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Best Time and Season to Visit Paris: Complete Guide

Team AckoFeb 7, 2024

Paris is on every traveller's bucket list. Dreamy and romantic travel destination, Paris has something to offer every traveller all year round. Summers in Paris are ideal for outdoor picnics along the Seine, while winters are perfect to explore museums. Wondering when is a good time to visit Paris? Here is a guide to help you decide the best time to visit Paris. Filled with spectacular historic and modern attractions, fashion studios, and world-class cuisine, Paris will not disappoint you. No matter when you visit, you will always find plenty of things to do in Paris. Each season in Paris is different and has unique things to offer tourists.

Best time to visit Paris



When is the best time to visit Paris?

The best time to visit Paris is between June to August

The peak season to visit Paris

June to August is considered the peak season to visit Paris. It is the best time to visit Paris to be outdoors and relax in parks and beaches. The city comes to life with many outdoor concerts, movie screenings and a man-made beach along the Seine for sunbathing. You can walk and explore the different neighbourhoods in Paris, enjoy some delicious street food, enjoy coffee at an outside cafe, and enjoy wine and cheese with a magnificent view of the Eiffel Tower. The average temperature in Paris during peak season ranges in the mid-twenties. Summers are considered to be the best time of year to visit Paris, so advance planning is advisable. Be prepared to deal with hordes of tourists at major destinations, and high room and flight rates. 

The shoulder season to visit Paris 

Spring (April, May) and Autumn (September, October) are considered the shoulder season to visit Paris. These months fall at the beginning and end of the peak tourist season in Paris. Many travellers consider the shoulder season to be the best season to visit Paris, as you get to enjoy good weather with less crowd. The average temperature during the shoulder season in Paris ranges between 12 degrees to 22 degrees Celsius. While you can enjoy beautiful flowers and tree-lined boulevards during spring, autumn colours and foliage are equally mind-blowing. Paris weather is pleasant around this time with a slight snip in the air. 

The low season to visit Paris

Winter months from November to March are considered as the low season to visit Paris. These are also the cheapest months to visit Paris and are known to be the best time to visit Paris on a budget. Most tourist sites are quieter and you can get good deals on hotels and flight tickets. The average temperature during the winter season in Paris ranges between zero degrees to 8 degree Celsius. Paris weather is rainy and chilly during the low season, but it seldom snows. You can enjoy ice skating at picturesque spots like Galeries Lafayette's panoramic rooftop. Around Christmas, the city lights up for the festivities that add to the magic of Paris.

A month-by-month guide to travel in Paris

Paris experiences all four seasons. The best time to visit Paris for a holiday will depend on the activities you plan to do. If you are inclined towards outdoor activities then the best time to visit Paris is between April to October. But if you are on a budget and don’t mind the cold weather then the winter months from November to March would suit you more. If you are looking forward to shopping in Paris then visit during the sale seasons in January and July. 

For most people, it doesn't matter what time of year they visit Paris - the experience is wonderful no matter when. However, some people like to plan their visits around the Paris weather and climate. If that's you, here's what you can expect every month in Paris!

Paris in January

January is one of the coldest months in Paris with around 3 hours of daily sunshine and frequent icy rains. Paris weather in January is cold and wet in January, so pack accordingly. It gets dark early (3.30 PM), so if you are visiting Paris in January, start your day early. It is the low tourist season in Paris, so you can enjoy tourist attractions and museums at your own pace. You can enjoy ice skating and the cosy cafes of Paris in January. It is easy to find good hotel and flight deals around this time. So if you are a budget traveller then January is the best time to visit Paris on a budget. It is also winter sale season, so you can wear your shopping hat and enjoy good deals. 

The average temperature range in January: is zero Degrees Celsius to 7 Degrees Celsius

Events in January: Paris Fashion Week, Paris Winter Sales, and Cirque d’Hiver Bouglione

Paris in February 

February in Paris can be a cold and dreary month. But it's also a great time to visit the city if you don't mind bundling up! By the end of the month, you'll start to see blossoms on the trees, but Paris is still very much a winter city. February is a quiet month in terms of tourism, so it's a great time to explore Paris without the crowds. February is the best month to go to Paris if you want to spend leisurely time in big museums like the Louvre and Orsay. However, the days around St. Valentine's Day can be quite busy as many people visit Paris for a romantic getaway. The view of the quiet city from the Eiffel Tower in February is known to be breathtaking. 

The average temperature range in February: is zero Degrees Celsius to 12 Degrees Celsius

Events in February: Valentine's Day, Chinese New Year, Paris Winter Sales

Paris in March

March marks the beginning of spring and the end of winter in Paris. Spring in Paris is a magical time. The flowers are blooming, and the city is alive with energy. If you're lucky enough to be visiting Paris in March, you'll get to experience all the best that the city has to offer. From world-famous festivals to stunning attractions, there's something for everyone to enjoy. And with the milder weather, it's the perfect time to explore everything Paris has to offer. It is recommended to layer up in Paris in March. It gives you the flexibility of adding or removing layers depending on Paris weather. If you are planning to explore Paris with shorter queues and deals on hotels then March is your last option before the tourist season begins. 

