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Your Baby's Growth is Triggered by Multiple Factors but Watch Out for Downsides

Team AckoFeb 8, 2024

Your baby's growth now is backed by a lot of factors, one of which is exposing her to sunlight so that she gets the much essential Vitamin D for her healthy growth.However, there is always a certain amount of sunlight which is also not skin-friendly for your kid. In such cases adequate precautions need to be taken. These should also be ensured when you travel with your child and stay at hill stations, or play on the beaches.



    What you need to know

    • Sun rays are different at different times of the day. Sunlight is warm and best in the morning until around 10 am. After this the sun tends to peak and becomes brighter and hotter. This is also the time when there is a release of UV rays and this stays so until 3 pm. This is the trend noticed in India and tends to vary in regionally.

    • Therefore when UV rays are peaking it is best not to allow your child play outside for a long time as a toddler’s skin is very sensitive and prone to tan, allergies, and discolouration.

    • Playing in the noon outside during peak summer can also lead to dehydration. When untreated, toddlers can faint or become fatigued. Therefore, adequate caution has to be taken.

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