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Toyota Car Insurance

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Toyota Car Insurance

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Toyota cars are known for their build quality and safety features. The safety equipment in the vehicles protects you in case of a mishap. Similarly, Comprehensive Toyota Insurance protects you against penalties and financial losses arising from damage/loss to your car or third-party property or life. Read on to know more about Toyota car insurance and the benefits of buying car insurance online.

Benefits of Buying Online Car Insurance for your Toyota Car
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Here are the advantages of buying car insurance online for your Toyota car.

1. Paperless Purchase
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Buying Toyota car insurance online is one the most convenient ways to insure your car. You need not fill any forms nor go through a tedious documentation process. Everything is digital. Visit the ACKO website/app, fill in the vehicle and previous policy details and purchase the policy online.

2. Instant Policies
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Gone are the days when you needed to wait for days to get your car insured. Get your vehicle insured instantly by opting for online car insurance. Purchase Toyota insurance policy online on the ACKO website/app and pay online. Your policy will be instantly sent to your registered email address.

3. Convenience
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Online or digital car insurance offers you a hassle-free experience while buying/renewing the policy. You can purchase/renew the insurance plan anytime and from anywhere. Visit ACKO’s website/app from your computer/smartphone to complete the car insurance renewal/purchase process online.

Car Insurance Plans for Toyota Cars
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There are two types of insurance plans for Toyota cars. Below are the details.

Third-party Car Insurance Plan
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It is a basic and mandatory insurance plan for your Toyota car. Third-party Car Insurance Policy covers damage/loss to third-party property or life. Along with the insurance plan, a Personal Accident (PA) cover is also compulsory. You can purchase the PA cover separately if you don't have one. The third-party policy does not cover damages to your car.

Comprehensive Car Insurance Plan
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A Comprehensive Policy is an optional insurance plan but offers all-around coverage for your car. The policy covers third-party losses and damages to your vehicle due to an accident, riots, natural calamities or fire. Unfortunate incidents such as total loss or theft of the insured vehicle are also covered by the Comprehensive Policy. Moreover, you can enhance the policy benefits by purchasing add-on covers.

What’s Covered in Toyota Car Insurance? (Inclusions)
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A Comprehensive Toyota Car Insurance Policy from ACKO provides coverage against the following.

Exclusions of Toyota Car Insurance
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Toyota Auto Insurance does not provide coverage against the following circumstances.

Add-ons for Toyota Car Insurance
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An add-on is an individual cover that provides additional coverage for your car. You can buy add-ons during Comprehensive Car Insurance renewal/purchase (Comprehensive Plan). Listed below are the available add-ons for Toyota cars.

Why Choose ACKO Car Insurance Policy for Toyota Cars?
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Below are the reasons why you should buy Toyota four-wheeler insurance from ACKO.

1. Buy/Renew Online
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Purchase/renew car insurance online within a few minutes. No hassle of form-filling or documentation. Log on to ACKO’s website/app, type in your vehicle related and previous policy details to purchase the policy without any paperwork.

2. Paperless Claims
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You can raise a car insurance claim online on ACKO within a few minutes. Log in to your account and answer a few basic questions to submit your claim request online without any paperwork. The entire process takes only 2-3 minutes. 

3. Tailor-Made Plans
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ACKO offers customised car insurance plans as per your needs. You can choose the required car insurance add-ons as per your requirement and the vehicle you own. You can select suitable add-ons and customise the Comprehensive Insurance Plan.

ACKO’s Claim Procedure
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Filing a claim against car insurance can be a time-consuming task. But not anymore. On ACKO, you can raise a car insurance claim online within a few minutes. Follow the steps below to file a claim on ACKO.

ACKO’s claims team will contact you to process the claim settlement.

Toyota Car Insurance claim documents
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Depending upon the process laid down by your car insurance company, you may need the following documents ready while raising a Toyota car insurance claim.  

How is the Toyota Car Insurance premium calculated?
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A car insurance company considers many factors when it comes to calculating the premium for your Toyota insurance policy. You can tweak some options while buying the policy (e.g. the Insured Declared Value of your Toyota car) while others are fixed (e.g. car's engine capacity). The following are some factors used to calculate the Toyota insurance price.

1. Insured Declared Value (IDV)
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This is the approximate market value of your car. You need to set the exact amount from a given range. Lower the IDV, lower will be the premium. But this can backfire in case of a major claim where your car gets damaged beyond repair and the insurance company pays the IDV as your claim amount.

2. Details of the car
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The make and model, manufacturer, engine's cubic capacity, etc. matters while buying the policy. All this becomes the base value for the insurance policy of the car.

