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How to Apply for Birth Certificate Online in India: Your Guide to Birth Certificate Online Apply

TeamAckoJan 18, 2024

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, the birth certificate might appear outdated, but its significance remains unmatched as the core of one's lawful identity. Beyond its physical nature, this document holds the access code to essential rights and prospects across one's lifetime.

The birth certificate transcends being a mere birth record; it's the legal bedrock of one's being. This critical paper establishes citizenship and supplies indisputable verification of identity. It's the initial stride toward gaining privileges like educational enrollment, driver's licence, voting rights, and social services access. A document resonating through every life phase, functioning as a citizenship pass and enabling societal engagement.

Recent times have witnessed tech innovations streamlining birth certificate application, heightening accessibility. Digital platforms and online submissions erase geographical confines and curtail waiting durations, guaranteeing universal availability. Explore how to apply for a birth certificate online below. 




Why And When You Need a Birth Certificate?

Every Indian person must ideally have a copy of their birth certificate at all times as a practice. Your birth certificate is a certified proof of identity and serves to not only cement your status as a legal resident but also can be used when applying to various services in India. Moreover, the birth certificate will be made mandatory in order to apply for jobs, driving licence, passport, voting right, the Government announced recently.

Exploring the Various Uses and Applications of Birth Certificates

Birth certificates serve as versatile and invaluable documents with a multitude of applications. They are pivotal for securing admission into schools, providing a concrete proof of age for employment opportunities, and establishing age verification during marriage. 

Moreover, birth certificates play a critical role in confirming parentage, enabling enrollment in electoral rolls by establishing one's age, and facilitating insurance procedures. These certificates are not only crucial for individual purposes but also hold significance at a national level, as they are required for registration in the National Population Register (NPR). 

In essence, physical birth certificates and birth certificates online are a foundational piece of documentation that resonates through various life stages, from education and employment to legal recognition and societal engagement. 

Why Is It Important To Register Births?

Birth registration is a mandatory requirement in India, but challenges have led to inadequate compliance with timely registration. When a birth goes unregistered, it falls under the category of an unregistered birth, a predicament faced by numerous NRIs and citizens seeking proof of birth in the form of a birth certificate.

The significance of a birth certificate becomes evident in these cases. It serves as crucial documentation for hundreds of NRIs and citizens seeking official proof of their birth. To ensure accurate registration, parents are urged to complete their child's birth registration within 21 days of their birth. Notably, this service comes free of charge during this initial period, but a late fee applies beyond the stipulated time frame.

Unregistered births pose multifaceted challenges, impacting individuals' entitlement to rights and services. The journey to obtain a birth certificate is more than just paperwork; it symbolises the restoration of rightful identity, ensuring individuals' rightful place in society.

Essential Documentation Required For Applying For A Birth Certificate in India

When starting on the process of obtaining a birth certificate in India, ensuring the availability of the right documents is paramount. These documents verify your identity and the specifics of your birth, playing a pivotal role in the application process. Below is a comprehensive list of documents that are accepted for birth certificate applications:

Documents Required For A Birth Certificate Application

Documents such as a Voter ID Card, PAN Card, Passport (both expired and current), Aadhaar Card, Driver's License, and others serve as proof of your identity and age.

  • Hospital Records/Papers

    • Documents signed by the attending doctor and bearing the names of both parents and the child are a cornerstone for birth certificate applications.

  • Educational Records

    • School-related documents such as a School Leaving Certificate, Mark Sheet, Matriculation Certificate, Degree Certificate, or 10th/12th Class Certificate provide vital information about your birth and parentage.

  • State or Census Records

    • Documents like a ration card from state or federal census records can help establish your identity and familial ties.

  • Church Records

    • A church record with an official seal, issued at the time of your baptism, can provide details about your birth, parent's names, and the place of birth.

  • Adoption Decree

    • In cases of adoption, presenting the adoption decree is crucial for birth certificate applications.

Gathering these documents meticulously ensures a smoother birth certificate application process, substantiating your identity and birth details to the authorities.

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Apply for Birth Certificate Both Online and Offline.

Offline, In-person 

For those seeking to obtain a birth certificate in India through offline channels, a step-by-step journey awaits, starting from your local registration office. 

Here's a comprehensive guide to the offline application process for new births:

  1. Locate Your Nearest Registration Office

    • Begin your journey by identifying the birth/death registration office nearest to your location. Whether in your state or city, these offices are your initial point of contact.

  2. Hospital Births

    • In cases where the birth occurs in a hospital, the Medical Officer in-charge will provide you with a discharge card and a letter. These documents will set the foundation for the birth certificate application.

  3. Visit the Municipal Corporation or Panchayat

    • Head to your local Municipal Corporation or Panchayat office to obtain the birth certificate application form. This form is your gateway to initiating the official process.

  4. Complete the Form Within 21 Days

    • Timeliness is crucial. Ensure you complete the birth certificate form within 21 days of the child's birth. Should there be a delay, be prepared for potential police verification.

  5. Verification and Processing

    • Once you've submitted the form and relevant documents, the Municipal Authority will carry out a meticulous verification process. If all the details align, the birth certificate will be processed.

  6. Issuance and Delivery

    • If everything falls into place, your birth certificate will be issued and dispatched to your provided address within a span of 7-15 days.

