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Curiosity, stronger memory-- What's your toddler's newest skill set?

Team AckoFeb 8, 2024

Toddlers learn a list of new things as they grow closer to the benchmark of becoming a preschooler. Milestones like running, saying some words, developing imaginative skills, curiosity, etc., are indications that your little one’s development is on track. This would also give an insight into how a toddler’s developmental skills will shape up further. 



    As a toddler, your child is making significant leaps in development. It also means that some tough times are approaching as you both learn to settle into a new equation. There are a lot of things that are normal at this age. But there are also some common milestones that kids usually reach around this time in the areas of: 

    • Gross motor skills 

    • Fine motor skills 

    • Intellectual or cognitive skills 

    • Verbal skills or speech and language skills

    • Social and emotional skills 

    Gross motor skills 

    You can sum up your child in one word at this age and that is active. The little one is often on the go, but limited physical strength and balance earlier probably kept them from going too far too fast. That is no longer a problem. Your toddler now may be so eager to keep their body moving, that it's harder to get them to sit still or focus on one thing for very long. 

    They are able to control their arm and leg movements, which show that they are developing gross motor skills well. At this point, they may be able to: 

    • Climb well, both up and down 

    • Walk up and down stairs with support 

    • Kick a ball 

    • Stand on tiptoes 

    • Carry a large toy or several toys while walking 

    • Run short distances 

    Fine motor skills 

    The toddlers are just beginning to have better control over their hand and finger movements, which are signs that they are building fine motor skills. Among the tasks your toddler will begin to master, are: 

    • Stacking four or more blocks 

    • Molding play dough 

    • Putting round and square pegs into holes 

    • Turning rotating handles 

    • Scribbling or painting 

    Fine motor skills will help your child gain more independence at the dinner table. While the little ones can sit at the table like a big kid, they still cannot chew and swallow like one. However, a growing toddler can easily gulp or swallow food, especially if they are playing or laughing while eating.

    Grandma's Tip: It is very important to continue to serve foods that are cut or not too thick, and you should avoid food that could easily get caught in your child's throat. Avoid too tiny foods. Supervise everytime you give your child even finger foods. Better to be safe than sorry.

    Intellectual or cognitive skills 

    As your toddler nears age two, you will start to see the little one creating a bunch of imaginative games. You would also see him combining a couple of activities together in a sequence that's way complex than what you have seen before. These are indications that your child's mind is now making stronger connections, making the little one understand relationships far better than earlier.

    There are some milestones that your child might reach, which include the ability to: 

    • Find hidden objects 

    • Imitate others 

    • Involve others in their play activities 

    • Operate mechanical toys 

    • Identify a few body parts on themselves or a doll 

    Verbal skills or speech and language skills 

    Children develop at different speeds from each other. Most of the toddlers master at least 50 spoken words by their second birthday. The language skills of a boy child may develop at a slower rate compared to a girl child. Also, many children do not speak much at all during their second year, but at present, you can expect your child to begin to master the ability to: 

    • Use "I" and "you" appropriately 

    • Know the name of familiar body parts, animals, and objects and laugh when you misname them 

    • Enjoy looking at one book over and over 

    • Complete lines in familiar books 

    • Name people in the family 

    • Speak in two- to four-word sentences 

    • Repeat overheard words 

    Social skills 

    Some children at this age are "egocentric" or self-centered. It may sound negative, but in reality, your toddler just cannot yet take into account that people may have their own thoughts or concerns apart from them. Your toddler still may not be ready to play with other children in a traditional, give-and-take manner at this age. The little one will engage in what's called a parallel play. She will love being around others. More the interaction with you and other children, the more you may see your toddler: 

    • Copy others, especially adults and older children 

    • Become more independent, which may mean she becomes more defiant when challenged or told what to do 

    • Understand more and more that she is separate from others 

    • Start to interact with other children in games

    • Comfort a distressed friend or parent 

    • Take turns when playing with others 

    • Understand when she does something that parents approve or disapprove of 

    It’s not unusual for a toddler close to two years to act shy around others, especially strangers. While this is a period when parents want to encourage independence and social interaction, it is important for you to respect your child's natural rhythm.

    Disclaimer: This content is for informational purposes only, based on industry experience and secondary sources. It is not a substitute for professional advice. Please consult a qualified expert for health or insurance-related decisions. Content is subject to change, refer to current policy wordings for specific ACKO details.



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