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Make Your Child More Aware Of His Family This Way

Team AckoFeb 8, 2024


    • It is essential for your child at this stage to learn more about his complete family. While teaching your child about family history, your child is gradually learning about family values and a legacy to respect.

    • While sharing family stories, you need not make it a big event, make it a common occurrence around the dinner table or at bedtime. You can also create family history projects. 'Family Tree' is an amazing activity which will help your child visualize how generations are connected and where he fits in the big picture. He can also create a pictorial pedigree chart by placing a small photograph of each ancestor by his or her name.

    • You can get him to make a file by pasting or collecting articles, stories,photographs, etc. A family reunion is a great way for all members to come together. It will give him an opportunity to create experiences and memories that will last a lifetime. Help him understand how he is related to each person he meets. For instance," She is your Grandma's older sister." Through these activities, your child will develop an interest in knowing more about his family and it's history. It can also get him to participate in family history in the later years.

    • While doing so, grab this opportunity to talk to your child about why a family is probably the most important thing to cherish in one's life. Since most of the kids are brought up in nuclear structure, they are quite alien about the whole concept of staying together. While you make your child familiar with your family tree, tell anecdotes about how in your childhood you have seen good and bad days together.

    • It is also a great way of telling a child that how in adverse situation, members of the family stand together and try to get over all the problems. All this will instil a sense of security in a child and he will start valuing his family set up in a renewed way. This also builds up a lot of love and reverence for the extended family. 

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