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Want To Know How Your Toddler's Brain Works? Take A Sneak Peak !

Team AckoFeb 8, 2024

At this stage, your child’s brain is a wonder! So many developments and so much growth! The brain grows most rapidly between ages 1 to 5. Thus, your little one's curiosity also peaks around this time and you’ll frequently find her exploring her environment through her sense of vision, smell, taste, and sound.



    What you need to know:

    You would be fascinated to know that your child's brain develops through stimuli. And, that's why you must expose your child to a range of stimuli during her developmental period. All these stimulate the growth of a million networks in her brain. Therefore, all the talking, reading, hugging, singing, and cuddling that you do helps in the development of your little one’s brilliant brain.

    It is essential that you spend a lot of time with your kid; this increases her brain activity tenfold. The brain development of a toddler in the age of 1-2 years is working towards language development. The brain in turn is also forming several minute interconnections for your kid to be receptive at its very best. This is the reason your toddler is able to string more words, respond, and has a progressive growing pattern.

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