The average temperature range in March: is 5 Degrees Celsius to 13 Degrees Celsius

Events in March: Paris Book Fair, Paris Half Marathon, Macaron Day, National Cheese Day, Salon des Vignerons Indépendants (wine festival)

Paris in April

Paris comes to life after a long stretch of snowy and rainy weather, emerging like a beautiful pink cherry blossom. April is an ideal time to visit the city when you can enjoy its visual beauty, great weather, and tranquillity. Days start getting longer and the sun sets around 8.30 PM, giving enough time for city exploration. April is a wonderful time to explore Paris as the weather is perfect and the city is still relatively empty of tourists. You can find some great deals on hotels and flights if you book in advance. Be sure to head up the Montparnasse Tower to get a stunning view of Paris in full bloom. You won't be disappointed! If you're planning a trip to Paris in April, make sure to have some indoor activities in mind for the occasional shower. April is a good time to take a cruise tour on the Seine. 

The average temperature range in April: is 8 Degrees Celsius to 16 Degrees Celsius

Events in April: Paris Foire du Trone, Easter, Paris Art Fair, Fair of the Throne

Paris in May

May is the best time of year to visit Paris. It is the most balanced time as the weather is lovely, the city is alive, spring is in full flow, crowds are still manageable and there's so much to do! If you're looking for something unique to do, we recommend taking a nighttime tour of the city - it's a great way to see everything lit up. And while you're out, make sure to hit up some of the bars before they get too crowded! Also, don't forget to check out the Jazz festival. The city is bustling with events in May. If you're a fan of tennis, try to catch a match at the French Open or visit the Cannes festival. Long days and pleasant Paris weather are a perfect combination for a stroll in the city.

The average temperature range in May: is 11 Degrees Celsius to 19 Degrees Celsius

Events in May: European Museums Nights, The French Open, Cannes Film Festival, Taste of Paris, Grand steeplechase

Paris in June

June is the beginning of peak tourist season in Paris. It also marks the beginning of the summer season in France. The outdoor cafes, parks and riverfront are back in action. You can see both tourists and locals enjoying the summer weather in Paris. Outdoor picnics are highly popular in Paris around this time of the year. The city is full of art and cultural shows in June. It is a perfect time to go on day trips like Versailles, Mont St. Michel and Giverny. If you're looking for the complete Parisian experience with all the sights, side trips, and nightlife the city has to offer, June is the perfect month to visit!

The average temperature range in June: is 14 Degrees Celsius to 22 Degrees Celsius

Events in June: Paris Pride Parade, The French Open, Champs-Élysées Film Festival, Fête de La Musique 2022

Paris in July

In Paris, July is a month of long daylight hours and sunny days. The city is filled with summer activities like outdoor movie experiences, music gigs, jazz festivals and sunbathing near the Seine. In July there are many free events in Paris. Locals and tourists come together to enjoy the city festivities in July. You can spend your mornings exploring the city. During the day you can take refuge in a shaded cafe or terrace. Spend the evening time along the Seine sipping wine. The downside of Paris in July is that it can sometimes get very hot and tourism is at its peak. If you are planning to visit Paris during peak season then expect huge lines and do make your booking in advance. 

The average temperature range in July: is 16 Degrees Celsius to 26 Degrees Celsius

Events in July: Bastille Day, Tour de France, Summer Sale season, Carnaval Tropical De Paris, Lollapalooza Paris, Open-Air Cinema At Parc De La Villette, Paris Plages.

Paris in August

August is the second hottest month in Paris. It is also the time when many locals in Paris go for their annual leave in August. So tourists take over the city while most locals move to the hills and beaches. To enjoy warm summer Paris weather, there are many open-air events like Paris Plages, rock concerts, film screenings etc. Towards the end of summer, the number of tourists in Paris reaches its yearly peak. If you hate crowds then day trips from Paris make more sense, you can even avoid crowds at charming cafes and quaint restaurants.

The average temperature range in August: is 16 Degrees Celsius to 25 Degrees Celsius

Events in August: Liberation of Paris Festivities, Cinema outdoors at Parc de la Villette, Rock en Seine, Assumption Day

Paris in September

September is the shoulder season to visit Paris, and many consider it the best time to visit Paris from India. The weather begins to transition from summer to fall. Paris weather in September is infamous for being unpredictable. It is an ideal month to visit Paris - the weather is perfect for enjoying all the outdoorsy activities the city has to offer. It is the time when locals are back in the city from their vacation. If you're looking to get the full Parisian experience, September is a great choice. Food and wine events are back in full swing, so it's the perfect opportunity to try new things and learn more about the local cuisine. The crowd at tourist attractions starts reducing. If you want to enjoy the night fountain show at the Palace of Versailles, then September is a good time. 

