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Shape Intelligence Using Dough

Team AckoFeb 8, 2024

At this stage, your little one will be super curious to touch and feel things around the house. You can now introduce the art of molding using Play Dough, since it is safe. Play dough is a favorite pastime for creative kids. The traditional Pictionary involves drawing the word and the word will be modelled using play dough. It gives a way to rekindle the hidden creativity in your kid.



    Requisites: A large lump of play dough, Paper, pen and scissors, Large bowl, Large table, Egg- timer or stop watch


    1. Write 25 words on a piece of paper clearly.

    2. Cut out each word individually, for your kiddo.

    3. Fold each paper and keep it aside in a bowl.

    4. Make a team, one is a modeler and other is the guesser.

    5. Let your kid become the modeler. Make your kid take a piece of paper so she tries to model the clue out using play dough. The modeler cannot speak.

    6. The guesser (you) gets only 60 seconds to answer the word from the playdough word clue.

    7. If the guesser is able to answer correctly, a point is awarded.

    8. This can again be played in a team.

    9. Each time you or your kiddo answers in a time span of 60 seconds you earn a point otherwise your turn goes to next team if any.

    10. When all the words are done, the team with most points wins the game.

    This activity is also a test of your kiddo’s concentration and patience. Give your kid a chance to learn every possible word she can from this activity, start with nouns and you will see the joy when your little one enjoys.

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