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Why Does Your Baby Sweat While Breastfeeding?

Team AckoFeb 9, 2024

Do you ever wonder why your baby breaks a sweat while breastfeeding? Have you come across it more than once? Do you wonder if it is an indication of some health issue? All these questions occur in your mind and make you curious especially if you are a new-mum. It can be very unsettling for you. You might have dismissed thinking that it is because of the warm weather. Your clueless thoughts will end after reading this blog. There are many reasons as to why your baby sweats while breastfeeding.



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Reasons your baby sweats while breastfeeding

It is common for babies to sweat while breastfeeding. But it is important to mention it to your pediatrician when you take her for a health check-up. The following are the reasons for your baby to sweat.

Mummy’s skin

While breastfeeding, you and your baby are in close contact, often skin-to-skin and it can make your baby feel warm. It increases your baby’s body heat. To help your baby regulate her temperature, the body stimulates the natural process of cooling by starting to sweat. It is a classic biology stunt. 

Her room is too hot

A warm environment obviously causes your baby to sweat. If you live in a hot and humid place, your baby is more likely to sweat while breastfeeding. That is why; make sure her room is of ambient temperature. She will get fussy while breastfeeding if it is too cold or too hot. It is always a good idea to keep the rooms well-ventilated. It will keep your baby comfortable and will also prevent any stuffiness in the room.

Too many clothes

You should never over-dress your baby. The old norm of layering her up with many clothes is not always applicable. Put on clothes as necessary. Too many layers of clothes in a hot surrounding will cause sweating. Avoid making her wear a cap while she is feeding, as keeping her head bare will help her body to remain cool. If it is cold and you are feeding her during winter months, you can dress up your little one in woolen clothes. 

Use cotton clothes

Cotton clothes are breathable and soft. It will make sure that your baby is comfortable. If you use polyester clothes, there will not be any air circulation. This is another reason why your baby will sweat. During breastfeeding, your baby is close to your skin making it warmer for her. Polyester clothes will only increase her sweating.

Sucking is your baby’s form of exercise

When we exercise and move our muscles, it is common for us to sweat. In the same way, sucking is an exercise to your baby’s jaws. This is a form of exercise for her which makes her sweat. You can let your baby take breaks before you complete breastfeeding.

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Why does your baby sweat while breastfeeding: Does it indicate a health issue?

While sweating when breastfeeding is normal, there might be some health issues associated with it. The most common health issues are pulmonary atresia and hyperthyroidism.  

Pulmonary atresia is a condition related to the pulmonary valve of the baby’s body. The pulmonary valve is an opening on the right side of the heart that helps regulate blood flow to the lungs. In the case of pulmonary atresia, the pulmonary valve does not form properly. As a result, the blood from the baby’s right ventricle cannot reach the lungs. It leads to a deficiency of oxygen in the body.

Excessive sweating may also indicate a condition related to the thyroid gland. This condition is called hyperthyroidism. Some babies can suffer from cyanosis or develop a bluish tint to their skin.

If your baby has a health issue that causes excessive sweating while breastfeeding, there will be more symptoms that you need to spot. Here are a few more symptoms you can watch out for:

• Your baby may have difficulty in breathing. She may breathe rapidly or slowly or even gasp.

• Additionally, your baby may always seem tired and lethargic or may fall asleep while feeding all the time.

• In some cases, your baby may not want to feed at all.

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Why does your baby sweat while breastfeeding: More tips to reduce baby sweating

Before you get panicked and fill your mind with all sorts of negative thoughts, there are a few tips to decrease your baby’s sweating. Try out these tips before you rush to a doctor.

• While you are breastfeeding, you and your baby will be in a tight embrace. Therefore, it is important that you take care of your clothing as well, as what you wear will also affect your baby. Make sure you dress in light cotton clothes in summer that will help keep both you and your baby cool. Make sure the material is soft on your baby’s skin. If you are feeding during winter months, check that your woollen garment does not touch your baby’s body directly, as it can cause skin irritation.

• Do not cover your baby’s head or face using a cloak while you are nursing her at home. Use a cotton nursing cloak while breastfeeding her in public.

• If your baby does seem uncomfortable, lightly blow air over her head to reduce any sweating.

• Try switching your baby’s position while breastfeeding her. Often, while you are nursing your little one, her head lies cradled in the same position for long. It causes one part of her face and head to heat up, leading to profuse sweating in that area. Make sure you change your baby’s position for some time while switching breasts.

If your baby is still sweating after taking all these necessary measures, you should consult the doctor immediately. Excessive sweating can be a symptom for some major health issue. Now that you know almost all possible reasons for why your baby is sweating while breastfeeding, there is nothing to panic about. 

Disclaimer: This content is for informational purposes only, based on industry experience and secondary sources. It is not a substitute for professional advice. Please consult a qualified expert for health or insurance-related decisions. Content is subject to change, refer to current policy wordings for specific ACKO details.



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