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Is Preschool Necessary? Read on to End Your Confusion!

Team AckoFeb 8, 2024

By Priya Krishnan, Founder, Klay Schools



''Is preschool necessary?''

''Why is playschool important?''

Parents of young children are faced with this constant confusion about the merits of play school. Why should parents pull their children out of their homes, put them in the care of strangers, worry about their safety, stress themselves out and have to pay for it all?

Why is preschool necessary?

While the above concerns are completely valid, it is important to keep a few things in mind.

(1) Playschools have radically changed since you were a child. India now boasts of several high-quality chains with excellent infrastructure and well-trained teachers and carers.

(2) Take a long-term view to play school. The benefits of a play school will only be seen over a significant span of time, the minimum being a year.

(3) Play schools allow parents to work. A high-quality playschool will ensure that the children are safe, engaged well, and are developing well, while their parents are at work.

There are several other significant benefits to enrolling your child in Day Care. Such as:

Appropriate student-teacher ratio and trained teachers

At a reputed playschool, the adult to child ratio is small, which ensures individualized attention. High quality, meaning-filled attention ensures that your child’s most “sensitive” years are being spent in developing their full potential. Trained teachers will impart care and education that best suits your child. This teacher-child bond will serve to encourage learning, thus creating a scholar for life.

Safety of kids is thoroughly taken care of

A good playschool will consider the safety of the children in their care as their topmost priority. This should reflect in every aspect of service delivery from the design of the playschool to the processes in place during emergencies and the daily quality control rituals. Children should be checked for fever on arrival, and food should be cooked every day, using fresh ingredients, in clean, well-sanitized kitchens. Bathrooms should be cleaned frequently and so should everything a child touches — toys, bed linen etc.

Children of a similar age group means better social skills

Children learn best from their peers. A playschool encourages children to work, play and communicate with others in a similar age group, in a safe environment. This helps them develop those crucial social skills better and faster compared to non-play school going children.

Age-appropriate learning

Compared to teaching methods in normal schools, which are limited to textbooks, playschools have more interactive and fun-filled teaching methods that are age appropriate. With access to a range of learning tools and material, children learn to develop fine and gross motor skills appropriate for their age group. This boosts both physical and cognitive development.

Play schools help your child develop healthy habits and independence

If you have been worrying about potty-training your child or having them develop good eating habits, playschools help in a big way! Little ones are encouraged and trained to develop these habits, helping them develop independence faster. With this list of benefits, we hope we have cleared a lot of your confusion about the importance of playschool for children. So, if you have been thinking about getting your child into playschool, we suggest you do it the right away and watch your toddler blossom into a more responsible child as he grows.

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