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Best Time To Visit Belgium: Weather, Seasons & More

TeamAckoNov 2, 2023

Belgium is one of those countries where you can't take in all of its beauty and experiences in a hurry. The more euphoric they are, the slower and steadier you savour them. The setting is grand, elegant, smart, and serene, which is a mix that any tourist contemplating a trip to Europe will seek. There are several activities to participate in and sights to see. However, great weather is required to enjoy the best of Belgian tourism.


The majority of your planned activities and destinations are all dependent on one critical factor called weather, and the majority of your itinerary is dependent on weather conditions. Because it is a year-round destination, the best time to visit Belgium depends on your unique preferences. So we've created a detailed blog that will cover all seasons in Belgium so that you can decide when to visit.



When is the Best Time to Visit Belgium? 

The best time to visit Belgium is during the shoulder seasons, that is, in late spring or early fall (March to May and September months). The weather this time is moderate, and the country is not overcrowded. While many people believe that summer is the ideal time to come, it also corresponds with the peak season. Belgium sees a large influx of tourists, which often leads to an increase in airline and hotel expenses. You could perhaps find it too crowded to appreciate the country's wonderful atmosphere.

With summer just around the corner, there's a new vitality in the air in the spring. Parks begin to fill up with locals enjoying the sun after the chilly weather, people begin to drink and dine outside, and the countryside becomes even lovelier with beautiful flora. Autumn is similarly special, as the frantic summer period winds down and people settle down to enjoy the last bit of warmth before winter sets in. Having said that, Belgium is a gorgeous nation, and you'll have a good trip regardless of when you visit.

Best Season to Visit Belgium  

There are three "seasons" of travel that can help you decide whether Europe will be busy or less busy, chilly or warm, snowy or wet, expensive or inexpensive. Each season is summarised here:

Peak Season in Belgium  

Belgium's peak season unfolds during the vibrant summer months, from June to August. As the sun graces the land, the country comes alive with a burst of colour and energy. Fields of tulips and daffodils bloom, while festivals and markets thrive in the warm weather. Tourists flock to iconic destinations like Bruges, Brussels, and Ghent, savouring delicious chocolates, waffles, and flavorful beers. 

With longer daylight hours, it's the best time to travel to Belgium’s historic architecture and lush parks. The Belgian peak season promises a delightful mix of culture and nature, which makes it an ideal time to experience this charming European gem.

Pros of going to Belgium during the peak season: 

  • You can experience Belgium's rich cultural heritage with lively events like the Brussels Jazz Festival and Ghent Festival.

  • Enjoy mild temperatures and longer daylight hours, perfect for exploring charming cities.

Cons of going to Belgium during the peak season:

  • Belgium's peak season means more tourists, longer lines, and crowded attractions.

  • Accommodation, flights, and dining costs tend to surge.

  • Belgium's weather can be erratic even during peak season, with rain and occasional discomfort.

Shoulder Season in Belgium  

Shoulder season in Belgium, typically during spring and autumn,  brings the country to life with a gentle charm. The shoulder season in Belgium lasts from March to May and September, as the early fall is also considered shoulder season.  As the crowds thin and nature awakens, it's the perfect time to explore this European country. In spring, colourful tulips carpet the fields, and pleasant weather invites outdoor adventures. 

During autumn, the foliage turns brilliant shades of red and gold, creating a picturesque backdrop for leisurely walks. Plus, the milder climate ensures you can savour delicious Belgian chocolates and waffles without the summer heat. The shoulder season in Belgium offers a delightful experience overall. 

Pros of going to Belgium during the shoulder season: 

  • Pleasant temperatures and smaller crowds during the shoulder season.

  • Benefit from reduced accommodation and travel expenses.

Cons of going to Belgium during the shoulder season:

  • This season has unpredictable weather, including rain and cooler temperatures.

  • Some tourist services and attractions may have reduced operating hours or be closed during this time.

  • Popular tourist destinations may still be crowded.

Low or Off-season in Belgium  

The low season in Belgium typically occurs during the colder months, from November to February. As winter blankets the country, the tourist crowds thin out, and the charm of Belgium takes on a cosy allure. With crisp, cool air, charming Christmas markets, and fewer tourists, it's a perfect time for peaceful exploration. 

You'll find lower prices and easier access to renowned attractions like the Atomium and mediaeval castles. The low season in Belgium offers a quieter yet equally captivating travel experience.

Pros of going to Belgium during the low season: 

  • Travelling to Belgium during the low season means cheaper accommodation, dining, and attraction prices

  • Less crowded tourist spots, more authentic interactions with locals, and a peaceful exploration of historic sites.

