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Bringing home your dream BMW iX is an amazing feeling. But before you hit the road, it's crucial to buy a comprehensive car insurance policy for your EV. A valid car insurance plan is mandatory by law and provides financial security against unpredicted incidents on the road.

Let's take a closer look at why buying car insurance for your BMW iX is important. We will also explore the various types of covers, inclusions, exclusions and more.

Why Should You Buy Car Insurance For BMW iX?
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Driving without valid car insurance is against the law in India. To legally drive your BMW iX on Indian roads, having an active policy is a must.

Financial Security
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A car insurance policy protects you from heavy financial losses in case of accidents, thefts or natural disasters. It covers repair costs and saves you from burning a hole in your pocket.

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You can customise your policy by adding extra covers like zero depreciation, engine protection, etc., according to your needs.

The Most Common Types Of Car Insurance For BMW iX
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There are two prime car insurance policies for your BMW iX:


Third-Party Insurance
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This is the basic, mandatory car insurance coverage as per the Indian Motor Vehicle Act. It provides basic protection against legal liability from third-party losses - bodily injury, death, and property damage—caused by your BMW iX to others. However, it does not provide any coverage for damages or losses incurred by your own BMW iX. So any repairs, replacements, or compensation for your own car are not included.


Comprehensive Insurance
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This is an extensive, all-round protection policy for your BMW iX. It covers both third-party losses as well as own damage. It provides insurance against accidents, collisions, theft, and natural disasters like floods, fires, earthquakes, etc. The cost of repairs, replacement of parts, and total loss compensation for BMW iX is covered. Additional coverage, like personal accident coverage for passengers, drivers, etc., is also includethey provid. Premiums are higher than third-party car insurance policy, but de complete peach-value cars likee of mind. It is highly recommended for hig BMW iX.

What is Covered

What is Not Covered

What Is Covered In BMW iX Car Insurance?
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A comprehensive car insurance policy for your BMW iX typically includes:

  1. Third-party liability coverage as per law.

  2. Own damage coverage for your BMW iX from accidents, thefts, riots, storms, floods, etc.

  3. Cover for accessories installed in your BMW iX like music system, sensors, cameras, etc.

  4. Personal accident cover for driver/passengers.

  5. Additional legal liabilities like paid driver, vehicle attendants, etc.

What Is Not Covered By BMW iX Car Insurance?
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Though comprehensive, every car insurance policy comes with exclusions:

  1. Normal wear and tear of parts due to regular usage.

  2. Mechanical or electrical breakdown of components.

  3. Damage caused when driving under alcohol influence.

  4. Losses outside geographical limits or policy period.

  5. Damage caused deliberately by policyholder.

Add-ons For BMW iX Car Insurance
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You can opt for the below add-ons to enhance your BMW iX's insurance coverage:

  1. Zero Depreciation Cover: This waives off any depreciation deduction on parts during claims. This helps get the full claim amount without deductions.

  2. NCB Protection Cover: This helps retain your No Claim Bonus even if you make a claim during the policy term. This protects your NCB rewards.

  3. Engine Protection Cover: Provides additional coverage for damage to internal engine parts, oil, and lubricants. Offers financial protection for key engine components.

  4. Key Replacement Cover: Covers the cost of replacing your BMW iX keys if lost or stolen. This avoids high replacement costs.

  5. Roadside Assistance Cover: Provides assistance in case of breakdowns or accidents like flat tyres, battery jump starts, fuel delivery, etc., through 24/7 roadside support.

  6. Hydrostatic Lock Cover: Protects from flooding damage caused when water enters the engine through air intake.

  7. Consumable Expenses Cover: Covers expenses incurred on consumables like engine oil, lubricants, nuts and bolts during claims.

Benefits Of Buying Car Insurance For Your BMW iX
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Choosing a high-quality insurer for your BMW iX insurance gives you several advantages:

  1. Digital Policy Issuance and Renewals: Many insurers offer a seamless digital process for issuing and renewing your BMW iX insurance policy. You can purchase and manage your policy completely online without any paperwork.

  2. Instant claims processing via mobile app: You can instantly notify and register a claim via the insurer’s app. The claims process is quick and convenient through your smartphone.

  3. Option for cashless claims at network garages: These isnurers have a wide network of authorised garages across India. You can get cashless servicing and repairs done at these garages without any payment hassles.

  4. Lightning-Fast Claim Settlement: Top insurers leverage digital technologies to ensure lightning-fast claim processing and settlement. 

  5. Free Pickup and Drop for Repairs: Those insurers provide free pickup and drop off your BMW iX from your location for repairs at the nearest network garage. 

  6. Expert Support Over Phone and Chat: You can reach out to the insurer’s customer support experts 24/7 over call or chat for any policy or claim-related queries.

  7. No Commission, Only Pay for Premium: Many insurers do not charge any commission fees; you only pay for the insurance premium with no hidden costs. 

How To Buy/Renew BMW iX Insurance 
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Follow these easy steps to buy or renew BMW iX insurance:

  1. Visit the insurer’s website or download the app.

  2. Enter your BMW iX's registration number.

  3. Select plans, add-ons etc., to customise the policy.

  4. Pay premium online via secure payment options.

  5. A policy copy will be emailed instantly.

4 Easy Steps To Raise A Claim
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Insurers make the claims process smooth and hassle-free:

  1. Intimate claim via call or app.

  2. Documents were uploaded to the portal.

  3. The insurer’s representative will inspect the damages.

  4. The claim amount will be credited instantly in case of minor claims; in case of major claims, the insurer sends an assessor for evaluation.

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Getting comprehensive coverage for your prized BMW iX secures your assets and gives you peace of mind on the road. Choose an insurer that offers a seamless digital insurance experience customised to your needs. Rest assured that your BMW iX has got you covered, always!

Frequently Asked Questions on BMW iX Car Insurance
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What documents are required to buy BMW iX insurance?

Registration certificates, KYC documents like Aadhaar, driver's license, and previous policy copies are required. PUC certificates may be needed in some cases.

Can I pay the BMW iX insurance premium in instalments?

Yes, most insurers allow you to pay the premium in monthly instalments by paying a nominal extra charge.

Is there any discount on BMW iX insurance for memberships like BMW Owner's Circle?

Yes, insurers do provide discounts if you are a member of the manufacturer's membership programmes.

Does BMW iX car insurance cover damage while it's being serviced at a garage?

Yes, if you have comprehensive coverage, it will cover damages arising at authorised garages as per the policy terms.

Can I transfer my BMW iX insurance when selling the car to a new owner?

Yes, the insurance can be transferred to the new owner for the remaining policy period by filing for a transfer of ownership.

Does the BMW iX insurance cover damage from flooding?

Flood damage is often excluded from standard car insurance policies. However, most insurers offer a Hydrostatic Lock Cover add-on for electric vehicles like the BMW iX. This add-on would cover flooding damage up to the declared hydrostatic lock cover amount as per policy terms.