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How to Deal With Your Stubborn Toddler?

Team AckoFeb 9, 2024

It is said that children are stubborn during two phases; their teenage phase and toddler phase. Toddlers can be stubborn because they are still in the phase of behavioural development. Mothers who have a difficult child wish that they come with an instruction manual. Disciplining a stubborn kid can be a real burden and stressful task!



The positive thing is that stubborn kids are born with a personality and drive that make them know what they want. With proper guidance, these kids will have the potential to become powerful leaders. So, be proud to be a mother of a strong-willed child.

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In few cases, child’s stubbornness is her way of testing boundaries, and getting the freedom to do or not to do something. The main task you have is to keep your cool during such extreme situations. Encourage your child to express himself. You can discipline her by understanding, listening to her, and remaining calm to set an example of good behaviour. Children learn from you. Instead of keeping calm, if you start yelling and shouting, they think that’s the right way and tend to repeat it. As said dealing with them is a challenge, but there are ways to calm them down and teach self-control.

Tricks to handle stubborn toddlers

Follow these effective tips and tricks to handle your stubborn toddler

Connect with your child

Spend more time with your child. Break the boundaries and lend her a friendly hand. She may be stubborn but she needs you. Don’t force your child to do things according to your wish. Instead, patiently explain to her why few things are done in a particular way, children may not listen to their parents but they definitely listen to their friends. 

Stay calm

Yes, we can understand your stress level. There will be days when you would want to just scream out loudly. But don’t display any of it in front of your child. Your child keeps winning whenever you yell or walk out of the situation. He grows up to believe that what she is doing is right. Be patient and show your child that you are in control of the situation as you are right.

Understand your child

Try to put yourself in your child’s shoes and try to understand what she is going through and how is she feeling. She may be sad, stressed, or scared. She is a child don’t expect her to be a little adult. She wants to learn, play, and explore the world. Don’t restrict her too much.


Don’t come to any conclusions before she finishes her part of the story. You need to be a good listener. Make your child feel important and that her opinions matter to you. Ask her questions; show that you are interested to hear it from her.

Assign a job

Try to indulge your kid in a particular task you give or invite them to help you in any of your chores. But be sure that you will make it look like a game. You can get her to clean her messy room and put the toys in their respective places by using a timer. Tell her it’s a race and you want to see how quickly she can finish the task.

Explain the sequence

Another biggest challenge is explaining to your kid what you will be doing next as different set of plans will be running in her mind. For example, before setting out you have to clearly tell her that, first you will visit a doctor, and then go to grandma’s house, and while coming back you will visit the park.

Give choices

Kids need to learn their responsibilities. But stubborn kids don’t accept whatever you say. To satisfy their need for choice, give them more options. You can’t directly say you have to eat potatoes for lunch. Instead ask, if she likes to eat potatoes or eggs for lunch.

Keep rules and consequences

These kids clearly need to know what is expected of them. Sit them and discuss it. If possible make a list, with signs and stick somewhere they can see.  And let them know what happens if they break the rule. Be open to their feedback. (Harsh punishments are not recommended).

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Be a good example

Though you have heard it many times, it is the most important quality you must possess as a parent. Action speaks louder than words. If you yell at your kids, even they feel that they have the right to yell. When you are asking your kid to be polite, it is better if you follow the same rule. 

Highlight the positives of your child

Every time you feel discouraged and start seeing your child as a stress factor, clear your mind and look for positive qualities in your child. Accept your child the way she is. It definitely takes some time. Reflect on your child’s strength and keep your focus on that. It is difficult to be a parent of these awesome kids. Just love them, spend more time with them, and take deep breaths when stresses.

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