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Your Baby Can Now Remember The Sequence Of Steps In Simple Instructions

Team AckoFeb 8, 2024

Your little one’s thinking skills are changing drastically. This will help her in following simple instructions. By talking a lot, using clear language and repetition, she will understand words and directions. A basic clear command with a gesture always helps. For instance, “Please  give the ball to me with a hand held out “or “Let’s put the doll to sleep showing a gentle pat”. By 2 years she can follow two-three step directions. 



    What you need to know

    At this stage, be close to her and maintain eye-contact so that she can easily understand and follow your instructions. You need to state directives in a playful and positive tone. State the directives one at a time and give few seconds for her to understand and execute. Make directions simple, language age- appropriate and meaningful which will boost her self-esteem. For instance, “Please put your toys in the basket”. As she does it, clap for her efforts. She may smile back and feel good about her contribution in cleaning the room.

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