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Toyota Urban Cruiser Car Insurance

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Toyota Urban Cruiser Car Insurance

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The Urban Cruiser is an SUV from Toyota created for a commanding presence on the road. The design and functions of this car align with the needs of a modern-age driver. But to enjoy driving this SUV on Indian roads, you should purchase vehicle insurance. You can easily buy or renew motor insurance online for your vehicle these days. This article will help you understand how to find the Toyota Urban Cruiser insurance price and features to purchase a policy online.

Benefits of buying online car insurance for Toyota Urban Cruiser
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You should buy Toyota Urban Cruiser insurance online for the following benefits.

Compare insurance
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When you want to purchase a Toyota Urban Cruiser insurance policy, a thorough comparison is essential. The online platform enables you with the ability to compare important policy features, services, prices and other factors. This way, you get to choose a relevant policy for your car.

Instant service access
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The Toyota Urban Cruiser car insurance and associated services are available 24x7 nowadays, thanks to the online platform. Whether you want to renew/buy a policy or wish to raise a claim, all services can be performed online at any time at your convenience.

Fast procedures
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Online policy buying is an instant process that requires only a few essential car-related information along with previous policy details (if applicable). Hence, no need to worry about scheduling immediate pre-inspection of your vehicle. Similarly, you can submit a claim using simple steps to initiate the settlement process faster.

Types of car insurance plans for Toyota Urban Cruiser
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You can choose between two types of Urban Cruiser insurance policies.

Third-party Liability Policy
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The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 mandates the Third-party Car Insurance Policy for every motor vehicle. It is illegal to drive a vehicle without this type of policy. The coverage includes third-party injury/death and property damages. However, you can’t obtain coverage for your insured Urban Cruiser with this policy. It does not cover when your car gets stolen, damaged or lost.

Comprehensive Insurance Policy
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With a Comprehensive Insurance Policy, you obtain dual coverage. It provides third-party liability cover as well as Own Damage or OD cover for the car. Thus, you get to financially protect yourself in case your car gets damaged due to natural disasters, man-made calamities, accidents, theft, explosion, fire, etc. At the same time, you can purchase add-ons with little adjustments to Urban Cruiser car insurance price.

Important: When you purchase an insurance policy, you must also buy a Personal Accident cover separately. It is mandatory coverage for vehicle owners by law for financial protection against temporary or permanent injuries or death in an accident.

What’s covered in Urban Cruiser car insurance? (Inclusions)
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With Toyota Urban Cruiser insurance, you get coverage in the below-mentioned situations. 

What’s not covered in Urban Cruiser car insurance? (Exclusions)
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You can’t expect coverage from your Toyota Urban Cruiser insurance in the situations mentioned below.

Add-ons for Toyota Urban Cruiser insurance
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You can make adjustments to the Toyota Urban Cruiser insurance cost to purchase car insurance add-ons to extend the policy coverage.

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ACKO simplifies the process of buying/renewing Toyota Urban Cruiser insurance with the following advantages.

Go Paperless

Zero documentation
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There is no physical paperwork involved in the process of purchasing insurance at ACKO. From buying to renewing a policy for your vehicle, you only need to provide vehicle details online and previous policy details (if available).

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Budget premiums
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The cost of purchasing a policy at ACKO is budget-friendly. The 100% digital infrastructure reduces the operating costs, while the direct-to-customer approach saves from agent commissions. Hence, you get a low-cost car insurance quote.

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Swift claims
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Whenever you want to raise a claim for your policy, it is an instant process via the mobile app or website of ACKO. Once raised, the claims are managed by a dedicated team to provide quick settlement based on how complex the damages are.

ACKO’s claim process
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These three simple steps are all you need to raise your Urban Cruiser insurance claims. 

Once raised, the claim settlement for minor claims usually takes a couple of hours only. However, the support team may take longer to settle a car insurance claim if the damages to your car are severe.

Frequently asked questions
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Let’s find answers to some of the common Urban Cruiser insurance questions.


What documents do I need to purchase Toyota Urban Cruiser insurance from ACKO?

The process of buying Urban Cruiser insurance from ACKO is completely paperless. Thus, you don’t need any physical documents to purchase a policy. All you need to do is provide your vehicle details online and enter information related to your previous policy (if available).

What is the process of online car insurance renewal at ACKO for Urban Cruiser?

Urban Cruiser car insurance renewal process involves a few online steps at ACKO. It is similar to buying new insurance. You can use the mobile app or website of ACKO to renew car insurance online by entering your vehicle details along with previous insurance information to purchase a policy right away. 

Does a second-hand Urban Cruiser require insurance as well?

Yes, you must purchase a policy even if your Urban Cruiser is second-hand. The government has mandated Third-party Insurance for all motor vehicles (brand new as well as second-hand). Plus, you can better protect your used Urban Cruiser financially with a Comprehensive Policy, which includes Own Damage cover and Third-party Liability cover as well.

How much will I have to spend to buy Urban Cruiser insurance? 

The Toyota Urban Cruiser cost will depend on the condition of your vehicle, type of insurance, add-ons and other factors. Thus, you should visit ACKO’s digital platform to obtain an exact Toyota Urban Cruiser insurance quote in order to buy car insurance.

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