3. Location
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The IRDAI (the Indian insurance regulator) has divided the country into two zones, A and B. The zone you belong to will have an impact on the insurance premium.

4. Add-ons
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These are coverages that are not a part of your base policy. You must buy each one separately and this increases the premium.

5. Claim history
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If you don't raise claims, you get a special discount called No Claim Bonus (NCB) at the time of Toyota insurance renewal. This decreases the premium of your car insurance plan.

Other factors include deductibles, type of car insurance policy (Comprehensive Toyota car insurance is more expensive than a Third-party plan), etc.

How to complete Toyota car insurance renewal?
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When you renew your Toyota car insurance policy in time, you ensure continued insurance coverage. It saves you from traffic fines, third-party compensations, and financial loss related to a damaged car. Here are the steps to renew Toyota insurance online from ACKO.

You will receive your policy instantly when you renew Toyota insurance online.

Tips to get discounts on Toyota car insurance
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Some car owners are unaware of the fact that it is possible to get additional discounts on Toyota car insurance price if they are mindful of a few things. Take a look at the following list of tips that will help you reduce your Toyota insurance premium like a pro.

  1. Enhance the safety feature of your car by adding a certified anti-theft device. This may get you an additional discount on the Toyota car insurance premium.

  2. Complete the Toyota insurance renewal in time to continue getting the benefits of a car insurance policy and avoid any violation of the law.

  3. If possible opt for a voluntary deductible. By doing so you promise the insurance company that you will bear a part of the claim amount.

  4. Become a member of a reputed Automobile Association of India to get extra discounts.

  5. Buy only relevant add-ons and not the ones that do not add value to your car insurance plan.

  6. Always compare car insurance plans before buying the plan to get the best available policy in the market.

Frequently Asked Questions
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Below are some of the most commonly asked questions related to Toyota car insurance.



How can I buy Toyota car insurance on ACKO?

Visit the website or smartphone application and enter your vehicle and previous policy details. Choose your insurance plan and add-ons and make the payment online. Your policy will be instantly sent to your registered email address.

How much time does it take to renew car insurance online on ACKO?

It takes only 2-3 minutes to renew your car insurance policy online on ACKO. Log in to your account, choose the insurance plan and add-ons (if any) and complete the payment online. That’s it. Your policy renewal is complete.

How can I get a No Claim Bonus discount while renewing Toyota car insurance?

If you have made zero claims during the previous policy period, ACKO will automatically apply the No Claim Bonus (NCB) discount on the premium during the renewal process. The discount depends on how many claim-free years you have. The discount goes up to 50% for five consecutive claim-free years.

Do I need to upload any documents while filing a claim on ACKO?

No. Typically, you need not upload any documents while filing a car insurance claim on ACKO. You just need to upload the photographs of the damaged vehicle. But in special cases such as theft, you may have to upload necessary documents to process the claim.

Is third-party car insurance sufficient for my Toyota car?

A third-party car insurance may not provide adequate coverage for your vehicle as it only covers third-party losses. Consider purchasing a Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy for all-around coverage, including third-party and Own Damage cover.

Car Insurance for Other Toyota Car Models/Variants
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Below are the car insurance plans for Toyota car models.

Toyota to invest Rs. 4,800 crore to manufacture electric vehicle parts in India


- 08 May 2022

Japanese automobile manufacturer, Toyota Group, plans to invest Rs. 4,800 crore ($48 billion) to manufacture electric vehicle parts in India. With this initiative, the company is looking towards carbon neutrality by 2050. A memorandum of understanding was signed by the company’s Indian subsidiaries, Toyota Kirloskar Motor and Toyota Auto Parts, in Karnataka to invest Rs. 41 billion. The balance investment shall come from Toyota Industries Engine India. Through this initiative, the company is looking to contribute towards direct employment by generating around 3,500 jobs. Toyota would be moving towards a new era of electrified powertrain parts and the production would start in the near future.

Toyota to hike prices of its vehicle from January 2022


- 16 December 2021

Japanese carmaker Toyota said it will increase the prices of its vehicles from January 2022. The carmaker cited rising input costs as the reason behind the hike in its car prices. However, it was short of announcing the actual quantum of the price hike. Toyota’s India vehicle portfolio consists of six models including the popular Toyota Innova Crysta, and other models such as Toyota Fortuner, Toyota Glanza, Toyota Urban Cruiser, Toyota Camry, and Toyota Vellfire. Other carmakers such as Maruti Suzuki and Audi announced their vehicle will receive a price from the start of the new year.