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Force Trax Cruiser Car Insurance

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The Force Trax Cruiser is one of the most rugged and versatile SUVs on Indian roads today. With its imposing figure, go-anywhere capability and power-packed performance, the Cruiser has won many hearts. However, owning this SUV comes with big responsibilities. Apart from regular maintenance and careful driving, comprehensive car insurance is a must to protect your prized possession from financial curveballs.

Why should you buy car insurance for a Trax Cruiser?
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Being covered by a good car insurance policy is not just legally mandatory but has several benefits that every Trax Cruiser owner must be aware of:

Compliance with The Motor Vehicles Act
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As per the law, it is illegal to drive any motor vehicle on Indian roads without valid third-party car insurance coverage. 

Shield against financial loss
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Your Trax Cruiser is a considerable investment. A comprehensive cover safeguards you from major monetary damages in case it gets damaged due to accidents, theft, vandalism, natural disasters, etc. 

Take care of third-party damages
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In case your SUV meets with an accident and causes injury or property damage to a third party, the liability covered under your policy helps pay for medical expenses and property repair/replacement costs as per policy terms.

Add-on benefits
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Comprehensive plans allow you to further enhance your coverage by opting for useful add-ons like zero depreciation, engine protector, NCB protection, etc., that offer added financial security.

The most common types of car insurance for Trax Cruiser
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Based on your budget and specific coverage needs, you can choose from these popular insurance policies for your SUV:


Liability Only Policy
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Also called Act Only or Third-Party policy, this is the most basic option that covers injury or damages caused by Trax Cruiser to a third-party person, property or vehicle, as mandated under the Motor Vehicles Act. Own damages are not covered.


Comprehensive Insurance
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The most comprehensive and popular pick, this policy combines own damage cover and third-party liability cover in one package. It protects against damage to your SUV as well as any third-party damages up to the sum insured. Offers the most financial security.

What is Covered

What is not covered

What is covered in Trax Cruiser car insurance? (Inclusions)
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A standard comprehensive policy for the Trax Cruiser will generally include coverage for the following damage events and expenses:

  • Third Party Bodily Injury - Provides cover against legal liabilities arising out of injury or death of a third party person caused by your SUV as per policy terms.

  • Third-Party Property Damage - This covers legal liabilities arising from property damage (building, furniture, etc.) caused to a third party by your Trax Cruiser.

  • Own Damage - Provides coverage against damages to the insured Trax Cruiser due to incidents like collisions, accidents, natural disasters, malicious acts, theft, etc., as per policy schedule.

What is not covered by Trax Cruiser car insurance? (Exclusions)
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While comprehensive policies offer robust protection, there are some standard exclusions common across insurers:

  • Normal wear and tear or mechanical/electrical breakdown.

  • Consequential losses like loss of income, equipment or wages during the repair period.

  • Losses arising when the vehicle is being used without the owner's consent.

  • Damage resulting from drunk driving or driving without a valid licence.

  • Participation in speed or other hazardous motorsports events.

  • Losses outside the specified geographical area of operation.

  • Damage caused while using Trax Cruiser for purposes not mentioned in the policy.

  • Liability for hazardous material transportation.

  • War, mutiny or nuclear risk-related damages.

Add-ons for Trax Cruiser car insurance
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To further fortify your financial protection, you can opt for these popular add-ons, as available, at an extra premium:

Benefits of buying ACKO car insurance for your Trax Cruiser
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Here are some of the major benefits of choosing ACKO for your Trax Cruiser's insurance needs:

  1. Quick Purchase Process - Their completely online process allows you to buy or renew policies within minutes without paperwork.

  2. Customisable Plans - You can customise your policy by selecting from multiple add-ons for enhanced protection.

  3. Cashless Garages - Over 70+ garages across India for cashless servicing of your Trax Cruiser.

  4. Instant Policy Issuance - A digital policy copy is emailed instantly to your registered ID after purchase.

  5. 24x7 Assistance - Connect with experts via phone or chat any time of day for quick resolution.

  6. Prompt Claim Settlement - Claims are investigated and settled within a few hours or days.

  7. Doorstep Services - Free pick up and drop (in select cities) of your SUV from home for repairs. Ensures convenience.

  8. Transparent Pricing - No hidden charges. Pay only the premium without any commissions.

How to Buy/Renew Trax Cruiser Insurance from ACKO
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Follow these quick and easy steps to purchase or renew Trax Cruiser insurance online at ACKO:

1) Visit the ACKO website or download the app on your phone.

2) Enter your vehicle registration number and click on "Get Prices".

3) Choose the type of policy, tenure and add-ons as per your need.

4) Carefully fill in your personal details and address.

5) Pay the premium online securely to instantly purchase the policy

6) For renewal, enter existing policy details and renew in a few clicks.

7) The digital copy of the policy is emailed to your registered email address post-purchase.

4 easy steps to raise a claim
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In case of any unfortunate damage to your Trax Cruiser, simply follow these steps to raise a claim:

1) Intimate ACKO of the claim via the website, app or call centre

2) Provide relevant details like the date & location of the incident, details of damage/loss, etc.

3) Upload necessary documents like RC copy, driver's license, FIR, etc., if needed

4) An ACKO representative will get in touch to initiate claim processing and inspection

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Insuring your prized Trax Cruiser with a comprehensive policy is vital for protecting it from financial losses related to unforeseen events. Choosing the right insurer like ACKO ensures you get robust coverage, swift claim settlement and a seamless digital experience. So, drive peacefully into the sunset, knowing your SUV's insurance needs are covered!

Frequently Asked Questions on Force Trax Cruiser Car Insurance
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How is the IDV of my Trax Cruiser calculated?

The Insured Declared Value (IDV) of your Trax Cruiser is calculated based on the manufacturer's listed selling price, the depreciation rate for the vehicle's age, make/model, etc. A higher IDV means a higher premium.

What documents are needed at the time of claim?

Common documents required during claim processing are RC copy, policy copy, FIR/, KYC documents, estimate and invoice of repairs, proof of insurance of third-party vehicles (if involved), etc., as relevant to the claim.

How do I get the invoice value of my SUV covered?

Opt for the Return to Invoice add-on to get the invoice value of your Trax Cruiser covered over and above the standard IDV amount, enhancing your protection.

Does the policy cover the theft of accessories?

Accessories are covered only if you have specifically insured them and declared their value at the time of policy purchase. Otherwise, only the standard accessories will be covered.

Can the insurance be transferred when I sell my Trax Cruiser?

Yes, upon the sale of the insured vehicle, insurance can be transferred to the new owner's name after submitting the required documentation to the insurer. Nominal charges may apply.