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Unique Baby Names - How to Choose the Perfect One?

Team AckoFeb 8, 2024

Your little baby is a precious soul and deserves only the best! Hence, the baby name that you choose for your little wonder must be special. It is obvious that as first-time parents, it can get quite tricky to decide on one unique baby name, but the process can be quite a fun thing with your partner, as you both together decide your little baby's name.



Choosing the unique baby name

Below are some pointers on what all you need to keep in your mind while choosing the perfect baby name -

Does the baby name go well with your surname?

Ideally, you should not choose a baby boy name or baby girl name that is too similar to your surname or rhymes with it. Your baby's first name should be something that can actually flow with your last name, instead of rhyming with it.

How does the shortened version of the baby name sound?

Let's face it! No matter what name you choose for your bundle of joy, when they grow up, their friends are always going to use the shortened version of their names. In fact, in many situations, you too might start calling your child with the shortened version of the name you chose. So, make sure you do like that version before finalizing it!

Most parents try to come up not so popular baby name. If you are also one of them, then the best thing to do would be to check if the names that you're considering are already too common or not. It's as simple as the fact that when you go to receive your child at school once he or she grows older, would it result in a lot of kids running to you from the school gate when you enunciate your child's name? The hypothetical situation will help you analyze what names to consider for your little one, with the motive that they are nowhere near the common names of people.

Is any unfortunate connotation attached with it that you're considering?

William Shakespeare might have said, ''What's there in a name?'' but truth is, a name is something with which a person is identified and known throughout their life. Hence, it is important for you to consider  names that don't have any negative or unfortunate connotations attached to them. For instance, a name, which might seem lovely to you, can have an association with an unfortunate incident or person from your family's life. So, it is essential for parents to come up with baby names that are free from all such kinds of baggage.

Will it suit your child as an adult?

Let us all agree that babies are super cute with their chubby looks, funny gestures, and so much more, that sometimes we come up with some of the cutest but funniest names for them. However, you must realize that your baby won't be a baby forever and would one day venture into adulthood, wherein a funny name can make his or her day-to-day life quite embarrassing. So, you and also parents must consider baby names that they are sure won't embarrass their kids when they become adults.

Will everyone be able to spell and pronounce your baby's name correctly?

While some names can sound extremely stylish, it becomes a nightmare for some people to spell and pronounce them rightly. When you make a list of baby boy names or baby girl names, make sure it is easy for people to understand its spelling and pronunciation without any ambiguity, else you and your child would always have to correct others when they wrongly pronounce your child's name or misspell it.

Will the baby name actually suit your baby?

It is true that many parents finalize their baby names even before they are born because let's agree, it is a beautiful feeling to name your little one from the moment you know he or she is residing inside your tummy! However, it would be actually more beautiful to wait for some weeks after your little one is born and then decide the baby name after you know what your little one is really like and how much the baby name will suit him or her.

Is the name you're considering astrologically all right?

If you're a firm believer in astrology or numerology, you must consider with an astrologer before finalizing a baby name. Most parents wait for astrologers to tell which letters the baby's initials must have, before selecting names. So, in case you too are a believer, you must follow similar guidelines.

Do you and your partner both love the name?

Last but not the least, it is important for both you and your partner to love the name that you finalize for your baby since you both are the closest persons in your baby's life.

If you have some confusion on what to name your baby or you are in a dilemma of what to choose from the list of baby names that you have considered, don't forget to post your query in the Discuss forum on the Parentlane App and let other moms from the parenting community help you find the best name for your little munchkin! 


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