  • Mild, comfortable weather during the off-season provides the perfect backdrop for exploring picturesque Belgian cities and landscapes without the crowds

Cons of going to Belgium during the low season: 

  • Many tourist sites, restaurants, and shops may be closed.

  • The low season in Belgium often brings cold and rainy weather.

  • Festivals and events are less frequent.

Best Season to Visit Belgium 

Belgium, like other European countries, has four different seasons: summer, winter, spring, and autumn. Each season provides a distinct view of the country's history, heritage, and sights and sounds. The months of April, May, and June, as well as September and October, are the best times to visit Belgium. 

These are the periods when the weather is ideal; festivals abound, nature is at its most beautiful, and activities abound. The peak season in Belgium lasts from July to August, and the low season begins in November and lasts until March. 

Here is a detailed description of Belgium's seasons to help you understand Belgium tourism, when to visit, and what you can do. 


Travel Months

Min Temperature (Avg.)

Max Temperature (Avg.)


June to August  




September to November  




December to February  




March to May



June to August (Summer in Belgium) 

Summer is a fantastic season to visit Belgium. The weather is often warm, dry, and bright, making it ideal for taking in the vibrant atmospheres of Brussels, Antwerp, Bruges, and other cities. It's a fantastic time to relax in a canal-side pub with a nice drink, visit some North Sea beaches, or go on a hiking expedition in the verdant Ardennes hills.

Music and cultural festivals are featured on the events calendar. However, keep in mind that summer is the busiest season in Europe. When summer arrives, travellers in their hundreds flock to Belgium, and hotel and tourist activity rates can skyrocket.

Important events in Belgium during the summer:

  • The Brussels International Film Festival is a ten-day film festival that showcases a variety of short films, feature films, and documentaries.

  • Volunteers gather in front of the Grand Palace in Brussels to create a massive, complicated floral pattern in the square using over a million begonias for the Flower Carpet.

  • During the Ghent Festival, a ten-day celebration that features musical acts, comedy events, theatre performances, and plenty of street art and food vendors, the city of Ghent goes a little crazy.

Why should you visit this month? 

It is simply amazing to be in Belgium at this time and see how many different cultures and customs come together and become unified by song and fanfare. The country receives a large flood of visitors. Tomorrowland is one of the most popular music festivals in the world, and it is on the bucket list of many tourists and travellers. It's time for some incredible music, refreshing beers, and exquisite food for residents and tourists.

Things to remember:

Because it is a high season, it is best to plan your visit ahead of time to avoid surge pricing. Surge pricing, on the other hand, is more controllable than being denied a room. Hotels and accommodations, particularly backpacker hostels, tend to fill up quickly during the festivals, so if you are visiting Belgium in the summer, you must make rapid decisions on reserving flights and accommodations.

September to November (Autumn in Belgium)

It is one of the best times of year to visit Belgium. Crisp mornings and chilly evenings begin to arrive, but the days remain mild, allowing you to explore the country's capitals, castles, and mediaeval towns without having to navigate crowds or wait in long lines. Because there are fewer tourists, you may be able to get better bargains and pricing.

The gorgeous crimson, gold, and orange foliage that makes Belgium look even more magical is one of autumn's main draws. Just keep in mind that rainfall is mild in October, but as long as you pack an umbrella and a rain jacket, you should be fine.

Important Events in Belgium during Autumn:

  • Armistice Day celebrates the end of World War I.

  • Film Fest Ghent is a week-long international film festival that honours the influence of music on cinema.

Why should you visit this month? 

This is the perfect time to learn about the country's cultures and traditions because locals will be less distracted by tourists and will talk to you. The lack of crowds allows you to visit more sites, and this is the best time to get your hands on some Belgian brews. Trekking and hiking are ideal during this season in the Ardennes' steep terrain.

Things to remember

Because it is the off-season in Belgium, you can get great rates on hotels and plane tickets. If you're looking for adventure operators, seek the best deals on walks and treks, and combine two or more activities for even more savings. Being prepared for rain will be advantageous.

December to February (Winter in Belgium)

Winter in Belgium is damp and chilly, but it might be a terrific time to visit the country without the crowds and increased prices that come with it. Winter is a more relaxed season, and you can explore at a much slower pace. To help inhabitants get through the winter, many cities sponsor events and festivals, such as the much-anticipated Christmas Market in Brussels. 

There are numerous taverns, breweries, and bars with crackling log fires waiting to welcome you in from the elements. Furthermore, the weather is ideal for enjoying some of the country's heavier, more warming foods, such as waterzooi and Flemish stew.

Important Events in Belgium in Winter:

  • Over 80 breweries participate in Bruges Beer Festival, one of Belgium's largest beer events, which lasts five days. And obviously, it is one of the best things to do in Belgium if you are a beer enthusiast.

