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What's happening with you

Team AckoFeb 8, 2024

If you have already given birth to your baby at week 40 then it’s time to rejoice and welcome your newborn. Your body will take some time to recover at this stage, so you need to go slow with your recovery cycle. Do not take up all things in hand at one go and if few things are not done on time, do not feel bad about them as you are not alone now and you need to look after your baby. Your antibiotics will continue for few days and then you will be on your own. If you have a normal delivery, then pains will not bother you for long but if it is a C-Section delivery, then you need to take your pain killers on a regular basis till your doctor suggests you otherwise. Do not lift weight or kneel down to pick up things. This will take some time till you get back to normal.



    If your baby is still in your womb and you are past your due date then do not worry at all. It is a tiring process for you but then the fruit will be beautiful in the end. Some women experience prolonged pregnancies due to discrepancy in the calculation of due date. Try not to get stressed as your baby will arrive at her or his own sweet time and your body will give you signals for that. You will experience leg cramps, there will be trouble in sleeping comfortably and a lot of fatigue due to this. You will also experience a lot of Braxton Hicks and there will be lot of anxiety regarding the birth of your baby. There are many ways to induce labor but take a proper advice from your doctor before doing so for the healthy arrival of your baby.

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