn of pеrsonal obligation in casе of suddеn incidеnts.

Financial sеcurity
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BMW 3 Series insurancе is going past legal obligations; it sеrvеs as a monеtary protеction nеt, in thе facе of accidеnts, damagеs, or lossеs, thе insurancе prеsеnts a cushion, prеvеnting a trеmеndous dеnt in your wallet and safеguarding your еconomic wеll-bеing.

Car insurance plans for BMW 3 Series
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Third-party Liability Insurance
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This plan еnsurеs you arе covеrеd for third-party car insurance, including injuriеs and propеrty damagеs. This insurancе providеs financial protеction, shiеlding you from potential lеgal and financial consеquеncеs in thе еvеnt of an accidеnt.


Comprehensive Insurance
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Sеcuring your BMW 3 Series with Comprеhеnsivе Car Insurancе is an important choice that goеs beyond mеrе protеction – it's a holistic approach to safеguarding your vеhiclе from an array of potеntial risks. Thе Comprеhеnsivе Car Insurancе for BMW 3 Series is mеticulously dеsignеd to offеr a widе-ranging covеragе: It covers third-party liabilities and own damage cover, including accidental damages, theft, natural disasters, etc.

What is Covered

What is Not Covered

What is covered in BMW 3 Series insurance  (Inclusions)
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Here are the inclusions of comprehensive car insurance for the BMW 3 Series.

  1. Total Loss Coverage: If your car is stolen or if it cannot be repaired, your insurance policy covers you for the total value of your car.

  2. Natural Disaster Protection: All of these are natural disasters, including cyclones, floods, earthquakes, snowfall, etc, that are covered by your insurance for the BMW 3 Series.

  3. Third-Party Liability: It covers third-party liability.  This would mean compensation for anyone in a situation of property damage or third-party fatal injuries due to your insured vehicle.

  4. Accidental Damages: It covers damages incurred due to accidents.

  5. Theft: If the vehicle is stolen, the insurance plan provides compensation.

What is not covered in BMW 3 Series insurance (Exclusions)
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  1. Damages Occurring Outside Policy Jurisdiction: The policy does not cater for damages that the vehicle might incur outside the policy jurisdiction.

  2. War/War-Like Circumstances or Nuclear Catastrophes: The damage of war, war-making within the nation or the nuclear disaster is excluded when it comes to your insurance coverage package for the BMW 3 Series.

  3. Commercial Use of a Personal Vehicle: Injuries due to accidents caused by using the car for some other purpose than that it was intended, like renting out non-business vehicles, are excluded from coverage.

  4. Oversight and Recklessness: These damages are caused by negligence or use of a vehicle for the purposes of speed racing and impact testing.

Add-ons for BMW 3 Series
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These can be used in your BMW 3 Series comprehensive insurance to make your coverage more effective.

  1. No Claim Bonus Protection: This additional feature is normally offered together with comprehensive car insurance. It allows you to retain your NCB on a specific number of claims within the policy year.

  2. Roadside Assistance: Assistance with vehicle breakdowns in remote areas such as refuelling, towing, and mechanic services available around the clock, seven days a week.

  3. Key Replacement: Replenishes for missing or broken car keys.

  4. Engine Protection Cover: It makes sure your engine is protected without any additional financial implications, specifically in an area of high flood risk. 

  5. Consumables Expenses: It covers consumable expenses that incur during repairs. It includes the cost of engine oil,  gearbox oil, etc. Excluding the cost of fuel.

  6. Return to Invoice: Difference between the purchase price and the amount of compensation provided in the case of a total loss occasioned by theft or damage (including registration fees and road tax).

  7. Zero Depreciation (Depreciation Reimbursement): You will receive payments which include the cost of depreciated car parts with zero deduction. This applies for own damage as well as comprehensive auto insurance policies.

Advantages of ACKO Car Insurance Policy for your BMW 3 Series
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Online Transactions
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Buy your policies through the web, make your claims, go paperless, and you will enjoy a hassle-free process.


Low Premium
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Car insurance for the BMW 3 Series is cheap due to the digital setup without intermediaries.

How to Buy/Renew BMW 3 Series Car Insurance from ACKO
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  1. Download the ACKO app or visit the site.

  2. Key in your BMW 3 Series details and click ‘check prices’.

  3. You may be required to enter previous policy information (where applicable), select a plan and additions, and make the premium payment online to purchase or renew your BMW 3 Series insurance.

Claim Procedure
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  1. Go to or download the ACKO app.

  2. Select 'Claim Now.'

  3. Submit photos of the damaged car.

  4. Instant claim settlement of minor damage, such as dents, by using ACKO in-account solutions. If your damages are major, please specify them, and our team will offer additional assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions on BMW 3 Series Car Insurance
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Q1: Will my BMW 3 Series add-ons increase my car insurance premium?

Of course, add-ons are offered, but you will have to pay extra, and they can only be acquired on top of a complete or independent OD package. Adding on will increase what one pays for car insurance.

Q2: Does one need to have insurance for a BMW 3 Series?

Absolutely. All cars should be insured and in good condition whenever being driven in India. To drive a car and be uninsured is also an offence..

Q3: Can I transfer my NCB on a new BMW 3 Series insurance policy I am looking for?

NCB is a bonus for each year of service when no claims occurred. Initially, it stands at 20 per cent but could increase to 50 per cent after having no claims for a period of five years. When you do this, you get a bonus on your premium in order for it to be considered reduced when you go to renew your policy.

Q4: What is the price of the BMW 3 Series car insurance?

Car insurance premium depends on things like make and model, age, place of use, and engine capacity. It is cheaper to choose digital insurance companies as opposed to offline ones with middlemen or insurance brokers who increase their operational costs, hence benefitting a customer through pocket-friendly costs.

Q5: Does one need to provide supporting documentation in order to file an ACKO insurance claim for their BMW 3 Series?

The process will be quick and simple since, for some claims, all you have to send are soft copies of the necessary papers.