  • Easter is observed across the country, and some sites, such as museums and galleries, are closed on particular days. 

  • The Salon du Chocolat is a three-day show in Brussels that features over 100 chefs, chocolatiers, and confectioners, as well as lots of tasting opportunities.

Why should you visit this month? 

Winter is the best time to visit Belgium if you want a relaxed vacation when you can do everything at your own pace and leisure. The country will welcome you with laid-back feelings and provide you with pathways with markets and stalls to enjoy. The major towns are a joy to be around at this time of year, and you should visit Belgium for some exciting downhill skiing.

Things to remember

This is the country's low season. As a result, some areas, including attractions and towns, may be closed throughout the season. 

Winter clothing, such as thermals and coats, should be carried. If you are new to cold weather, dressing in layers will help you deal with frost. For the winter, keep sunglasses, boots, and SPF lotions on hand.

March to May  (Spring in Belgium) 

Spring is one of Belgium's most beautiful seasons when nature awakens from its winter sleep. The trees' leaves turn green again, and brilliant wildflowers cover the countryside, hills, and city parks. 

Restaurants, cafes, and pubs begin arranging tables and chairs outside on terraces and canals, but it is not too crowded to enjoy the lovely ambience of Belgium's most famous destinations, such as Bruges. With crisp mornings, slightly cool evenings, and mild, sunny days, the weather is nice enough to spend time outside.

Important events in Belgium during the spring:

  • Throughout the season, food and gift vendors in cities and small towns alike create a festive scene in the streets and plazas with lights, skates, and songs.

  • Easter is observed across the country, and some sites, such as museums and galleries, are closed on particular days.

Why should you visit this month? 

You must visit Belgium during the spring season to fully appreciate its splendour. The entire area is lush with new blossoms and breathtaking vistas of the countryside. Because it is peak season, accommodation rates are lower, making it more convenient for you to visit Belgium. The Ardennes uplands return after winter closure and provide travellers with some of the best views of landscapes and meadows.

Things to remember

Check out hotel prices online and attempt to find the greatest discounts if you're visiting Belgium in the spring. Most hotels seek tourists and lower their costs to attract them. 

Carry and travel light throughout the spring season. There is no weather uncertainty, so you may simply bring light summer clothing, hats, sunglasses, and lotions for miniaturisation. Carrying enough water is sufficient to enjoy Belgium's springs.

Key Takeaways

Belgium has a lot of entertaining things to do and see for all types of travellers all year. However, have you considered travel insurance? It may not be the most exciting topic, but it is certainly worth giving some thought. Don't worry, we've got you covered! ACKO provides online travel insurance that covers nearly everything that could go wrong on your vacation. 

We cover everything from medical emergencies to trip cancellations or disruptions, lost or stolen baggage, and personal liability. So decide which is the best time to visit Belgium according to you and start planning right away.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here Are Some Questions Asked About Best Time To Visit Belgium


1. Is it better to visit Brussels or Bruges?

The capital, Brussels, is well-known for being the seat of the EU and the home of Tintin. Bruges, on the other hand, is well-known for its canals, bridges, and charming old town. Each city has its own distinct personality and charm, as well as several tourist attractions. 

2. What is the currency used in Belgium, and can I use credit cards?

Belgium uses the Euro (EUR), and credit cards are widely accepted, which makes transactions convenient for tourists.

3. How long should you spend in Bruges?

Fairy-tale Bruges is one of Belgium's most attractive and charming cities. Although you can see the main monuments and landmarks in Bruges in one day, the historic centre is so attractive that you should consider staying for two days. There is no better way to fully appreciate the charm of Bruges.

4. Is it advisable to visit Belgium during the winter months?

Yes, Belgium is beautiful during the winter season, especially in December. The Christmas markets, festive decorations, and potential snowfall create a magical atmosphere. It is a great time for a visit.

5. What should I pack when visiting Belgium during different seasons?

In the summer, pack light clothing, whereas in the winter, bring warm layers and a waterproof jacket. In spring and autumn, have a mix of clothing to accommodate the changing weather.

6. Are there any specific travel tips for visiting Belgium at different times of the year?

Be sure to check the opening hours of attractions, as they may vary with the seasons. Also, keep an eye on local event calendars to make the most of festivals and events that may be taking place during your visit. Finally, check for any travel advisories and pack accordingly for the weather during your chosen season. 

7. When is the best time to visit Belgium for pleasant weather?

The best time to visit Belgium for pleasant weather is during the late spring and early summer, from May to June. The temperatures are mild, and the gardens are in full bloom.

Disclaimer: The content on this page is generic and shared only for informational and explanatory purposes. It is based on several secondary sources on the internet and is subject to change. Please consult an expert before making any related decisions.

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