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Your Child is Fully Eligible For Some Study Time

Team AckoFeb 8, 2024

Your child's literacy levels are ready to spark! As parents, we always believe in educating our child and it is important that your kid is literate. This doesn’t just mean that your child should know to read or write- literacy goes beyond this.



    Beginnings of literacy

    The starting stage of making your little one literate is to expose them to different sounds, read books to them, speak in different languages, tell them stories, and sing with good lyrics. All these help your child to imagine, to be creative, and put them on the road to developing their language, communication, reading, listening, and educative skills.

    How to encourage your child in building literacy?

    1. Expose your toddler to a lot of images, colourful pictures, objects in different sizes, shapes, and textures. While showing these, describe how they look, feel and introduce educative and meaningful words in the conversation.

    2. Talk to your toddler in various languages, use different words which could rhyme.

    Always remember, education is never limited to bookish elements, it encompasses multiple things. So the sooner you start with home-educating your child before school starts, the better it is for her future.

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