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Parenting Myths And Realities: Are You Making A Mistake?

Team AckoFeb 8, 2024

As a parent, you always want to push your limits to give your tiny one everything she deserves and much more. While you are equipped with natural instincts to care for your baby, there is often an element of doubt. Are you doing the right thing or not? Along with the mother, a new baby has countless well-wishers like a grandmother, sister, aunty, neighborhood ladies who love to pitch in when it comes to parenting. As a new mom, you should know about the myths and realities. 



Be wary of myths and realities regarding parenting:

Here are some parenting myths and reality you should be aware of

#1: Parenting myth and realities

Myth: You will spoil your baby if you pick her up whenever she cries.

Reality:  If your kiddo calms down when you pick her up, she needed to be picked up. This way your baby gains confidence that you are responding to her needs. In fact, during the first 6 months of life, that is your baby’s primary job. The critical task at this stage is developing a sense of trust that the world will take care of her. If you're crying or screaming and no one comes to pick you up, you don't develop the necessary trust. Once your baby is about 6 months old, your job is to pull back a bit and let her figure out that she can survive -for a few minutes, at least - without someone rushing to her side. 

#2: Parenting myth and reality

Myth: Parents should have all the answers.

Reality: It is your job to try to come up with creative solutions to family issues but you cannot know every answer to every problem. There is nothing wrong to consult friends, family and professionals for assistance. Asking your child for advice could result in some good ideas. Tell your child, "I am feeling frustrated that you have not been a good listener lately and I have been yelling at you to get your attention. I don't want to keep yelling, so what else can we do together to solve this problem?" You just might be surprised by your child's creative answers!

#3: Parenting myth and reality

Myth: Breast size can affect your milk supply

Reality: Flow of milk does not depend on the breast size. Skinny moms with small breasts can also produce adequate milk irrespective of the breast size because lactating glands are almost same in most females. Milk-making capacity is affected by the glandular tissue in the breasts.

#4: Parenting myth and reality

Myth: Parents should not fight in front of their children

Reality: This is one myth that is conditionally true: If you can fight in front of your child maturely, hashing out differences through calm, low-volume, blame-free discussions, then go for it. Your child will learn valuable lessons about conflict resolution within a healthy adult relationship. Your child needs a role model on how to deal with angry feelings. By being able to disagree in a loving way and not hiding it from your child, you are teaching her how to resolve conflicts in a healthy way.

#5: Parenting myth and reality

Myth: Bribery is bad

Reality: Bribing your kid is always a bad idea however giving your child privileges or rewards as a positive consequence for good behaviour is not necessarily a bad thing. Of course, if every situation holds the promise of a reward for good behaviour, your little one will take advantage of it. Turn to bribery as a last resort. Keep in mind that the reward can be non-materialized and include special privileges, such as preparing her favourite dish or taking her to the zoo.

#6: Parenting myth and reality

Myth: Good parents put their kid’s needs first

Reality: You as a parent, readily accept the concept that once your baby’s head pops out into the world, the next few years will be spent putting your own needs behind her. This leaves you ignoring your personal needs too. Just as it is your job to make sure that your kiddo gets proper nutrition, enough sleep, social interaction, and mental stimulation, remember that you need all those things as well. When your child is a bit older say between 9 and 12 months, you can begin to show her that other people have rights too by planting the seed of patience, keeping in mind that it will take plenty of time for the seed to sprout.

#7: Parenting myth and reality

Myth: Parents can control their child’s actions

Reality: Yes it is your job to instil discipline in your kiddo, to teach her the polite way to behave in every situation. But you cannot control everything your child does. Your child is going to misbehave and make poor choices, occasionally. So instead of being upset or angry, simply look at it as a valuable experience.

#8: Parenting myth and reality

Myth: Parenting is all hard work and not fun

Reality: You heard it right. Parenting is the most challenging and difficult job but it is also a lot of fun. Your child at every age and stage is funny, creative, cute and fun to be with. Being silly and laughing with your kiddo makes her feel close and comfortable with you. So laugh with your child, love your child, and enjoy every single moment of this amazing journey.

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