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Purchasing your dream SUV - the Honda Elevate, is an exciting milestone. You eagerly wait for the day you can finally drive this brilliant urban SUV home. However, in the euphoria of your new acquisition, there is an important task that must not be overlooked - buying a comprehensive car insurance policy for your Elevate. Having valid Honda Elevate insurance is not just recommended but legally mandatory if you wish to drive on Indian roads. This insurance acts as a protective shield, safeguarding you and your car from any unforeseen circumstances on the road. 

Why Should You Buy Car Insurance for Honda Elevate?
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There are several important reasons why buying adequate car insurance policy is crucial for your new Honda Elevate:

As per Indian motor vehicle laws, it is illegal to drive any car on public roads without valid third-party car insurance coverage. Driving uninsured can attract heavy penalties and fines from traffic authorities. 

Financial Protection
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Without insurance, you are financially vulnerable in case of any mishaps with your Elevate. Small fender benders, major collisions, and thefts - all involve steep repair and replacement costs that you will have to bear in the absence of coverage. 

Safeguard from Theft
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Unfortunately, vehicle thefts are not uncommon in India. Your prized Elevate could be stolen too. In such a nightmare scenario, only a comprehensive auto policy will provide financial reimbursement to help you cope with this loss.

Coverage for Third-Party Liability
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According to the Motor Vehicle Act, third-party liability insurance is compulsory. It covers medical costs and property damages you may cause to others during an accident.

The Most Common Types of Car Insurance for Honda Elevate
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Broadly there are two main types of car insurance policies available for the Honda Elevate in India:


Third-Party Liability Only Policy
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This basic policy only covers liabilities arising from damage or injury caused to a third party. Any damage to your own Elevate will not be covered. It only meets the minimum legal requirement.


Comprehensive Insurance Plan
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This extensive coverage includes third-party liability along with protection for damages to your own car from accidents, thefts, disasters, etc. It is the most wholesome protection you can opt for. Most Elevate owners prefer comprehensive plans for complete peace of mind.

What is Covered

What is not covered

What is Covered in Honda Elevate Car Insurance? (Inclusions)
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A comprehensive Honda Elevate car insurance policy provides protection against:

  • Bodily injury liability to any third parties involved in an accident with your car. 

  • Property damage liability arising from damage caused to a third party's vehicle or property due to an accident involving your Elevate.

  • Collision damage to your own Honda Elevate from accidents. 

  • Accidental damage from overturned vehicles, collisions, potholes, accidents involving pedestrians, animals, etc. 

  • Loss or damage to the Elevate arising from human acts like theft, burglary, vandalism, etc., or natural events like floods, storms, lightning, earthquakes, etc.

  • Fire damage covers damage stemming from fire incidents, explosions, etc. 

  • Loss caused while the car is being transported by road, rail, air or inland waterways.

What is Not Covered by Honda Elevate Car Insurance? (Exclusions)
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While comprehensive plans are extensive, some exclusions apply:

  • Wear and tear arising from regular car usage like oil leakage, battery discharge, etc. 

  • Mechanical or electrical breakdowns like engine failure are excluded. 

  • Damage caused when driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

  • Losses outside the geographical limits defined in the policy document.

  • Losses occurring when the car is being used without valid registration documents.

Add-ons for Honda Elevate Car Insurance
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Some useful optional add-on covers to enhance your base Honda Elevate policy are:

Roadside assistance cover - Provides towing services, on-spot repairs etc, in case your car breaks down mid-journey.

Benefits of Buying ACKO Car Insurance for Your Honda Elevate
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Choosing ACKO for your Honda Elevate insurance offers many benefits:

How to Buy/Renew Honda Elevate Insurance from ACKO
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Below are the simple steps to purchase or renew insurance for your Honda Elevate on ACKO:

  1. Visit the ACKO website or download the mobile app on your phone.

  2. Enter your Honda Elevate registration number when prompted. It will pull up your car's details.

  3. Select the type of policy you need - third-party or comprehensive, along with any add-ons like zero depreciation cover, etc.

  4. The premium will be displayed upfront. Pay it online via net banking, credit card, debit card, UPI,

  5.  etc, in a few clicks.

  6. Your car insurance policy will be instantaneously issued and emailed/SMSed to you.

4 Easy Steps to Raise a Claim on ACKO
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Below are the quick and straightforward steps to raise a claim on your Honda Elevate policy on ACKO:

  1. Login to your ACKO account on a mobile app or website. Tap on the 'Claim Now' button.

  2. Fill out a simple online form describing claim details - date, location, damage/loss type, repairs required, etc.

  3. Upload clear photos of the damages as well as mandatory claim documents.

  4. For small claims, payment is credited instantly to your bank account. For major claims, an expert assessor will contact you.

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Getting adequate insurance for your cherished Honda Elevate should be a top priority. It is your responsibility as a car owner and also legally required. Comprehensive plans with add-ons like zero depreciation cover offer the highest level of protection. Choose ACKO insurance for the best digital experience and instant, assured claims support for your new Elevate!

Frequently Asked Questions on Honda Elevate Car Insurance
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How is the Honda Elevate IDV (Insured Declared Value) calculated for insurance?

The IDV is calculated as the manufacturer's listed selling price of the Elevate minus the depreciation cost based on the age of the car. IDV determines the policy sum insured.

Does insurance cover financed Honda Elevate?

Yes, comprehensively insured financed Honda Elevates are covered.

Can I transfer my Honda Elevate insurance when selling the car?

Yes, the existing insurance policy can be transferred to the new Elevate owner. Just inform the insurer about the transfer in writing.

Does the Honda Elevate insurance cover accessories?

No, by default, the car's standard insurance policy does not include extra fittings/accessories. Specific add-ons need to be added for such coverage.

Will filing a small claim impact my Honda Elevate’s No Claim Bonus?

Minor claims will impact the No Claim Bonus. However, if you buy the NCB protection add-on, filing claims will not impact the NCB.

Is there a Grace Period after my Honda Elevate insurance expires?

For lapsed policies, insurers generally allow a grace period of 30 days to renew the Elevate insurance.