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Honda Car Insurance

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Honda Car Insurance

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Honda Cars India is a subsidiary of the Japanese carmaker Honda. The company entered the Indian market in 1995 and is one of the few foreign car manufacturers that have continued to taste success in the country. The primary reason behind their longevity is their commitment to build quality and premium cars and SUVs. They have never compromised on the quality, and it is one of the reasons why you should protect your Honda car with a well-designed car insurance plan. Read on to know everything about Honda Insurance and the benefits of buying Honda car insurance online.

Benefits of Buying Online Car Insurance for Honda Cars
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Here are the advantages of insuring your Honda car online.

1. No Appointments
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You can insure your car online without the need to take prior appointments. For example, simply visit ACKO’s website, share car details, and make the payment to insure your vehicle.

2. Zero Paperwork
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Race ahead of tedious form-filling and document submission. Insuring your car online means ditching unnecessary paperwork and insuring your car without wasting any time.

3. Save Your Money
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Buying insurance online is comparatively easier on the wallet as you buy directly from the insurance company. As there are no agents/middlemen involved, the premium is low. Thus, you save money.

Honda Car Insurance Price
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The following table lists the Honda car insurance prices for different models. Note that the prices are for brand-new models in Bangalore.



Insurance Premium (3 Years Third-Party and 1 Year Own Damage)

Zero Depreciation Insurance Premium

Honda Amaze

Rs. 5.16 lakhs

Rs. 13,625

Rs. 15,266

Honda City

Rs. 8.33 lakhs

Rs. 42,585

Rs. 18,098

Honda Elevate

Rs.10.44 lakhs

Rs. 16,674

Rs. 19,993

Honda Jazz

Rs. 4.56 lakhs

Rs. 13,279

Rs. 14,730

Types of Car Insurance Plans for Honda Cars
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Be it a sedan, an SUV or a hatchback, ACKO has an insurance plan for your vehicle. Below are the two types of car insurance plans for your Honda car.

Third-party Car Insurance
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It is mandatory to insure your car at least with the Third-party Car Insurance. It covers you against financial losses arising out of third party-losses in case you injure a third person or damage their property.

Comprehensive Car Insurance
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It is the complete insurance package for your Honda car. Apart from covering third party liabilities, it also covers accidental damages to your vehicle, theft, and damages due to natural/man-made calamities. You can also opt for add-ons to further enhance your plan.

Below is a table which compares the Comprehensive and Third-party Car Insurance Plans:

Inclusions (Coverage)

Comprehensive Car Insurance

Third-Party Car Insurance

Third-party liabilities



Accidental damages to the insured Honda car



Damages caused due to riots or such man-made calamities



Damages caused due to floods or such natural calamities



Theft of the vehicle



Personal Accident (PA) cover (To be taken if not opted)



Optional add-ons



Choose/Modify Sum Insured (Insured Declared Value - IDV)



Add-ons for Honda Car Insurance
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There are various types of add-ons available along with the Comprehensive Insurance Plans for your Honda. Mentioned below are the add-ons that you can choose from.

Personal Belongings
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In case your personal belongings (kept in the car), such as your laptop, are damaged or stolen, the add-on covers the cost to replace or repair them.

Zero Depreciation
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ACKO will not consider the depreciation of the motor parts being replaced while settling a Honda car insurance claim against your policy.

Roadside Assistance
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We will provide emergency roadside assistance such as emergency fuel, minor repairs, towing service, among other services.

NCB Protection
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Protection to the accumulated No Claim Bonus (NCB) earned even if you file a claim during the policy period.

Consumables Cover
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Consumables items such as nuts, bolts, engine and gearbox oil, lubricants and other consumables items are covered under this add-on.

What’s Covered

What’s Not Covered

What’s Covered in Honda Car Insurance? (Inclusions)
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While the Honda Third-party Car Insurance Plan covers only the life/property of the third party, it is the Comprehensive Car Insurance plan which offers wider coverage with the below benefits for your Honda car.

  • Losses to third-party life or property are covered.

  • Accidental damages to your Honda car.

  • Losses due to natural calamities such as flooding, storms, earthquakes, etc.

  • Losses due to man-made calamities such as rioting, vandalism, etc.

  • Loss due to theft of the car or due to a fire.

What’s Not Covered in Honda Car Insurance? (Exclusions)
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Like all insurance policies, the Honda Insurance Policy also comes with the following limitations or exclusions.

  • Driving the car with an expired or invalid Driving License (DL).

  • Driving the car under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicating substances.

  • Regular wear and tear.

  • Breakdown due to a mechanical or electrical issue.

  • Damages or losses occurring outside the geographical limits.

How is a Honda car insurance premium calculated?
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Multiple factors affect the Honda car insurance premium.

Below are the significant factors used in calculating the Honda car insurance premium.

1. Your car model
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The make, model and variant of your Honda car will impact the overall insurance premium. This is due to the different repair costs for different models/variants.

2. Policy coverage
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The policy premium will also depend on the type of policy you buy. The range of coverage is different in policies such as Third-party Insurance and Comprehensive Insurance. Hence, it changes the premium significantly.