The average temperature range in September: is 13 Degrees Celsius to 21 Degrees Celsius

Events in September: Le Grande Classique, Concert all over Paris, European Heritage Days, Paris Design Week, La Parisienne

Paris in October

October is the best time to visit Paris if you like Autumn colours. Paris weather in October hits a sweet spot as it's neither too hot nor too cold. The city is filled with hues of red, yellow and orange making the view spectacular and adding to the romantic vibe of Paris. It is a great time to visit Paris if you're looking to avoid the masses of tourists that flock there during the summertime. Locals in Paris are back in action and city lights add to the magic of the city. Not only are airfare and accommodation prices cheaper, but you'll also find that the city has a more peaceful vibe due to the reduced crowds. The average rainfall in Paris during October is one of the lowest of the year, making it a great time to experience the city without having to worry about bad weather.

The average temperature range in October: is 9 Degrees Celsius to 17 Degrees Celsius

Events in October: Paris Fashion Week, Nuit Blanche, Salon du Chocolat, Concerts in Sainte Chapelle, Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe 

Paris in November

Paris is a city that comes alive in November when the tourists have gone and it returns to its persona. The streets are now for the locals and if you want to get a taste of the local flavour, this is the best month to visit Paris. It is peaceful as the tourists are gone and the holiday season crowd is yet to arrive. Daylight hours shrink and the queues are gone. Do not forget to pack some serious winter gear in your suitcase because it can get chilly! This is the time to explore everything the city has to offer from an indoor perspective. Visit some of the world-renowned museums or take in a show at one of the iconic theatres.

The average temperature range in November: is 6 Degrees Celsius to 12 Degrees Celsius

Events in November: Armistice Day, Disney’s Magical Fireworks and Bonfire, Paris Masters, The France Beaujolais Nouveau Festival, Pitchfork Music Festival

Paris in December

As it is famously said, Paris is always a good idea. Even though Paris' weather is cold in December, it will still be an amazing experience. The festive vibe, beautifully lit streets, gorgeous window displays at stores, cosy cafes and cultural events add to the charm of Paris in December. It is perfect for a winter city break in Europe. The city hosts many temporary exhibitions and markets in December. So indulge in cultural activities, shopping and Christmas markets. During the first half of December, Paris sees few tourists and in the second half, the city is again filled with them. 

The average temperature range in December: is 3 Degrees Celsius to 7 Degrees Celsius

Events in December: Christmas Village in Trocadero, Africolor Music Festival, Champs-Elysées, Ice Skating Rinks

When is the cheapest time to visit Paris? 

The cheapest time to visit Paris is early December, January, and February. These are the off-season months to visit as Paris weather is harsh to be outdoors. As the number of tourists drastically drops during this time, you can find good deals on hotels and flights.

When is the most expensive time to visit Paris?

The most expensive time to visit Paris is during the peak tourist months. The high season begins post-Easter to mid-September, then another week around Christmas. If you are planning to visit Paris during the summer then make all your bookings in advance and be prepared to stand in long queues at all the major tourist sites. 

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Frequently asked questions



When is the best time to visit Paris with family?

The best time to visit Paris with family is spring and early fall. So the months of April to June and September and early October are ideal for Paris with family. The weather is mild, the crowd is less and the lines at attractions are shorter. Both spring and early fall are perfect for relaxing and spending time with kids in the park. Even if you plan to visit Paris Disneyland you won’t be sweating and dealing with the intense summer heat.

When is the best time to visit Paris from India? 

Months of May, June and September are the best times to visit Paris from India. During May and June, the summer heat is at its peak in India and the kids also have their summer vacation. The weather in Paris around this time is mild and ideal for being outdoors. Peak summer months (July, and August) in Paris can be too intense for Indians to enjoy a fun holiday. Also, the accommodation and flight prices are high in Paris during the summer. 

Is it a good time to go to Paris in December?

Yes, December is a good time to visit Paris if you can deal with cold Paris weather. The city feels like a winter wonderland in December with fewer crowds, cosy cafes, enchanting lights and decorations, Christmas markets and cultural programs. Many consider December to be one of the most magical times to visit Paris. Did you know that the Eiffel Tower is the only Paris attraction that remains open for visitors all year round? So bundle up and enjoy your winter break in Paris. 

How many days is enough to visit Paris?

At the very least, plan to spend 3 wonderful days in Paris. But 5 to 7 days would be ideal especially if it is your first trip to Paris. It is a big city and you need time to visit some of the most amazing attractions, and key landmarks, and walk around various neighbourhoods. There are also many day trip options around Paris. If you like exploring a new place at a leisurely pace then do try spending a week in Paris.

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