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Health Insurance for Senior Citizens Above 60 Years

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Ageing makes you prone to injuries and health conditions which may not arise in your younger age. However, in your 60s, such healthcare conditions require constant medical attention to stay fit and healthy. 

Since these conditions require regular medical treatment and medications, they can get expensive and drain you financially. As medical expenses are rising due to inflation, the requirement for health insurance for senior citizens above 60 years is a must. This blog will cover the requirement for health insurance for 60-year-olds, factors to consider when buying it and more. 

Why you need Health Insurance at 60?
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As individuals grow older, their healthcare needs may also increase.. Senior citizens are more susceptible to chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, arthritis, or heart disease. These diseases affect their health and drain them financially during the treatment process. Moreover, the rising cost of medical treatments due to inflation affects an individual’s finances when opting for such expensive treatments. 

Therefore, choosing comprehensive health insurance coverage enables you to receive the best treatment without worrying about expenses. In such situations, ACKO is the perfect choice as it offers comprehensive health insurance coverage for senior citizens above 60 years. 

Furthermore, the affordable premium of ACKO’s insurance plans enables you to combat medical inflation and receive quality treatment in top-quality hospitals. It also offers tax benefits under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961, to policyholders for the premium amount they pay. 

Is Buying Health Insurance in Your 60s Helpful?
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When individuals are in their 60s, their health is not at its peak and starts deteriorating over the period. In addition, the rise of medical expenses due to inflation makes it difficult to manage the finances and get proper treatment. It is when health insurance for senior citizens comes to the rescue as it offers financial assistance to reduce the burden and get top-notch treatment. You can also opt for a family health insurance policy, as it offers coverage for your entire family under one plan. 

Health Insurance Costs for 60-year-olds: How much to cover yourself and family?
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During unforeseen medical emergencies, if you have health insurance, it will protect you financially. You can take advantage of health insurance by paying the premium at regular intervals or looking for plans with lifetime renewability. In addition, when you claim insurance, the insurance company will offer coverage of the maximum sum insured limit. 

Nevertheless, if you have enormous medical expenses, you must opt for health insurance with high coverage. It offers coverage for expensive medical treatments and ensures you do not pay anything from your pocket. Such plans are more integrated and detailed than regular insurance policies, acting as a financial shield during medical emergencies.  The cost of your health insurance plan would depend upon factors like your age, location, medical history, pre-existing diseases, etc. You can input these details in a health insurance premium calculator and get the approximate cost.

Key Factors to Consider While Getting a Health Insurance Scheme
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Here are some factors you must consider when buying health insurance for senior citizens above 60 years old:


Know the Health Requirements
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When you opt for health insurance for senior citizens, you must understand the health insurance requirements of such individuals. You must take into consideration the medical history and existing diseases to choose a plan that aligns with the health requirements.


Choose Comprehensive Coverage
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When choosing health insurance for 60 years, you must go for a plan with comprehensive coverage. It will enable you to take advantage of all aspects and give you peace of mind, ensuring you do not worry during medical emergencies. 


Consider Premiums and Deductibles
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When selecting a health insurance policy, you must consider the premiums and deductibles according to your health requirements and budget. It helps you choose the best policy that aligns with your expectations from the policy so you do not face issues during medical emergencies. 


Look Out for Age-related Restrictions
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It is crucial to look out for age-related restrictions when you choose health insurance plans for senior citizens, as certain policies have age-related restrictions for senior citizens. Hence, it is essential to read the policy’s terms and conditions to understand the limitations which may appear with age. 


Check the Waiting Periods
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Usually, health insurance has waiting periods for specific treatments and illnesses. Hence, it becomes crucial for you to read the policy’s terms and conditions to understand the waiting periods and avoid issues when claiming insurance. For instance, the ACKO Platinum Health Plan does not have waiting periods. 

What Benefits Do I Get for Choosing ACKO?
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When it comes to choosing the best health insurance policy for senior citizens above 60 years, ACKO is a great choice. You can select from ACKO’s three insurance policies according to your health requirements and budget:

ACKO Standard Health Plan
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It offers 100% coverage of medical bills and charges zero co-payment fees, ensuring you do not have to pay anything from your pockets. In addition, the plan also offers full room rent irrespective of the room type, making it one of the best insurance plans for senior citizens than other policies available in the market. 

ACKO Platinum Health Plan
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It offers options like Rs. 1 cr and Unlimited sum insured with cashless hospitalisations in more than 14,300 hospitals to policyholders in India. Furthermore, the plan charges zero fees on non-medical expenses. It comes pre-bundled with add-ons like Room Rent Waiver and Doctor-on-call. You can also enjoy the benefits of a Zero Waiting Period when you opt for the ACKO Platinum Health Plan. 

ACKO Platinum Super Top-up Health Plan
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The plan comprises all the features of the ACKO Platinum Health Plan and offers extra benefits when you exhaust your existing insurance plan. ACKO Platinum Super Top-up Health Plan is beneficial for you as it gives you an extra sum insured even if you exceed the existing plan’s claim limit. However, this plan will be effective after a set deductible. 

Why is Raising Claims Easier With ACKO Policies?
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ACKO is one of the most convenient insurance providers in terms of health insurance, as you can seamlessly buy, renew, or claim without hassles. Thus, the app acts as a one-stop-solution to not only your health insurance claims but it also offers other related services.

Wrapping It Up!
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If you or your parents are in their 60s, you must get health insurance as early as possible. Health insurance for senior citizens above 60 years gives you financial assistance and ensures you get the best quality treatment during medical emergencies. In addition, it acts as a financial shield which helps you combat the rise of medical costs due to inflation and save funds for your future. 

So, if you are seeking health insurance for senior citizens, ACKO is the perfect option due to its affordable premium and zero deductions on claims!

Frequently asked questions(FAQs)
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The following are answers to commonly asked questions about health insurance for senior citizens above 60 years.


Which health insurance is the best for 60 years?

ACKO Platinum Health plan could be an ideal choice for people in their 60s.

What are the documents required to buy health insurance for 60 years?

Here is a list of documents you must submit when buying health insurance for 60 years:

Proof of age

Proof of identity 

Address proof

Medical test report

What is included in the health insurance for senior citizens?

ACKO includes the following in the health insurance policy for senior citizens:

Hospitalisation expenses

Pre and post-hospitalisation expenses

Daycare treatment 

Is it mandatory to provide income proof for purchasing senior citizen health insurance?

No, it is not mandatory to offer income proof for purchasing senior citizen health insurance in India. Nevertheless, you must consult with your insurance provider to know about the documents you must submit when purchasing senior citizen health insurance. 

Does senior citizen health insurance cost more than regular health insurance?

Yes, the premiums of senior citizen health insurance are more than regular health insurance. It is because the risk is higher, which raises the premium of senior citizens. In addition, the cost depends on medical history, existing illnesses and age.

Disclaimer: The plans, services, features, processes, and other details mentioned on this page are subject to availability and changes. Please check the applicable policy wordings before making any insurance-related decisions. Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] for any queries.