3. Insured Declared Value or IDV
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The IDV defines the current value of a car. In case your Honda car gets stolen or damaged beyond repair, you can claim this IDV amount. Hence, the premium of your policy will increase as per your vehicle’s IDV.

4. Add-on covers
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The add-on covers are additional coverages you add to your basic plan. You can buy one or more add-ons to further enhance the basic policy. This will increase the premium of your insurance but offer wider coverage.

5. Personal Accident Cover
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It is mandatory by law to purchase a Personal Accident Cover (PA cover) along with your basic insurance plan. It offers coverage against accidental injuries (permanent/temporary) or the death of the policyholder.

6. Discounts
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At ACKO, you can get discounts on special occasions or festivals. This serves as a factor to save money on insurance premiums.

Why Should You Choose ACKO for Honda Car Insurance?
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Here are the reasons to choose ACKO as your car insurance provider for Honda cars.

1. Online Transactions
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Buy/renew insurance policies and register claims against your policy through our website/app and experience a hassle-free insurance process.

2. Low Premium
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Our top-notch digital infrastructure leads to reduction in operational costs. This coupled with the no-middlemen process has resulted in low-cost car insurance policies.

3. Pickup and Drop Facility
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Get your Honda picked up from your location. Our representative will get the vehicle repaired at our network garage and drop it back in 3-days.

How to Buy/Renew Honda Car Insurance
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The following are steps to buy or renew car insurance from ACKO for your Honda car.

Step 1: Go to the top of this page or download our mobile app.

Step 2: Share your vehicle and personal details and select the pans and add-ons.

Step 3: Pay the premium online to buy the policy or Honda car insurance renewal.

How to File a Claim Under Honda Car Insurance
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Filing a claim may seem troublesome and difficult. However, the online and paperless experience provided by ACKO’s digital set-up helps you submit claims with ease. Mentioned below are the steps to file a claim against your policy.

Documents Required to File Honda Car Insurance Claim
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You don’t need to fill out any physical form or submit physical copies of documents while raising a claim at ACKO. The process requires you to submit soft copies of a couple of essential documents only. 

Here is a list of documents you should keep handy to submit via ACKO’s mobile app or website while raising a claim.

Along with your claim request, you need to submit a soft copy of the Honda car insurance policy document. 

You must submit a soft copy of your Registration Certificate or RC of the insured Honda car while raising a claim. 

The claim procedure also involves the submission of a copy of the policy buyer’s Driving Licence (DL).

If you are raising a claim against third-party liabilities or vehicle theft, a copy of the FIR is mandatory. You must report the case to the authorised Police Station and get a copy of the FIR for the insurance claim process.

Vehicle repair bills will be necessary when you are looking for reimbursement from the insurer. Thus, you should get payment receipts from the repair centre to raise claims on those repairs later. 

Frequently Asked Questions on
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Here are the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Honda car insurance.

FAQs About Buying Car Insurance


How to buy Honda car insurance online?

Visit or use the ACKO app to buy car insurance online without any hassles or paperwork. Enter basic details about your car, and you can buy the plan instantly without any paperwork.

What are the best add-ons to enhance the coverage of my Honda Insurance Policy?

Car Insurance Add-ons are small packages which offer exclusive benefits. This is in addition to the standard car insurance for your vehicle. There are several useful add-ons; however, you need to choose those which suit your needs. For more information, refer to the above-mentioned ‘Add-ons for Honda Car Insurance’ section.

What are the primary factors which influence the Honda insurance price?

The primary factors that affect the Honda car insurance price are the value of the vehicle, the age, the location, and the fuel type. There are other factors such as NCB which may impact the premium.

How long does it take to insure my Honda vehicle?

Instantly. Yes, ACKO offers a 100% digital process to insure your vehicle without any hassles or paperwork. Enter a few details of your car, pay the premium through Debit/Credit card, Net banking or UPI, and receive the policy documents immediately by email.

What will happen if I mistakenly enter the wrong variant of my Honda car while buying the car insurance plan?

You can get it rectified by writing to us at [email protected] to make changes to the policy. Depending on the value of the model, the premium may be adjusted accordingly.

Is the Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy mandatory for my Honda car and is it better than Third-party Car Insurance Policy?

The Comprehensive Car Insurance Plan is not mandatory; however, this plan will protect you against financial liabilities arising from accidental damages to your Honda car or in case it is stolen. While the Third-party Car Insurance Plan is mandatory, the Comprehensive Honda Insurance Policy offers liability coverage and the coverage for your vehicle along with the option to include various useful add-on covers.

FAQs About Honda Car Insurance Renewal


How to renew Honda car insurance online?

Simply log in to your account by visiting our website or through the mobile app. Select the policy and renew instantly. Upon successful Honda insurance renewal, the policy document will be emailed to you immediately.

How to get my NCB at the time of renewal?

The NCB earned will be offered as a discount on the Honda insurance renewal premium. This will be automatically deducted from the premium before you renew the policy.

Will the insurance company inspect my car before renewing the car insurance policy?

If you are renewing the policy within the expiry date, then you can renew the plan online without an inspection. However, if your policy has expired, then the vehicle may have to be inspected before it can be insured.

Car Insurance for Other Honda Car Models
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