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When Does A Toddler Start To Count?

Team AckoFeb 9, 2024

Every child is different from the other one so there is no set time or age for reaching the milestones as they also differ as your child grows up. Ideally counting numbers should be introduced to your toddler when he reaches the mark of 12 months or is a year old. 



Ways to teach your toddler how to count

1. Introduce counting to your toddler by taking small sets of numbers like 1-5 and then 5-10. Once he is comfortable with the first set then start introducing the second set in its continuation. 

2. Do not worry about the order if it goes haywire with your kid at first as he will catch up slowly with regular practice. Gently try to make him understand so that he becomes confident, the next time.

3. Introduce rhymes or stories that include counting like ‘Five little monkeys’, ‘Four steps of the well’ and so on. Sing along with your child so that he enjoys and learns with ease.

4. Give him some sort of work that includes counting. Tell him to get you one napkin from the lot kept on the table. Clap and appreciate him when he brings the right number to you.

5. You can stick numbers 1-5 on a cardboard and then place it on the table. Now ask your child to pick up any number that you will call out from 1-5. See how well your child is, at it and encourage him to pick the right one even if he picks the wrong card.

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Counting in toddlers: When and how to increase the count from 10 onwards?

When your toddler grows and reaches the age of 3-4 years then introduce addition and subtraction to him. He can now easily count beyond 10 and also understand the concept of increasing numbers and decreasing as well.

Take colorful and attractive things to teach the concept of addition and subtraction of the numbers to your child. Take some straws and tell your child to give you three straws out of five and then ask him how many are left. If his answer is 2 then voila, he is good at it and if not then be patient and teach him well with more practice.

Giving daily and easy chores to your child this will not only develop a sense of responsibility and confidence in him but this will also help in making his learning of counting the numbers easier than before. 

If you have steps at home then make sure that each time you step up or down with your child you are counting them together. This is fun for your child and encourages him to do it again and again to increase his learning.

You can also introduce colorful blocks of different shapes to your child and let him count when he is done with his block building activity. This way he will be able to learn to count up to 50 easily.

Clear up his doubts then and there as this will grow his confidence and he will feel more confident next time with no doubts in his mind. Do not forget to repeat what your child has learned during the day. Do not get irritated or ignore your child if he repeats the same thing again and again. Give him all the attention so that he learns in the right way.

Fun activities to teach your toddler counting

There are many fun activities that you can take up with your toddler to teach him counting numbers in the right way. Here are some of the activities:

1. Take small cardboard and write 2 sets of numbers on it. Now cut it in square or any shape of your choice and keep 1 set with you and give another set to your kid. Now pick any random card and keep it in front of your kid and tell him to take out the same card from his lot to match up your card. This will tease his brain and he will be excited to match it up in the right way every time.

2. Introduce number hopping once your kid is a pro in counting till 10. Keep cards from 1-10 and change its sequence by removing one card after each number, like after one remove 2 and after 3 remove 4 and so on. Now give these picked cards to your child and tell him to place in the right sequence. Help him if you see him getting stuck at some point.

3. You can also let your little one dance to the number of moves that you sing to him. You can tell him to clap his hands four times or shake his leg for five times and your child will love to repeat this activity again and again.

These simple things will let your child learn number and counting concept clearly and happily. This will grow confidence in your child and he will be happy to learn with you in a playful way.

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