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Your Child is Ready to Learn the Art of Sharing

Team AckoFeb 8, 2024

At this stage, your child is capable of learning a list of lessons about life. The art of sharing is one of the most valuable lessons you will teach your child in your endeavour to make him a good human being. Sharing brings out the best in your child. Once he has learnt this, he will realize how enjoyable a feeling sharing can be. Whatever you buy, encourage the practice of making your child share it with his siblings and family members.



    Sharing food

    Share all eatables and snacks among all family members. Let the child learn to happily share even the chocolates that he gets from others with parents and siblings. By giving the entire share to your child, you will instil a mentality of entitlement in him, which will be hard to change when he is older.

    Sharing toys

    Encourage your child to share toys with his playmates. Introduce the idea gently, by explaining how good it is to share, and tell him ahead of time that you will be very happy if he shares. This will be reward enough for the child to do likewise. Reward him with a smile or a hug and soon this will become a habit.

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