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Keeping the waiting game strong: Symptoms now and what to do

Team AckoFeb 8, 2024

After so much of pain, aches and discomforts, your waiting game is coming to an end soon. Your baby is almost ready to arrive in this world. Isn’t it making you thrilled? You have been through a lot of ups and downs during this phase but it will be all worth in the end especially when you will hold your baby for the first time. Believe us, you will forget everything!



    Symptoms you're likely to witness at week 38:

    Your body is going through many changes but you have come a long way, so don’t panic and try to do something, which can soothe you. Here are the common symptoms this week:

    -Contractions or cramps

    -You may notice an increased vaginal discharge (thick mucus) this week which is known as mucus plug.

    -You will experience itching in your belly as it has stretched a lot. Drink plenty of water as hydration can help at this point. Apply shea butter, vitamin E oil or a good moisturizer to your belly.

    -Puffy feet and swollen ankles are quite common at this stage, so don’t put your feet down for a long time. Regular walks help you to keep the blood flowing and reduce the swelling.

    -If you are going to bathroom a lot these days, it simply means that your baby’s head is in your pelvis, making less room for your bladder. Avoid caffeine and alcohol. Drink lots of fluids to keep yourself hydrated.

    -If you are having loose stools or suffering from diarrhea, then it may mean that labor is about to happen. Avoid fatty foods or anything that is rich in fiber.

    -Suffering from insomnia too? How can you sleep with a lot of thoughts running in your mind? Keep your mind relaxed and stress free.

    -You may feel exhausted or extremely tired and out of energy. Don’t make yourself tired by doing such tasks that make you feel shattered. You need energy for childbirth.

    -A change in the size of breasts or leakage from the breast is expected.

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