Delayed Registration Provision

In the event that a birth goes unreported for registration within the stipulated 21 days, don't worry. The Delayed Registration provisions are in place. However, a prescribed fee will be applicable.

Name Inclusion Flexibility

It's worth noting that a birth certificate can be obtained without specifying the child's name initially. Within the following 12 months, the concerned registration authority can add the child's name without incurring any additional charges.

By following these steps, you can efficiently navigate the offline birth certificate application process in India, securing official documentation for your child's identity and ensuring their place within the system.

How to Apply for Birth Certificate Online within 21 Days of Birth.

Numerous state governments in India offer dedicated websites for birth registration and certificate download. It's crucial to initiate the birth certificate online application process within 21 days of the baby's birth date. The issuance of birth certificates falls under the purview of the Registrar Office, accessible for collection at the nearest Registrar's office or available for download.

Procedure to Apply for Birth Certificate Online for Non-Hospital Births.

  • Step 1: Register and Log In: Initiate the process by registering and logging in on the Birth and Death Registration website, accessible at

  • Step 2: Acquire the Application Form: Obtain the birth certificate registration form either through the website's download option or by requesting it from the registrar's office. For hospital births, the medical officer-in-charge usually supplies the form.

  • Step 3: Provide Complete Information: Ensure meticulous completion of the registration form with precise particulars within 21 days from the child's birth date.

  • Step 4: Submission to the Registrar: Personally submit the duly completed form to the relevant Registrar. It's essential to present the application in person; do not send it via post. The Registrar's address can be found at the bottom of the form. Remember to carry all necessary documents.

  • Step 5: Confirmation and Receipt: An email confirmation will be sent to the provided address once you've submitted the application Additionally, the registrar will notify you via email upon receiving the application.

Certificate Issuance

The birth certificate is granted after the registrar validates crucial birth details such as birth date, time, location, parental identification proof, nursing home details, and other pertinent information.

By following these steps, you can efficiently navigate the process of obtaining a birth certificate online in India, ensuring your official recognition and access to various rights and services.

How to Get a Birth Certificate In India If Not Initially Registered

In the intricate landscape of legal documentation, the absence of a registered birth can pose challenges, leaving individuals seeking their rightful proof of existence. If your birth was not promptly registered or if you have lost your birth certificate, worry not – the path to rectify this lies ahead. Here's the process to follow to apply for a birth certificate under these circumstances:

1. Visit the Relevant Office

  • Head to the nearest Municipal Corporation (MC) or Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM) office, where birth certificates are issued.

2. Application Submission

  • File an application for the birth certificate with the MC registrar. Ensure you have all supporting documents on hand to establish your birth details.

3. Non-Availability of Birth Certificate (NABC)

  • In scenarios where the birth was not registered immediately, an affidavit and Form-10 for Non-Availability of Birth Certificate (NABC) are required. The affidavit must be drafted only by a parent or a close relative, not by the applicant/beneficiary

  • This sworn statement should include:

  • Affiant’s full name

  • Affiant’s full address

  • Beneficiary’s date and Place of Birth

  • Relationship with the Beneficiary

  • Comprehensive Details Regarding the Beneficiary's Birth and Relationship

4. Document Validation

  • Present valid supporting documents that serve as proof of your birth. This could include hospital records, church certificates, school records, or any other official documentation that confirms your birth details.

5. Pay Late Fee

  • A late fee is typically applicable in these cases. Once you've completed the application and submitted the required documents, pay the designated late fee and obtain a receipt as proof of payment.

6. Await Processing

  • Depending on the specific office and procedures, you can expect to receive your birth certificate within a week or as indicated during the application process.

In conclusion, rectifying unregistered births or lost birth certificates demands adherence to specific procedures. With careful attention and the necessary documents in hand, the process of acquiring a birth certificate becomes manageable, securing your rightful position within the realm of official documentation.

Frequently asked questions

Below are some of the frequently asked questions on How to Apply for Birth Certificate Online in India


Why is a Birth Certificate Necessary?

A birth certificate is crucial for legal identification and accessing various rights and services.

Is Birth Certificate Registration Mandatory?

Yes, India's Civil Registration System (CRS) enforces mandatory birth registration under the Registration of Births and Deaths Act, 1969 (RBD Act).

How Soon Should I Apply For A Birth Certificate Post My Baby’s Birth? 

You should apply within 21 days of birth at the nearby municipal corporation (MC) or SDM office, or even online.

Can I Apply Later if My Birth Wasn't Registered Immediately?

Yes, offline and online applications are possible even if there was a delay.

What Documents Are Required for Birth Certificate Application?

Essential documents include hospital records, school records, and parental identification.

Can Someone Apply on My Behalf?

You, your parents, or authorised representatives can apply in person.

Is There an Application Fee?

Online applications incur a Rs. 20 fee; offline fees vary by panchayat.

Can I Get a Birth Certificate if Born at Home?

Yes, home births can be registered with local authorities for obtaining birth certificates.

How To Apply For A Birth Certificate Abroad?

For children born to Indian parents abroad, register the birth at the nearest Indian Embassy/Consulate, and apply for an Indian passport simultaneously or subsequently.

Disclaimer: The content on this page is generic and shared only for informational and explanatory purposes. It is based on several secondary sources on the internet, and is subject to changes.


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