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11 DIY Hacks To Baby Proofing Your House

Team AckoFeb 8, 2024

Once your baby becomes a toddler and as he gets into the house exploring, it becomes very important to make sure he doesn’t end up hurting himself in the process. So while your baby feeds on his curiosity, as a concerned parent, you must make sure that the house is less of a minefield and more of a playfield, but that becomes difficult if you are on a set budget given raising a baby is a costly affair. Thus, we will try to make sure that you and your baby are having a good time exploring the house through these low cost, but effective, Do It Yourself baby-proofing hacks. 



DIY hacks to baby proofing your house

Here are some hacks to baby proofing your house:

Band-aid to the socket

If your baby loves poking fingers in electric sockets apply band-aids on the sockets to stop him from getting electrocuted at the same time you can use them whenever you want by removing the band-aid. 

Sock the knob 

If your baby can reach the knob of the door or cupboard your best bet is to put a sock on the knob to make sure your baby doesn’t bump his head on the knob while trying to pull it open. Even if he does hit his head on the knob, be assured he will not get hurt. Ensure to wrap the sock well on the knobs.

Band horizontal cabinet knob

Cabinets in the kitchen are the first thing that babies try to reach and explore, if so you can always tie bands around the two knobs of the cabinet and try to keep them shut effectively.

Tie the fridge together

Another thing that babies have a habit of fidgeting with is a fridge door. If your baby is fidgeting with a fridge door as well you can seal the door by putting two stick-on hooks on the door and the fridge, and tie them together using a band to avoid forced opening. 

Soften the edges

When babies start crawling they often end up bumping their heads on table edges. You can buy some foam pipes which are easily available at a local hardware store. Since these insulation foam pipes are cushion-like on the outside and sticky on the inside, you just need to cut them open and stick it to the edges of the table. This will ease the blow on the head and help the baby avoid getting hurt. 

Board the steps 

If your baby is always curious to try climbing up the stairs and you fear he will end up getting hurt, the most amazing yet easy DIY hack to avoid your baby getting hurt on the stairs is to take a big wooden cardboard put it between the railing and the two sides of the stairs and balance it. This will help you from getting your baby to try climbing up the stairs before he is ready to do it. 

Band the toilet paper

Some resources are rare, resources to make paper for example. To make sure your babies don’t waste the precious resources like toilet paper for fun you can always tie a band on the toilet paper which can be removed, use it and tie it back at will without increasing wastage. 

Sticky hooks the cords 

If you have wires and cords loose on the floor around the house it is best to stick them to the corners of the wall using plastic and pin. Tuck and trap these cords there so that your baby or you don’t end up tripping on them and getting seriously hurt. 

Keep it out of reach

The best way to avoid your kid from getting hurt is to keep sharp objects and otherwise things you know he will take or break or end up harming himself away from his reach so that he can avoid getting seriously injured.

Hanger the vertical handles

To avoid your kid from trying to open the cupboard with vertical handles you can always stick a hanger on the two handles, this makes it difficult for your kid to open cupboards and thus a perfect DIY hack to baby-proof your house. 

Stick to the drawers

One of the best DIY baby-proofing hacks for your house is to put a stick through all the handles of your drawers in one drawer table so that it becomes difficult for your kid to access these drawers and end up getting hurt.

These are just a few selected hacks that you can get started with, once you start using the things around the house you’ll get an idea about how to use your day to day things for the perfect DIY baby-proofing around the house at a low cost to make it a safer place for your kid to play and enjoy around the house without you worrying about a high budget. We hope your kid explores and learns a lot while he is around the house, safe while you glee with pleasure watching your baby grow up to be a magnificent person.

Disclaimer: This content is for informational purposes only, based on industry experience and secondary sources. It is not a substitute for professional advice. Please consult a qualified expert for health or insurance-related decisions. Content is subject to change, refer to current policy wordings for specific ACKO details.



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