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Your Child is Now Ready to Make Some New Friends

Team AckoFeb 8, 2024

Your child is now fit to make some new friends and know others beyond her family circle. But, as a parent you must understand that your little one is not fully capable of making friends on her own. It might be really difficult for your child to simply walk into a park and ask another kid to play with her. So, as a parent, it is you who needs to chip in to help your toddler mingle with other kids.  

What you need to know
It is a good idea to introduce your kid to three to four children in their age group. These could be your neighbors, friends or relatives who could visit you on a continuous basis. Your child will anytime get familiar with kids whom he gets to see regularly and are open to sharing their toys with them than a stranger.



    Play dates and sharing

    Arranging for play dates is a good idea wherein you along with other parents can arrange for kids to play together for few hours. This way, your child will have you around and the kid can feel safe and secure and not cry due to separation anxiety. You can also keep away toys that your child really likes when they are playing with their friend.

    Initially he may be hesitant to share his toys, but eventually as he grows familiar, he will start sharing his stuff. Bonding with friends over a period of time will help your kiddo to understand the concept of sharing. Also, your child may be engrossed in their own play while they are not aware of what his friend is playing, who could also be playing by themselves. Such little unassuming steps will make your kid more aware of social relationships, and will increase their ability to bond with others.

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