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All You Need to Know About Birth Certificates in India

TeamAckoJan 5, 2024

Birth certificates are one of many important documents that a citizen may have. In India, a Birth Certificate provides particulars about a person's name, the names of their mother and father, date of birth, and place of birth. 

Birth certificates in India are given to citizens, upon application, from municipal authorities, city corporation offices, and/or registrar offices. A Birth Certificate in India provides proof of identity, age, and Indian citizenship. According to the Registration of Births and Deaths Act, 1969, births must be registered no later than 21 days. After 21 days, a relevant fine is levied for late applications and registration.




The government of India has streamlined the birth registration and birth certificate in India application. You can visit the birth and death registration page at

In this article, we explore the Birth Certificate in India, how to apply for it, and how to look it up online. 


Why A Birth Certificate Is Important in India

A Birth Certificate in India is an essential document. The birth certificate is a verified and official document recording an individual's birth and particulars. Birth certificates act as a proof of identity, age, and Indian Citizenship. 

Indian citizens use Birth Certificates in India when applying for other documents such as driving licences, AADHAR cards, passports, and more. An Indian birth certificate is required when applying for schools and colleges, and claiming property as well.

Proof Of Identity 

One of the key roles of a birth certificate is to establish proof of identity. Since the birth certificate in India includes a permanent residence address, along with the person's name and date of birth, it is used as proof of identity when obtaining certain government services and applying for other documents. 

Proof Of Indian Citizenship 

A Birth Certificate in India is proof of citizenship. After the citizenship legislation a few years ago, many Indian citizens rushed to apply for their birth certificates even though they were adults. Some people may not have had relatives or adults to register their birth and establish their Indian Citizenship. 

How To Obtain A Birth Certificate in India

You, or your child, can get a birth certificate by registering the birth. Adults can also get birth certificates upon paying a nominal fee! Once the birth is registered, you can apply for the Birth Certificate in India and access it online at any time. 

Registering A Birth

The first step to receiving a Birth Certificate in India is to register the birth. Usually, births are registered within 21 days, post which a late fee is levied. After COVID-19, many states waived the late fee because of hassles and delays with registrations during the pandemic. 

Documents Needed To Register A Birth in India

For registering a births in India, you will need several documents on hand, which include: 

  • birth certificate from the hospital

  • statement of birth from hospital or place where baby was born 

  • parents' marriage certificate

  • parents' identification documents

    • AADHAR 

    • Birth Certificate 

Please note that although these may be the basic set of documents required for most birth certificates in India, individual states or territories will have varying requirements. Be sure to check with your panchayat, municipality, or corporation office for more details about the document required.

Applying For A Birth Certificate

You can apply for a birth certificate in India either online or offline, by going to your local Registrar's office in person. 


  1. Visit the national Birth and Death Registration website at

  2. Print the application, fill it up, and pass on to your local Registrar's office. You will need to furnish all relevant documents to the Registrar's office along with the application form.

  3. Once received, the Registrar's office will send you a confirmation email with the current status of your Birth Certificate in India application. 

  4. After receiving the confirmation email, enter the Application Reference Number on the above mentioned website to look up the current status.

  5. When you successfully complete the procedures above, you will receive your official Birth Certificate in India at your doorstep. 

Offline In Person 

  1. Visit your local corporation office, or office of the authorities that govern the locality you were born in.

  2. When you go in-person to the local governing body office, they will issue a birth certificate for you for a small fee

  3. Furnish the particulars of the birth to the registrar or official at the governing office. Information they may ask for can include your date of birth, and where you were born.

  4. Go prepared to the registrar or governing office with all the required documents for your birth certificate such as your AADHAAR card, proof of qualification, and an address proof

  5. After you pay the registration fee, the registrar or governing official will issue you your birth certificate, provided the verification process is successful

Name Inclusion on Birth Certificate

You can apply for and receive a birth certificate for your child even if they don't have a name yet! Once you name your child, you can add their name to their birth certificate with the handy Name Inclusion service. This service is available online and offline at the Registrar's office. 


If you're registering the birth post 30 days but within 1 year, you can obtain the permission of the Registrar's office. You will need to pay a small fee and attach an authorised affidavit stating that you have the permission to register late.

Birth Certificate Fees 

If a birth is not registered within 21 days, the same falls under the Delayed Registration provision. You can apply for this by paying a small fee. The concerned registration authority can enter the name within 12 months without any fees.

Although birth certificate application fees vary by state and territory, the registration fee is Rs. 20 for a birth certificate. You may have to pay additional late fee charges if you apply for the Birth certificate in India after 21 days of your child's birth.

To sum up, it is imperative that all Indian citizens have a birth certificate in India. If you're an adult without a birth certificate, follow our handy guide to apply for yours as soon as possible. It's never too late - and the Indian government provides an easy way to apply for and obtain a birth certificate! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below are some of the frequently asked questions about Birth Certificates in India


I haven't named my child, can I still get them a birth certificate? 

You can get a birth certificate for your child even if they don't have a name yet! There is a name inclusion provision on Birth certificates where you can add on the name later on. 

When will I get a birth certificate in India after applying for it?

Your birth certificate typically arrives at your address within 7 working days. 

When should I apply for a birth certificate?

Ideally, you have to apply for a birth certificate in India within 21 days of the birth. Register at your local municipal corporation (MC) or SDM office, or online.

Can I apply for a birth certificate later, after 21 days? 

You may apply later, either offline or online. However, you will need to pay a nominal fee if it crosses 21 days. 

Disclaimer: The content on this page is generic and shared only for informational and explanatory purposes. It is based on several secondary sources on the internet, and is subject to changes.


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