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Mahindra Bolero Car Insurance

The Mahindra Bolero is currently the largest selling Utility Vehicle (UV) in the country. The vehicle is popular in both urban and rural areas primarily due to its rugged build. However, for a strongly built UV such as the Bolero, it also needs a well-packaged insurance plan. Read ahead to know about Mahindra Bolero car insurance and the benefits of online insurance.

Benefits of Buying Online Car Insurance for Mahindra Bolero
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Here are the reasons you should buy online car insurance for Mahindra Bolero over offline insurance.

No Paperwork
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When you buy car insurance online, there is no paperwork involved. There is no documentation and form-filling exercise. Simply share a few details of your vehicle and previous policy (if available) to insure your Bolero instantly.

Compare Policies
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You can compare car insurance plans to review the features, services, Bolero insurance price and add-ons through the online mode. Understanding the terms and conditions, features, services, prices and add-ons enables you to make the right decision.

Easy and Faster
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The convenience of online shopping or the process to renew car insurance online is super-fast and hassle-free. Gone are the cumbersome and lengthy processes through the offline mode. Share a few details of your vehicle to insure your vehicle and receive the policy instantly.

Types of Car Insurance Plans for Mahindra Bolero
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Here are the two types of car insurance plans for Mahindra Bolero.

Third-party Car Insurance Policy
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For financial coverage against third-party liabilities that include injury or death of the third party or damages to their property, the Third-party Insurance Plan will cover such losses. It is a government-mandated policy to drive a vehicle on public roads. Failure to insure your vehicle with this plan will attract penalties/fines as stated in The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. While the plan covers third-party liabilities, it does not cover damages or losses to the insured vehicle.

Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy
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For financial coverage against damages/losses to your Mahindra Bolero, the Own Damage (OD) component in the Comprehensive Insurance Plan will cover such damages or losses. Damages can be due to a fire/explosion, an accident, natural/man-made disasters and losses due to theft of the insured vehicle, or total loss (damages that are beyond repair). The plan also covers third-party liabilities. You also have the option to select valuable car insurance add-ons to extend the coverage.

Inclusions: What’s Covered in Mahindra Bolero Car Insurance?

Here are the coverage details of the Comprehensive Insurance Plan for Mahindra Bolero.

Note: It is mandatory to purchase the Personal Accident (PA) cover as per The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 while buying/renewing car insurance plans. It provides coverage for the policyholder against temporary/permanent disabilities or death caused due to an accident.

Exclusions: What’s Not Covered in Mahindra Bolero Car Insurance?

Here are the reasons when the Comprehensive Insurance Plan will not provide financial coverage.

Add-ons for Mahindra Bolero Car Insurance

With the Comprehensive Insurance Plan, you have the option to purchase valuable add-ons that extend the primary plan’s coverage. Here are the add-ons that you can include in your insurance plan.

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Here are the key features of ACKO car insurance for Mahindra Bolero.

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Low-cost Insurance Policies
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There are no commissions involved since there are no agents or middlemen. Also, with a digital platform, our operating costs are lower; hence, ACKO can design car insurance policies that are affordable to insure your Mahindra Bolero.

Common > Car > Why Acko > Easy Claims

Pickup and Drop Services
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In case of an accident or severe damages to your vehicle, ACKO will pick up your Bolero, get it fixed at a network garage and drop it back to you in 3 working days. The 3-day pick up and drop services are available in select cities.

Super Fast and Easy

Super-fast Claim Process
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The process of submitting your claim and the turnaround is quicker with ACKO. Simply access your account through the website or mobile app to submit your claim without physical paperwork. Our support team will take over the claim request.

ACKO’s Claim Process

Here are the simple steps to file your claim at ACKO.

For more minor damages, ACKO may settle the claim within a few hours through cash transfer so that you can get the damages repaired at a garage of your choice. For significant damages, our support team will guide the next set of procedures.

Frequently Asked Questions
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Here are some of the commonly asked questions about Mahindra Bolero car insurance.



Which type of car insurance plan is suitable for Mahindra Bolero?

For broader insurance coverage for Mahindra Bolero, you can buy the Comprehensive Car Insurance Plan since it covers both third-party liabilities and damages to the vehicle. Also, you can opt for valuable add-ons to increase the coverage.

How to buy car insurance for Mahindra Bolero from ACKO?

With a digital platform and no agents, you can purchase car insurance for the Bolero directly through the website or mobile app. Share a few details of the vehicle, location, and previous policy (if available) and pay the Bolero insurance price online to insure Mahindra Bolero instantly.

What documents are required to insure Mahindra Bolero at ACKO?

The process is entirely paperless. You do not have to fill forms or submit documents to insure Mahindra Bolero at ACKO.

How to buy car insurance for my brand new Mahindra Bolero at ACKO?

Car insurance by ACKO is not just for older cars. Brand new cars can be insured at ACKO. Visit our website or mobile app to share your contact and vehicle details; our team will create a custom Bolero insurance price for you.

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