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Honda City Hybrid eHEV Car Insurance

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The Honda City Hybrid eHEV has created quite a buzz since its launch earlier this year. This stylish new hybrid sedan from Honda combines the City's signature elegant design and premium interiors with a self-charging hybrid powertrain. This technology delivers an incredible mileage of 27.1 kmpl along with exhilarating performance. However, owning this advanced electric-petrol hybrid is just the beginning. Ensuring comprehensive car insurance protection for your prized sedan on Indian roads is equally critical. 

Why should you buy car insurance for Honda City Hybrid eHEV?
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  1. Meeting Legal Requirements: According to the Motor Vehicles Act, third-party liability insurance is mandatory for all vehicles plying on Indian roads. Driving without valid car insurance can attract heavy penalties ranging from fines to even imprisonment. 

  2. Financial Security for Expensive Assets: The Honda City Hybrid eHEV packs in cutting edge technology and premium features. Its body parts, battery pack, and electrical components are expensive to repair or replace. 

  3. Accumulating No Claim Bonus: Car insurance policies reward claim-free driving by offering discounts on renewals through the No Claim Bonus. 

  4. Comprehensive Coverage: Third-party-only plans cover liabilities but not your car's damage. Comprehensive policies offer enhanced protection for your own Honda City Hybrid eHEV, along with third-party coverage. 

  5. Enhancing Protection with Add-ons: Comprehensive plans can be enhanced further with add-ons like zero depreciation, engine protector, NCB protector, etc. 

The most common types of car insurance for Honda City Hybrid eHEV
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Third-Party Liability Only
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This basic insurance covers injuries, death and property damage for third parties arising due to accidents caused by the insured Honda City Hybrid eHEV. Any damage to your own car is not covered. Only legally mandated minimum coverage is provided.


Comprehensive Insurance
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The most recommended and popular car insurance policy, it provides extensive coverage. Along with third-party legal liabilities, it covers repairs or replacement for the insured Honda City Hybrid eHEV in case of damage, theft, etc. It ensures complete financial protection.

What is Covered

What is not covered

What is covered in Honda City Hybrid eHEV car insurance? (Inclusions)
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A comprehensive Honda City Hybrid eHEV insurance policy commonly includes coverage for:

  1. Third-Party Bodily Injury and Death - Provides protection from legal claims by third-party persons injured or killed in an accident arising due to the insured car.

  2. Third-Party Property Damage - Covers legal liabilities arising from third-party property damage caused by the Honda City Hybrid eHEV up to the insured declared value.

  3. Own Damage - Provides coverage for repair or replacement of parts like alloy wheels, battery, electrical components etc., in case of accidents, damage or theft of the insured car.

  4. Natural Calamities - Offers protection from loss or damage caused by floods, storms, earthquakes, etc., as per policy terms.

  5. Man-made Disasters - Covers financial loss arising from events like strikes, riots, civil commotion, malicious activities, etc.

  6. Fire damage - Pays for damage due to fire, self-ignition, lightning or explosion.

What is not covered by Honda City Hybrid eHEV car insurance? (Exclusions)
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While the coverage is extensive, some general exclusions are:

  1. Normal wear and tear of parts due to routine usage or ageing. For e.g. tyre replacement.

  2. Mechanical or electrical breakdown arising out of self-ignition, short-circuiting or vehicle breakdown.

  3. Damage occurring when the car is driven illegally, such as by an unlicensed driver.

  4. Loss or damage caused intentionally by the policyholder for fraudulent reasons.

  5. Losses occurring when the car is used outside the geographical limits mentioned in the policy.

  6. Loss caused when driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

  7. Consequential losses like accommodation costs during repairs, etc.

Benefits of buying ACKO car insurance for your Honda City Hybrid eHEV
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Here are some of the major advantages of buying comprehensive Honda City Hybrid eHEV insurance from ACKO:

  1. Digital Process - The entire policy purchase and claims process can be done online in a few clicks. No paperwork is needed.

  2. Instant Quotes - Get customised quotes instantly by entering your car's number plate details.

  3. Customisable Plans - Option to modify your policy by adding suitable add-ons as per your coverage needs.

  4. Claim Assistance - Dedicated support team for guidance on claim procedures, document submission, etc.

  5. Cashless Garage Network - Hassle-free repairs at authorised garages across India.

  6. Renewal Reminders - No last-minute lapses due to alerts for policy renewal well in advance.

  7. Modern Platform - Intuitive mobile app and website offering 24/7 access.

How to Buy/Renew Honda City Hybrid eHEV Insurance from ACKO
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Follow these simple steps for buying or renewing your Honda City Hybrid eHEV insurance with ACKO:

  1. Visit the ACKO website or download the app on your phone.

  2. Enter your Honda City Hybrid eHEV registration number and click on "Get Quote".

  3. Choose the ideal policy type, tenure and add-ons based on your needs.

  4. Carefully fill in personal details like name, contact number, address, etc..

  5. Pay premium online securely using credit card, debit card, UPI and net banking.

  6. The policy document is emailed instantly upon successful payment completion.

4 easy steps to raise a claim
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ACKO ensures seamless claims settlement in just a few steps:

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Comprehensive coverage is crucial for advanced cars like the Honda City Hybrid eHEV to avail high insurance coverage with optimal add-ons. Compare different policies on ACKO to buy the best car insurance for your needs in a jiffy. Stay financially secure and enjoy every ride!

Frequently Asked Questions on Honda City Hybrid eHEV Car Insurance
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Does the comprehensive policy cover finance or loan obligations?

No, a standard motor insurance policy does not cover outstanding loan obligations. One can opt for add-ons like Return to Invoice to get coverage for financial shortfall.

Is personal accident cover for passengers mandatory in car insurance?

No, personal accident cover is an optional additional benefit. It can be included by selecting the relevant add-on to enhance coverage.

Can I cancel my Honda City Hybrid eHEV policy at any time?

Yes, the policy can be cancelled at any time during the tenure with suitable refunds as per IRDAI guidelines. The refund percentage depends on unexpired tenure.

Is there any lapse grace period for renewals?

Yes, for renewals there is a grace period of 30 days from expiry to renew without any impact on accrued NCB benefits. Beyond this, lapse will lead to NCB loss.

How is IDV calculated for Honda City Hybrid eHEV insurance?

The Insured Declared Value (IDV) of the Honda City Hybrid eHEV is calculated based on the manufacturer's listed selling price of the car at the time of purchase after applying depreciation based on age. Additional factors like model variant, kilometres driven, registration location, etc., are also considered.

Can I get discounts on Honda City Hybrid eHEV insurance premiums?

Yes, insurers offer discounts on their own damage premiums for factors like membership of recognised automobile associations, choosing voluntary deductibles, opting for long-term 2/3 year policies, installing ARAI-approved anti-theft devices, etc. NCB discount is also offered on renewals for claim-free years.