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How to Expect Better Productivity by Managing Engagement and Employees' Health?

Team AckoNov 4, 2022

If pandemic has changed one thing for good - it has reimagined the way corporates look at employee engagement and wellness programs. Many companies have increasingly realized the need to incorporate employee wellness programs to boost productivity and employee engagement. And with Covid-19 compelling people to work from home, keeping employees engaged and motivated can be challenging.

Unengaged and unhappy employees negatively impact productivity, growth, and the bottom line number. With remote working becoming more popular, employees may feel less engaged and connected. This leads to isolation and, in turn, jeopardizes your company’s productivity.

On the other hand, engaged and healthy employees show up to work with more enthusiasm and energy and are less vulnerable to stress, a significant driver of poor health.

This story will guide you on keeping your employees healthy and connected with the organization’s goals and vision to improve their performance.

How to Manage Employee’s Health for Better Productivity?



How to Manage Employee’s Health for Better Productivity?

Provide Guidance on Stress Management

Work-related stress can be a driving factor for low performance. It not only influences what a person does during working hours, but also negatively impacts his/her personal life. It can deteriorate your employee's health and affect heart rate, blood pressure, immune system, digestive tract, etc.

As per the Behavioral Science and Policy Association study, stress related to job insecurity increases the probability of poor health by about 50%.

Many companies are implementing policies to reduce such healthcare costs by helping employees identify and manage stress by using professional help. Invite a health specialist to guide how to manage stress or help others deal with it.

One company pioneering stress management for employees is Google. While the company offers many perks of working there, they realized quickly that the benefits are not enough to deal with pandemic stress.

During the pandemic, it offered classes such as Meditation 101, Search Inside Yourself, and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction to its employees. It also created an in-person and virtual community gPause to encourage meditation and help people combat stress.

Make Them Feel Valuable

Low engagement negatively affects absenteeism, retention, and credibility. According to a Gallup study conducted in 2018, employee engagement directly affects the productivity of an employee.

Suppose a company devises effective engagement strategies and increases the number of engaged employees. In that case, profit also increases by around 21% compared to a company with fewer engaged employees. Other studies suggest that an engaged workforce can generate 4 times more profit with an effective employee.

To boost engagement, one way is to form a 2-way communication with the workforce effectively. They will become the brand ambassadors if they genuinely believe in the company's vision. Conducting regular one-on-one/virtual meetings and team calls makes them feel an important part of the organization. One can also use communication and collaboration tools like Trello, Slack, and Google Hangouts to motivate group collaboration.

App development agency Appster introduced a 'weekly vent report'. It is an online board where employees can post their complaints, suggestions, and concerns anonymously and publicly. Each month these issues are addressed openly. This helped employees vent out their stress and complaints and improved focus and performance. 

Encourage Health and Wellness Within Your Organization

Companies are taking notice of health concerns and are getting more creative to manage employee’s health better.

Some tips to improve your employee’s health could be:

  • Encouraging the consumption of vitamin D3, especially when working from home with less exposure to sunlight.

  • Taking out time for meditation.

  • Suggesting that yoga does not require you to attain tangled positions. It can begin with simple postures and 15 minutes of your time. 

  • Basic stretches can promote blood circulation. Suggest a quick 5-minute stretching session after a long meeting maybe.

  • Organising fitness challenges/competitions to encourage employees to focus on fitness.

Consider incentivizing employees that achieve a milestone with points, vouchers, credit systems, etc. Rewards will help them be on track with such tips and health plans.

Many organizations such as Google, Facebook, etc., provide a full-fledged gymnasium or a club membership where employees can exercise or engage in their favorite sport.

How Can a Health Platform Help Improve Productivity?

Health platforms provide a one-stop solution for all your employee's health care needs.

Here are a few benefits of using a technologically-enabled holistic healthcare platform:

  • They help a person track and monitor health and related factors with a single click. 

  • With the advent of digitization, technology-enabled health platforms can help your employees schedule virtual appointments with specialists and doctors with a single tap. Considering the ease and speed, your employees can solve health issues before they get too severe. 

  • The user can sync their fitness devices and keep a lookout for red flags like a fluctuating blood pressure graph, glucose levels, fatigue, etc. When an employee is aware of such changes, he/she can seek timely help.

A robust and easy-to-use health platform coupled with an all-inclusive group insurance scheme can help you and your organization gain trust, improve productivity and reduce healthcare costs.

ACKO Health, a group health insurance plan offered by ACKO, provides a perfect blend of comprehensive insurance coverage and holistic wellness benefits. It helps your employees monitor their health and seek quality help on any medical issue.

With ACKO Health, your employees can address all their health care needs in one place.

Here is how you can envision increasing productivity at work with ACKO’s group insurance policy:

  • Build trust and loyalty among your employees by offering a comprehensive health care platform that offers much more than insurance for employees. ACKO Health takes care of your employee's overall well-being. Here, they can track their daily activities, monitor progress, book virtual appointments and take proactive steps to stay healthy. 

  • Reduce healthcare costs with high productivity and engagement rates.

  • Completely paperless and flexible payment schedule for the company.

  • Useful add-ons and opt-ins for a customized plan.

The connection between employee engagement, health, and workforce productivity determines how successfully a company runs the business. Create pathways for employees that lead to better health and benefit the company through improved quality of work.

Disclaimer: The content on this page is generic and shared only for informational and explanatory purposes. It is based on industry experience and several secondary sources on the internet; and is subject to changes. Please go through the applicable policy wordings for updated ACKO-centric content and before making any insurance-related decisions.

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