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BMW i4

BMW i4 Car Insurance

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BMW i4

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The exhilarating all-electric BMW i4 has garnered rave reviews for its sporty design, engaging driving dynamics, and sustainable zero-emissions performance. However, owning BMW's newest EV masterpiece involves much more than just driving off the showroom floor. A crucial step is purchasing a comprehensive car insurance policy tailored to your prized BMW i4. This ensures complete financial protection on the road.

Let's take a deep dive into the significance of buying tailored insurance coverage for your BMW i4 to safeguard this EV gem.

Why should you buy car insurance for a BMW i4?
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Buying adequate car insurance online policy for your BMW i4 is not just recommended but legally required. Here are some key reasons why tailored coverage is essential:

  1. Meeting Legal Requirements: Driving any vehicle on Indian roads without valid car insurance is illegal. To legally drive your BMW i4 and avoid stiff penalties, you must have active insurance coverage at all times.

  2. Financial Security for Accidents: Car insurance provides a significant financial safety net in case of accidents and resultant repair bills. For a premium EV like the i4, repair costs are high. Insurance offsets this burden and saves you from massive out-of-pocket expenses.

  3. Mandatory Third-Party Liability: Indian laws make third-party liability insurance mandatory. This covers injuries or property damage caused to others by your car. It is illegal to drive without this basic third-party cover.

  4. Protection from Natural Forces: Comprehensive policies also protect your BMW i4 from destruction caused by natural disasters like floods, storms, lightning, earthquakes etc. This protects your asset from acts of god.

  5. Coverage for Man-made Acts: Insurance also provides coverage against man-made incidents like riots, strikes, terrorist activities etc. which can damage your car.

The most common types of car insurance for BMW i4
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Third-Party Liability Only
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This basic coverage meets legal requirements but provides protection only for damage caused to third-party vehicles or property. Your own BMW i4 will not be covered.


Comprehensive Insurance
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The most commonly opted and recommended insurance for the BMW i4 is the comprehensive policy. This extensive coverage provides protection from all kinds of damages - third-party liability as well as coverage for your own car's repair costs arising from accidents, theft, disasters etc. This safeguards your asset fully.

What is Covered

What is not covered

What is covered in BMW i4 car insurance?
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Comprehensive BMW i4 insurance policies generally encompass:

  1. Third-party bodily injury and property damage liability as mandated by law

  2. Own damage cover - this includes coverage for repair bills arising from accidents, theft or damage to your own BMW i4.

  3. Cover for total loss or theft - compensation in case your i4 is stolen or damaged beyond repair.

  4. Protection against fire, flood, earthquake and other natural disasters which can harm your asset.

  5. Coverage for man-made disasters like riots, strikes, civil unrest etc., which result in damage.

  6. Explosion or fire-related damage.

What is not covered by BMW i4 car insurance?
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While comprehensive policies are extensive, some standard exclusions apply:

  1. Wear and tear caused by regular use and ageing of parts

  2. Mechanical or electrical breakdowns

  3. Damage caused when driving under alcohol influence

  4. Loss when driving without a valid license

  5. Income loss during the repair period or claims process

  6. Damage outside specified geographical limits

Add-ons for BMW i4 car insurance
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Useful BMW i4 insurance add-ons to enhance coverage are:

  1. Zero Depreciation - Waives depreciation cuts on parts during claims

  2. Roadside Assistance - Covers on-road repairs, flat tire support, towing etc.

  3. Engine Protect - Safeguards engine from damage by water or oil leakage

  4. Invoice Price Cover - Provides coverage for the full invoice value of the car in case of total loss or theft.

  5. Consumables Cover - Covers frequently replaced parts like tires, bulbs etc.

Benefits of buying ACKO car insurance for your BMW i4
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Choosing ACKO for your BMW i4's insurance provides you with numerous advantages:

No Paperwork or Agent Commissions
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ACKO offers an end-to-end digital process with no physical documents or agent middlemen. This saves time and money.

Lower Premiums
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ACKO provides competitive premium rates compared to traditional offline insurance providers. This allows savings on your BMW i4's insurance costs.

Customizable Add-ons
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You can customize your BMW i4's coverage as per your needs by picking add-ons like zero depreciation, invoice cover etc. This results in a tailored policy.

Quick Claims Processing
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ACKO leverages technology to ensure fast claim approval and settlement. You won't have to wait for weeks or months for your BMW i4's claim payment.

Free Pickup & Drop
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ACKO provides free pickup and drop of your BMW i4 from your doorstep for repairs or servicing at network garages. This ensures convenience.

Wide Cashless Service Network
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With ACKO, you can get cashless servicing for your BMW i4 with an extensive countrywide network of service centres. Hassle-free repairs.

Expert Support
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You can reach out to ACKO's knowledgeable experts for policy or claims support via phone call, email or chat. Quick resolution of queries.

Transparent Process
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ACKO has a transparent process with no hidden charges or complications. Everything is clearly explained upfront.

How to Buy/Renew BMW i4 Insurance from ACKO
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Renewing or buying fresh BMW i4 insurance is a breeze with ACKO:

  1. Visit the ACKO website or mobile app

  2. Enter your BMW i4's vehicle registration number

  3. Choose an insurance plan and customize it with optional add-ons as needed

  4. Pay premiums online via net banking, cards, UPI or other modes

  5. Policy copy is instantly emailed on purchase completion

4 easy steps to raise a claim
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ACKO simplifies the claims process:

  1. Intimate claim via ACKO website or app

  2. Upload required claim-related documents

  3. ACKO representative will inspect the damaged vehicle

  4. Claim amount directly credited to bank account within days

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Comprehensive coverage is vital for a high-value asset like the all-electric BMW i4. Choose ACKO for a seamless online insurance buying experience. Drive your prized i4 without worrying about massive repair bills or total loss in case of accidents, theft or disasters.

Frequently Asked Questions on BMW i4 Car Insurance
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Does BMW i4 insurance cover battery replacement?

Most comprehensive policies do not cover EV battery replacement unless you specifically opt for the add-on cover. This provides protection in case the battery needs to be changed due to damage. Otherwise, battery replacement costs are not covered.

Can I get discounts on my BMW i4's insurance premium?

Yes, you can get discounts on your BMW i4 insurance for factors like - multi-year plans, no claim bonuses, anti-theft devices, automobile association membership, paying premiums in one go etc. Always choose add-ons wisely to maximize savings.

Will filing a claim impact my BMW i4 insurance rate?

Yes, filing a major claim for your BMW i4 could potentially increase your insurance premium at the time of renewal. Insurers consider past claims experience when assessing risk factors. However, opting for a zero depreciation add-on can help offset this impact.

How often should I renew my BMW i4's insurance policy?

It is recommended to renew your BMW i4's insurance annually. This allows you to re-evaluate your coverage, adjust premiums, and incorporate any changes in the vehicle's condition or value. Multi-year plans may seem cheaper but annual renewal is ideal.

What documents do I need when filing an insurance claim for my BMW i4?

The main documents required when filing a BMW i4 insurance claim are - RC copy, policy copy, FIR if applicable, an estimate of loss/damage, proof of insurance, KYC documents, and any other documents relevant to the claim circumstances.

Can I transfer my existing car's insurance policy from one car to another? 

Yes, you can transfer your existing car insurance policy to another car. However, the process of transferring the policy is different if you are transferring the ownership of the car as well. If you are transferring ownership of the car, it is the responsibility of the seller to transfer the insurance policy to the buyer's name within 14 days.