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Hospital bag checklist & diaper bag tips

Team AckoFeb 8, 2024

In the very last stages of the third trimester, it’s time to keep the hospital bag ready, both for yourself and your partner. Since the baby can be here anytime, we are more than sure you would be waiting to see your feet again. Can you imagine, your baby at present is similar to the size of a watermelon?



Well, very soon you will have the little one in your arms. But before that, some preps are essential!

Preparing the hospital bag before delivery

So, without further ado, here’s what you should be knowing and working on now!

Few things as the days come closer: 

  • You may find trouble in sleeping. It could be just plain anxiety or a few aches and pains. Don’t worry, try to sleep and take rest as much as you can. Tucking pillows between your knees and some under your tummy might help

  • You might be visiting the loo more frequently. It’s ok, few more days

  • You may find you're belly has become more stretched and feels itchy. Keep yourself well hydrated by drinking lots of water. Application of olive oil, heavy moisturizer will reduce the rash. Apply regularly

  • You might notice your feet and ankles swollen, try to keep your feet up as possible. Go for regular walks and move around to regulate the blood flow. If the swelling is too much, it’s better to visit your doctor

  • Have patience and relax. Few personal stuff just for yourself! 

  • Shopping - Yes! Now is the time to do some shopping for yourself and the baby. Check for products online. Then plan a day with your hubby and have fun shopping new products - stock up makeup, essentials, toiletries etc since it will be tough to go out at least for first few days once your baby is born

  • Get your wardrobe and the room organized, so there isn’t much running about once the baby comes home. It will save both time and energy and things will be neat in order

  • Call your friends home and enjoy with them

  • Keep your mind cool and avoid getting tensed. Read a book, spend time with your partner. Go to a movie or a special dinner with your friends. Enjoy as much as you can, since once the baby is with you, you need all the time in the world to attend to it

  • Check if you have known helpers who will assist you during the birth and later at home, for example, maalishwali bai

  • While you have time, read about breastfeeding. Understand different positions in which you can feed your baby. Buy the feeding gowns and bras

The prep time at home

If you have an elder kid, make arrangements and back up plans for childcare. Now would be the right time to keep your older child’s grandparents around so that they can take care of his school and food, while you get a little busy with the newborn in the house. 

  • Set your baby’s room. Keep it attractive, well organized and comfortable. Check for the cradle and the mattress on which your baby will be sleeping. The mattress should be firm and fit snugly in the cradle. Avoid soft, fluffy bedding, such as pillows, comforters 

  • Have a drawer stacked with all the baby items-diapers, to begin with, first-aid kit, etc. 

  • Have a list of phone numbers and email addresses of people so that your partner or caretaker can send the message of baby’s arrival

  • On the kitchen side, plan on what cooking can be done and stock your freezer with the items so it is easy later

Things to do:

Practical side at the hospital 

It’s always better to be prepared. During your doctor’s visit, have a detailed discussion about labor. Next, try and understand the logistics of the hospital-it terms of parking, entry for urgent labor, get info on the nurse or assistant doctor’s names. 

Hospital bag packing 

Things to pack in your hospital bag: Medical reports, dresses, slippers, socks (if the weather is cold), electronics- mobile phones, chargers, music (check with the hospital if you can use the same), massage oil, lotion, lip balm, hair band, napkins, wipes, book to read, extra pillows, cushions. Carry ATM cards, insurance papers, cash and small change, watch, shawl, stole or dupatta, and toiletries. 

And now for the baby: Have few sets of clothes that are suited to the season- innerwear, sweaters, socks, a cap, nappies, diaper sets, wet wipes, soft towel, tissues. 

The Diaper Bag: Baby and a diaper bag go hand in hand. Once your baby is born you need to carry the bag around for a few years. The below are few pointers that need to be followed while you pack your diaper bag for your baby. Ensure you have a bag with multiple compartments so you can keep your items organized and it becomes easy to find them when you need it. 

  • Of course, you need to pack diapers and you will need at least one for each hour, so do stock up few extra 

  • Wipes are a must in your bag, you could use it during diaper changes, or for your hands or any surface near the baby

  • You also need to keep a fragrance free Hand sanitizer for cleaning your hands in case there is no time to wash it

  • You also need to pack a hand towel or napkin

  • Yes! The important thing is you need to keep disposable bags for storing soiled diapers, and anything that might become dirty

  • You can also keep bottles for storing formula or expressed breast milk 

  • You need to keep a blanket, bib, burp cloth for your baby 

Grandma’s Tip: You can carry extra clothes for your baby in case there are some spills or spit out and the clothes might get soiled. In case you need to carry medicines or snacks in the same bag, do pack it properly. Enjoy your time in planning and relaxing with your loved ones.

Disclaimer: This content is for informational purposes only, based on industry experience and secondary sources. It is not a substitute for professional advice. Please consult a qualified expert for health or insurance-related decisions. Content is subject to change, refer to current policy wordings for specific ACKO details.



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