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Bonding with your child over mealtime

Team AckoFeb 8, 2024

You love your little one, right? Every parent does. However, it often gets difficult to express the same in words! Thus, small gestures and your actions may speak louder for your love and care for your child. One such way to express your love is through ‘Mealtime Bonding.’ This is the time when a bond can develop and strengthen with proper nurture and care. 



    Meals must be a family affair involving, passing of bowls, vegetables, and sharing the delicacies together. Do you know what a meal signifies? It has a very strong significance in our life. It signifies that the problems will be discussed and shared and the happiness will be passed on to every single member. A meal doesn’t just satiate the hunger, it elevates the mood and mind to be with your loved ones.

    How to bond with your child over mealtime

    The most important question is how to bond with the little one over mealtime? Your child is young and receptive at this age. He will grasp easily and imbibe what transpires on the table. The following ways will nourish the familial ties:

    The favorite dish: 

    Everyone loves to eat and so does your kid. Let your kid know that you love him the most and the love is reflected through the favorite dish or dessert of your kid. It will leave a deep impact on his mind that dinner or mealtime is just for family and their likings. There must be a dish of your kid’s liking to let him know you care.

    Grandma’s Tip: No work, no tension. Make it a point not to discuss business or work at the dining table. Your kid needs parents and no entrepreneurs on the table. He had been waiting all day long to share his day with you. Just sit back, relax, enjoy your dinner, and listen to his lively and vivacious stories of bravery and cherubic activities.


    The best way to gel with your kid is to talk to him while having dinner or meal. Try to talk to your kid over his fears, anxiety, and his aspirations. Pay absolute attention to his words. Do not interrupt him while he is narrating something. He must develop a sense of belonging and importance.

    No television and no phone: 

    The most important aspect of mealtime is no TV and no mobile. Television and mobile games not only distract your kid but will also distance him from you. Your kiddo will get engrossed in his cartoons or games and won’t pay any attention to you. Instead of turning on the television, you share your heart out with him. Talk to him and tell him all about your day and he will surely reciprocate by telling about his day.

    Ask for help: 

    It is always better to ask for help from your kid while serving. At this age, he may keep plates and spoons and bowls at the table. He may help in serving chapatti. This will teach him the importance of hard work and the division of labor. He will learn important life skills like cooking and serving.

    Avoid scolding: 

    Do not scold your child over anything while eating as mealtime is to relax and to nourish his body and mind. It is not the time to address his follies and scoldings.

    A set time: 

    The time for mealtime should be fixed and besides a few exceptions, everyone should make it to the dining table. It will then teach your child the power of togetherness.

    Childhood stories: 

    Your kid is always interested in knowing more about you at this age. Your childhood stories or insights into how you managed your studies will definitely catch the attention of your kid.

    Benefits of mealtime bonding:

    The together mealtime will benefit your child in the long run in the following ways:

    Table manners:  

    Eating together will help your little one become well-mannered and well-behaved. He will be more conscious in a social gathering and get-togethers.

    Healthy eating:

    Looking at you, your child will learn to eat healthier food. Children often try to avoid vegetables. So, add some surprise element, camouflage his food in cheese or butter and your kiddo will tend to eat healthier options.

    Better emotional connect: 

    Eating together helps in maintaining a healthy emotional connect as it allows a better understanding of your near and dear ones. The bonds developed are stronger, reliable, and can be cherished forever as fond memories.

    Imbibes values: 

    This is that time of the day when our minds are open and it is easy to imbibe some values and morals in your child. It is important to make him understand the concept of right and wrong and ethical and unethical, which will help him in the long run of life. 

    Social, psychological, and mental development: 

    The togetherness during mealtime helps in better social, psychological, and mental development of an individual. Your child will learn to speak up his mind in any environment. It will give wings to his imagination. He will be able to find the solution to the problem instead of running away from it. He will learn to face the world in a much efficient manner. He will learn to empathize and be a great learner and fast thinker.

    In the fast-changing scenarios and nuclear families, it is imperative for every one of us to spend some quality time together and what better way than a meal together at the dining table! As the saying goes, ‘’The family that eats together, stays together.”

    Disclaimer: This content is for informational purposes only, based on industry experience and secondary sources. It is not a substitute for professional advice. Please consult a qualified expert for health or insurance-related decisions. Content is subject to change, refer to current policy wordings for specific ACKO details.



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